WSFA Small Press Award Finalists

The finalists for the 2012 Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award for Short Fiction have been announced:

  • “Flowers in the Shadow of the Garden”,  Joanne Anderton (Hope)
  • “Lessons from a Clockwork Queen”,  Megan Arkenberg (Fantasy 9/11)
  • “What Ho, Automaton!”,  Chris Dolley (Shadow Conspiracy, Volume II)
  • “A Militant Peace”,  David Klecha & Tobias S. Buckell (Clarkesworld 11/11)
  • “The Patrician”,  Tansy Rayner Roberts (Love and Romanpunk)
  • “Yesterday’s Taste”,  Lawrence M. Schoen (Transtories)
  • “Sauerkraut Station”,  Ferrett Steinmetz (GigaNotoSaurus 11/11)
  • “The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees”,  E. Lily Yu (Clarkesworld 4/11)

The award, created to showcase small-press publishers by recognizing the “best original short fiction” published by small presses in the previous year, will be presented at Capclave 12, October 12-14, 2012, in Gaithersburg MD. The winner will be chosen by members of WSFA.