Terraform Launch

Vice Media Group has announced the launch of Terraform, a new weekly online magazine devoted to original SF. Editors Brian Merchant and Claire L. Evans will run the site, which launched November 17, 2014 with “The Brain Dump” by Bruce Sterling; “Huxleyed Into the Full Orwell” by Cory Doctorow; and “The Overview Effect” by co-editor Evans.

They plan to publish a new piece each week, with “a blend of traditional and nontraditional future fiction.” Merchant says the site will showcase “short, topical pieces of speculative fiction” and “will create mainstream short-form internet fiction, with a little help from some of the best authors and artists in the game.” They will offer pay rates of 20 cents per word for fiction up to 2,000 words.

Terraform will run under the auspices of Vice’s larger science and technology site Motherboard. Evans explains, “Publishing science fiction is a logical next step for [Motherboard]. We’ve led the charge, investigating and reporting about technology — now we want to share stories about where all these technologies might lead. Think of it as future journalism. Tomorrow’s news today.”

For more see the Terraform website.