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This page lists selected new science fiction, fantasy, and horror books seen published this month, mostly via bookstores sightings (though all books received for review -- not including advance reading copies -- will be listed). For a comprehensive listing of new books published each month, see Locus Magazine. Its Books Received listings are accumulated as the online Locus Index.

Key: * = first edition, + = first US edition. Date with publisher info is official publication month; date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

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New in May

* [Anonymous] The 2000 Rhysling Anthology
(SFPA/Stone Lightning Press no isbn, 55pp, chapbook, April 2000)
Annual SF Poetry Association collection of the nominees for its Rhysling Award. Available for $5, check to Rhysling Endowment Fund, from John Nichols, 6075 Bellevue Drive, North Olmsted OH 44070. Includes work by Ruth Berman, Bruce Boston, Geoffrey A. Landis, David Lunde, Ian Watson, Laurel Winter, etc. Voting open to members of SFPA; ballots are due June 15. (Tue 9 May 2000)

* Aldrin, Buzz, & John Barnes The Return
(Forge 0-312-87424-3, $25.95, 301pp, hc, May 2000)
Second collaborative SF novel by Apollo 11 moonwalker Aldrin and SF veteran Barnes, after The Encounter (1996); this is about a foundation's effort to send ordinary citizens into space. Amazon has a review by Paul Hughes. (Tue 23 May 2000)

* Bear, Greg Star Wars: Rogue Planet
(Del Rey 0-345-43538-9, $26, 341pp, hc, May 2000)
Original novel in the Star Wars universe, set 3 years after the events of The Phantom Menace, by the author of Star Trek: Corona (1984), Foundation and Chaos (1998), and numerous other books. (Wed 3 May 2000)

* Benford, Gregory Eater
(HarperCollins/Eos 0-380-97436-3, $24, 340pp, hc, May 2000)
SF novel about a black hole that wanders into the solar system. Reviewed by Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe in the April 2000 Locus, and by Russell Letson in the May issue. Amazon has Kirkus and PW reviews. (Wed 3 May 2000)

* Calder, Richard Malignos
(UK: Simon & Schuster/Earthlight 0-671-03720-x, £6.99, 359pp, pb, April 2000, cover by Jim Burns)
Far-future SF novel, set in the Pilipinas, in which humanity is plagued by goblins or malignos, creatures born of men's minds perverted by particles from a parallel universe. A portion appeared as a short story in Interzone. Amazon UK has a review by David Langford. (Mon 15 May 2000)

* Cherryh, C.J. Fortress of Dragons
(HarperCollins/Eos 0-06-105055-5, $25, 422pp, hc, May 2000, cover by Matthew Stawicki)
Fantasy novel, fourth in the ''Fortress'' series. Reviewed by Carolyn Cushman in the May 2000 Locus. (Wed 3 May 2000)

* Clough, Brenda W. Doors of Death and Life
(Tor 0-312-87604-7, $23.95, 268pp, hc, May 2000, cover by Barry Appell)
Novel, sequel to 1997 science fantasy novel How Like a God. Reviewed by Jonathan Strahan in the April 2000 Locus. (Wed 3 May 2000)

* de Lint, Charles Forests of the Heart
(Tor 0-312-86519-8, $25.95, 397pp, hc, June 2000, cover by John Jude Palencar)
Fantasy novel about Irish spirits emigrated to the New World. Amazon has the Booklist review, and several 5-star reader reviews. (Fri 26 May 2000)

Elgin, Suzette Haden The Ozark Trilogy
(University of Arkansas Press 1-55728-592-6, $30, 506pp, tpb, March 2000)
Reprint (Science Fiction Book Club January 1982). Omnibus of three novels, first published by Doubleday all in 1981 -- Twelve Fair Kingdoms, The Grand Jubilee, And Then There'll Be Fireworks -- about a colony planet called Ozark where magic rules, by an author noted for linguistic inventiveness. (Fri 5 May 2000)

