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  • The Locus Roundtable podcast is now available on iTunes.
  • Strange Horizons is looking at Mythpunk and how to define it. Cat Valente sits down with JoSelle Vanderhooft to discuss it. Also, new reviews editor Abigail Nussbaum has also been asking for feedback on new directions for the Reviews section of the magazine.
  • Weird Tales has a new website, a new Editor-in-Chief (Ann VanderMeer) and a new submission system. [Via Matt Cheney]
  • Daryl Gregory has some interesting comments on how reviews of comic books differ from the book and story reviews he’s used to; how do you review a single issue of a larger work-in-progress?
  • Larry Nolen (Of Blog) asks review bloggers: Why Should I Care About What You’re Peddling?
  • Is Science Fiction Getting More Conservative? Patrick Richardson asks Jerry Pournelle, Orson Scott Card, Tom Kratman, and Larry Correia. Hilarity ensues in the comments.
  • SFSignal’s latest Mind Meld asks about The Future of Publishing.
  • Over at The Browser/Five Books, robotocist Daniel H. Wilson recommends five books that encompass the robotics field. His first choice is the 1953 PKD short story “Second Variety.”
  • Kim Stanley Robinson is sick of the term ‘info dumps,’ interesting discussion ensues.
  • The DoD has a new outreach blog, Armed with Science. It’s an outreach blog, helping the public understand the connection between abstract science and National Defense. I rather liked this post, where students ask questions of an officer stationed in Antarctica:

    Patrick: What do you like best about living in Antarctica?

    Lt. Col. Vaughan: Hi Patrick. I like the unusual setting. Living in Antarctica makes me feel like I’m living on another planet. The mountains and glaciers are very beautiful. The sunlight and clouds often make brilliant colorful patterns in the sky. There are no trees or plants visible and some areas just flat and white for as far as the eye can see.

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