Richard Gordon, 1947-2009

Writer Richard Gordon, 62, died February 7, 2009 of a heart attack in Shanghai China. Born 1947 in Banff, Scotland, Gordon began publishing SF with “A Light in the Sky” for New Worlds in 1965, as by Richard A. Gordon. He wrote SF novels as Stuart Gordon, beginning with Time Story (1972). Other notable works include the postapocalyptic Eye trilogy: One-Eye (1973), Two-Eyes (1975), and Three-Eyes (1975); fantasy Suaine and the Crow-God (1975); SF Smile on the Void (1982) and Fire in the Abyss (1983); and the Watchers trilogy: Achon! (1987), The Hidden World (1988), and The Mask (1990). As Alex R. Stuart he wrote several motorcycle novels, some with speculative elements, beginning with The Bikers (1971). He taught at Shanghai High School’s International Division from 2005.

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