In with the new…

January is our 600th issue and we are going to celebrate!

We’ve a number of projects in the works for January 2011: we’re launching our digital subscriptions, running a special issue on SF in the Digital Age, and, most relevantly to this forum, we’re going to revamp and revitalize the Locus Roundtable Blog.

To engineer this feat, we’ve enlisted the help of online critic and web editor Karen Burnham, who will be taking a spot on our masthead as Roundtable Blog Editor.  A long-time SF/F reader, she has reviewed for online venues including her own blog at Spiral Galaxy Reviewing Laboratory and has several scholarly papers to her name.  She is also a regular contributor at SFSignal and Strange Horizons.

Karen was the first person that came to mind when Mark Kelly and I were talking about how to “fix” our poky little blog, which Adrienne Martini and Graham Sleight have been stoically keeping afloat almost entirely by themselves for the past year. My own plans for the blog were blindsided when I took over as editor-in-chief of the magazine (fresh off of maternity leave), and I’m pleased that she will be stepping in to wrangle this space into shape.

We’ve got plans. Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, please welcome Karen Burnham to the blog. We’re happy to have her on board.

-Liza Groen Trombi

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