WSFA Small Press Award Winner

The winner of the 2015 Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award for Short Fiction was announced October 10, 2015 at Capclave:

  • “Jackalope Wives”, Ursula Vernon (Apex Magazine 1/14)
  • “The Lesser Evil”, Day Al-Mohamed (Sword & Laser)
  • “The Magician and Laplace’s Demon”, Tom Crosshill (Clarkesworld 12/14)
  • “Vanilla”, Dirk Flinthart (Kaleidoscope)
  • “Careful Magic”, Karen Healey (Kaleidoscope)
  • “All of Our Past Places”, Kat Howard (The Journal of Unlikely Cartography 6/14)
  • “Qasida”, Rosaleen Love (Secret Lives of Books)
  • “N is for Nanomachine”, C.S. MacCath (A is for Apocalypse)
  • “Cookie Cutter Superhero”, Tansy Rayner Roberts (Kaleidoscope)

The award, recognizing the “best original short fiction” published by small presses in the previous year, was presented in Gaithersburg MD. The winner was chosen by members of WSFA. For more information, see the WSFA Small Press Award site.