Spectrum 16 Awards

The winners of the 16th Annual Spectrum Awards for Fantastic Art were announced in Kansas City MO, February 27, 2009.

Advertising: Gold — Ryohei Hase, “Go Forward and Forward” (FIGHTSTAR/Raw Power Management); Silver — Yuko Shimizu, “Little Red Polka Dots and Other Stories” (Microsoft UltimatePC).

Book: Gold — Petar Meseldzija, illustration for The Legend of Steel Bashaw (Zmaj, Novi Sad); Silver — Jean-Baptiste Monge, “Dunlee Darnan” (Au Bord des Continents).

Comics: Gold — Jon Foster, cover of Buffy the Vampire Slayer #14 (Dark Horse Comics); Silver — Aleksi Briclot, illustration for Annihilation: Conquest #5 (Marvel Entertainment).

Concept Art: Gold — Daniel Dociu, “Mole Tunnels” (ArenaNet/Guildwars); Silver — Kekai Kotaki, “Snow Battle” (ArenaNet/Guildwars).

Dimensional: Gold — Akhito, “Elegant Medusa”; Silver — David Meng, “Satyr’s Head”.

Editorial: Gold — Craig Elliott, “Damali Richards” (Devil’s Candy Store); Silver — Nate Van Dyke, “Pool Hall Brawl” (Juxtapoz).

Institutional: Gold — James Gurney, “Song in the Garden” (Maison D’Ailleurs); Silver — Jaime Jones, “Progenitus” (Wizards of the Coast).

Unpublished: Gold — Jeremy Enecio, “Koi”; Silver — David Laub, “She’s Back”.

The winning artwork is available for view at the Spectrum website. Winners received a sculpted trophy with an engraved plate and inclusion in Spectrum 16: The Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art, edited by Cathy & Arnie Fenner, to be published by Underwood Books in October 2009. Jurors were Kevin Brimmer, David Dorman, Donato Giancola, Steven Sanders, and Robert Self.

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