* Harlan, Thomas The Gate of Fire
(Tor 0-312-86544-9, $27.95, 477pp, hc, May 2000, cover by Stephen Hickman)
Alternate history fantasy novel, second in the Oath of Empire sequence following last year's The Shadow of Ararat. Reviewed by Faren Miller in the May 2000 Locus. (Tue 23 May 2000)

* LaHaye, Tim, & Jerry B. Jenkins The Indwelling
(Tyndale 0-8423-2928-5, $22.99, 13+389pp, hc, May 2000)
Seventh novel in the best-selling ''Left Behind'' apocalyptic fantasy series. Amazon has review by Cindy Crosby. (Tue 23 May 2000)

* Mason, Lisa Pangaea, Book II: Imperium Afire
(Bantam Spectra 0-553-58166-x, $6.5, 377pp, pb, May 2000, cover by Sanjulian)
Second novel set in far-future world patterned after Imperial Rome, following Imperium Without End (1999), which was reviewed by Faren Miller in the May 1999 Locus. Amazon has a brief summary by the author. (Tue 16 May 2000)

* Pohl, Frederik, ed The SFWA Grand Masters, Volume 2
(Tor 0-312-86879-0, $25.95, 432pp, hc, April 2000)
The second volume in this anthology series covers Grand Masters Isaac Asimov, Alfred Bester, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, and Andre Norton, with several stories by each, and informative introductions by editor Pohl. Amazon has Booklist, Kirkus, and other reviews -- though several are of the first volume in the series. (Tue 9 May 2000)

* Rucker, Rudy Gnarl!
(Four Walls Eight Windows 1-56858-158-0, $20, 566pp, tpb, May 2000)
Collection of 36 stories written in the last quarter of the 20th century, a companion to last year's non-fiction Seek!. The collection adds five previously uncollected stories (one original) to the contents of the 1991 Transreal!, and includes a number of stories co-authored by partners-in-strangeness Bruce Sterling, Paul di Filippo, and Marc Laidlaw. Amazon has a description of the book. Also in hardcover. (Fri 12 May 2000)

* Sawyer, Robert J. Calculating God
(Tor 0-312-86713-1, $23.95, 334pp, hc, June 2000)
SF novel about aliens who arrive on Earth with evidence they believe proves the existence of God. Amazon reprints dust jacket copy, and has several reader reviews. (Tue 30 May 2000)

* Scott, Melissa The Jazz
(Tor 0-312-86802-2, $23.95, 316pp, hc, June 2000, cover by Nicholas Jainschigg)
SF novel about the future of the Internet and entertainment media. (Fri 26 May 2000)

+ Siegel, Jan Prospero's Children
(Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-43901-5, $24, 18+350pp, hc, May 2000, cover by Tom Kidd)
First US edition (UK: HarperCollins/Voyager October 1999). Fantasy novel, a first novel and first of a trilogy. Reviewed by Faren Miller in the August 1999 Locus. Amazon has Booklist and Kirkus reviews. (Wed 3 May 2000)

Sinclair, Upton The Millennium: A Comedy of the Year 2000
(Seven Stories Press 1-58322-021-6, $14.95, 26+196pp, tpb, April 2000)
Short novel based on a play, first published in 1924, about survivors of a catastrophe in Central Park who attempt to recreate a perfect capitalist society. Introduction by Carl Jensen. (Wed 3 May 2000)

* Stableford, Brian The Fountains of Youth
(Tor 0-312-87206-2, $24.95, 352pp, hc, May 2000, cover by Donato)
SF novel about the conquest of death and its implications for humanity, cast as a sweeping ‘‘memoir’’ of a 500-year-old 31st-century historian. This is an expansion of Stableford's 1995 novella ''Mortimer Gray's History of Death'', and part of Stableford's future history that includes his 2 previous novels Inherit the Earth and Architects of Emortality. Reviewed by Jonathan Strahan in the April 2000 Locus, and by Gary K. Wolfe in the May. One of Locus Online's Book Selections for May. Amazon has Kirkus review. (Mon 8 May 2000)

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