Schubert Declines Hugo Nomination

Edmund R. Schubert, editor of Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show and nominee for a 2015 Hugo Award in the Best Professional Editor Short Form category, has declined his nomination.

In his announcement, Schubert explained, “I can’t in good conscience complain about the deck being stacked against me, and then feel good about being nominated for an award when the deck gets stacked in my favor. That would make me a hypocrite. I can’t be part of that and still maintain my integrity.”

Sasquan previously announced that “the ballot is now going to the printer and there will be no further revisions.” There is, however, a note on the electronic ballot informing voters that both Schubert and Black Gate (which withdrew from consideration for Best Fanzine after the ballot was “frozen”) do not wish to be considered nominees.

Schubert is offering a “digital sampler” of works from IGMS, not just to Hugo Award voters, but to readers everywhere, available via the magazine’s website.