Rae Carson, The Bitter Kingdom
(HarperCollins/Greenwillow Sep 2013)

Young Queen Elisa deals with enemies inside and outside her country in this young-adult fantasy novel, third in the acclaimed trilogy begun in The Girl of Fire and Thorns. This is ‘‘feminist fantasy of the most epic variety… one of the best of its type.’’ [Gwenda Bond]


Adam-Troy Castro, Her Husband’s Hands and Other Stories
(Prime Books Feb 2014)

The latest collection from a distinctive voice in dark fiction presents eight stories with notes on each by the author, who explores human nature in powerful depth.


Mur Lafferty, Ghost Train to New Orleans
(Orbit Mar 2014)

Zoë Norris, human writer of zombie travel guides, travels to New Orleans in this second urban fantasy novel in the series begun in The Shambling Guide to New York City. ‘‘This book, like its predecessor, feels inhabited and alive…. even more entertaining than Shambling Guide.’’ [Adrienne Martini]


Ian McDonald, Empress of the Sun
(Pyr Feb 2014)

The entertaining world-hopping adventures of Everett Singh and companions continue in this third volume in the young-adult SF Everness series, with encounters including ‘‘a terrific Big Dumb Object and a civilization of evolved dinosaurs…. YA or not, the Everness series may be the most enjoyable ongoing series that SF currently has to offer.’’ [Gary K. Wolfe] First published in the UK by Jo Fletcher Books.


Ben Peek, Dead Americans and Other Stories
(ChiZine Publications Feb 2014)

Alternate history and the surreal mingle in this first collection from an Australian author gaining considerable attention. The ten stories, two new, include tales set in the alternate history worlds of his Dead Americans stories, others in his Red Sun series where people tattoo their life histories onto their skin.


Robert Reed, The Memory of Sky
(Prime Books Mar 2014)

This hefty omnibus presents a complete, original SF trilogy set in Reed’s acclaimed Great Ship universe, following a peculiar boy in a wondrously strange world, a seemingly frail child whose potential to change the universe is both a treasure and terrifying.


Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance
(Tor Mar 2014)

Detailed worldbuilding, strong characters, and a fascinating magic system drive this truly epic fantasy of the war between humans and the humanoid Parshendi on the world of Roshar continues in this second volume of the Stormlight Archive series, begun in The Way of Kings.


Kathleen Tierney, Red Delicious
(Roc Feb 2014)

Gritty urban fantasy meets noir in this second novel about foul-mouthed werepire demon hunter Siobhan Quinn, this time tracking down the missing daughter of a prominent necromancer. Written pseudonymously by noted author Caítlin R. Kiernan.


David Weber, Like a Mighty Army
(Tor Feb 2014)

The seventh volume in the sweeping Safehold series adds new twists to this complex mix of military SF and detailed worldbuilding.


Sean Williams, Twinmaker
(Harpercollins/Balzer + Bray Nov 2013)

In a world of instant travel, one teen tries to rescue a friend who falls for promises of better looks through teleportation technology, and uncovers dangerous deceptions. An action-filled young-adult SF thriller, the first in a trilogy. Published in Australia as Jump.