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This page lists selected new science fiction, fantasy, and horror books seen published this month, mostly via bookstores sightings (though all books received for review -- not including advance reading copies -- will be listed). For a comprehensive listing of new books published each month, see Locus Magazine. Its Books Received listings are accumulated as the online Locus Index.

Key: * = first edition, + = first US edition. Date with publisher info is official publication month; date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

New in April

* Benford, Gregory, ed Nebula Awards Showcase 2000
(Harcourt 0-15-600705-3, $14, 23+288pp, tpb, April 2000)
Anthology of 9 stories, including the winners of the 1998 Nebula Awards (by Bruce Holland Rogers, Sheila Finch, Jane Yolen, and -- an excerpt from his winning novel Forever Peace -- Joe Haldeman) and some nominees; two Rhysling-winning poems; and various nonfiction pieces on SF in 1998-1999 (including a provocative essay by Jonathan Lethem), and articles about and pieces by Author Emeritus William Tenn and Grand Master Hal Clement. This is the 34th volume in the Nebula anthology series, whose titles change format every few years. Reviewed by Gary K. Wolfe in the April 2000 Locus. Amazon has Kirkus and Booklist reviews. Also in hardcover. (Thu 13 Apr 2000)

* Benford, Gregory, & George Zebrowski, eds Skylife: Space Habitats in Story and Science
(Harcourt 0-15-100292-4, $28, 355pp, hc, April 2000)
Anthology of 12 stories, 2 original (by Paul J. McAuley and Stephen Baxter), and 2 essays about life in space habitats. Other authors include Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Joan Vinge, Larry Niven, James Blish. There's also a bibliography of fiction and nonfiction about space habitats by Gary Westfahl, and 8 pages of color art. (Tue 11 Apr 2000)

* Bisson, Terry In the Upper Room and Other Likely Stories
(Tor 0-312-87404-9, $24.95, 284pp, hc, May 2000, cover by Shelley Eshkar)
Collection of 16 stories, including ''macs'', just nominated for the Hugo Award. Reviewed by Faren Miller in the April 2000 Locus, and Gary K. Wolfe in the May issue. Amazon has Kirkus review. (Sat 22 Apr 2000)

Blish, James Cities in Flight
(The Overlook Press 1-58567-008-1, $35, 591pp, hc, March 2000, cover by Brad Holland)
Reprint (Avon February 1970). Omnibus of four books in Blish's grandiose future history space opera series: They Shall Have Stars (1957), A Life for the Stars (1962), Earthman, Come Home (1955; fix-up of stories first published in Astounding and elsewhere in the early '50s); and The Triumph of Time (1958). This is the other classic SF work (along with A Case of Conscience) by the author unfortunately mostly remembered for having written Star Trek adaptations. Includes a new introduction by Betty Ballantine, and a 1970 afterword by Richard D. Mullen analyzing the series in terms of the historical theories of Oswald Spengler. Amazon has review by Luc Duplessis. (Tue 18 Apr 2000)

Buchholz, Quint (translated by Peter F. Neumeyer) The Collector of Moments
(Farrar, Straus & Giroux 0-374-31520-5, $18, unpaginated, hc, October 1999)
Children's picture book first published in Germany, 1997. A young boy befriends a neighbor who paints evocative landscapes with surrealistic elements (e.g. snow elephants barely visible through a Canadian snowstorm). Reviewed by Karen Haber in the July 1999 Locus. Published last year, but it apparently went quickly out of print; copy seen is the 2nd printing, dated 2000. (Sat 8 Apr 2000)

* Dozois, Gardner, ed The Furthest Horizon: SF Adventures to the Far Future
(St. Martin's Griffin 0-312-26326-0, $17.95, 12+478pp, tpb, May 2000, cover by Chesley Bonestell)
Anthology of 17 stories set in the far future. Authors include Jack Vance, Cordwainer Smith, Michael Moorcock, Gene Wolfe, Robert Silverberg, James Tiptree Jr., Paul J. McAuley. Companion volume to Explorers: SF Adventures to Far Horizons, listed last month. (Sat 22 Apr 2000)

* Lackey, Mercedes Brightly Burning
(DAW 0-88677-889-1, $24.95, 406pp, hc, May 2000, cover by Jody A. Lee)
Stand-alone fantasy novel in the author's Valdemar series. Reviewed by Carolyn Cushman in the April 2000 Locus. (Fri 28 Apr 2000)

* Marco, John The Grand Design
(Bantam Spectra 0-553-38022-2, $14.95, 573pp, tpb, April 2000, cover by Doug Beekman)
Fantasy novel, second in the Tyrants and Kings cycle; sequel to The Jackal of Nar (1999). (Thu 6 Apr 2000)

+ Marillier, Juliet Daughter of the Forest
(Tor 0-312-84879-x, $25.95, 400pp, hc, May 2000, cover by John Jude Palencar)
First US edition (Australia: Pan Macmillan April 1999). Celtic historical fantasy novel, Book One of the Sevenwaters Trilogy. Reviewed by Faren Miller and Carolyn Cushman in the April 2000 Locus. (Sat 22 Apr 2000)

* McCaffrey, Anne Pegasus in Space
(Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-43466-8, $25, 8+373pp, hc, April 2000, cover by Bruce Jensen)
SF/fantasy novel in the 'Talents' sequence, following To Ride Pegasus (1973) and Pegasus in Flight (1990), and linking to the 'Tower and Hive' sequence (The Rowan, 1990, etc.). About a group of psychically talented scientists intervening during a crisis aboard mankind's first large-scale space station. (Tue 4 Apr 2000)

* McKillip, Patricia A. The Tower at Stony Wood
(Ace 0-441-00733-3, $22.95, 294pp, hc, May 2000, cover by Kinuko Y. Craft)
Fantasy novel about two knights in search of, for different reasons, a far-away tower. Reviewed by Jonathan Strahan in the March Locus, and Faren Miller in the April issue. Amazon has a review by Charlene Brusso. (Fri 28 Apr 2000)

Priest, Christopher The Extremes
(Warner Aspect 0-446-67645-4, $12.95, 393pp, tpb, May 2000, cover by Rick Berry)
Reprint (UK: Simon & Schuster, September 1998). SF novel about virtual reality, winner of the British Science Fiction Association award for best novel of 1998. (Fri 28 Apr 2000)

* Shinn, Sharon Heart of Gold
(Ace 0-441-00691-4, $14.95, 359pp, tpb, April 2000)
SF romance novel in a society where gender roles are reversed. Amazon has Kirkus review. (Thu 6 Apr 2000)

* Smith, L. Neil Forge of the Elders
(Baen 0-671-57859-6, $25, 534pp, hc, April 2000, cover by Bob Eggleton)
SF novel by libertarian writer about astronauts investigating an alien-inhabited asteroid that has wandered into the solar system. This book incorporates two earlier books, Contact and Commune and Converse and Conflict (both Popular Library Questar, 1990), plus a heretofore unpublished sequel. (Fri 7 Apr 2000)

Stephenson, Neal Snow Crash
(Bantam Spectra 0-553-38095-8, $12.95, 440pp, tpb, May 2000)
Reprint (Bantam Spectra, June 1992). Trade paperback edition of the popular cyberpunk novel, probably Stephenson's most popular book. Amazon has several reviews from the book's first appearance. (Fri 28 Apr 2000)

* Weis, Margaret, & Tracy Hickman Dragons of a Fallen Star
(TSR 0-7869-1564-1, $27.95, 548pp, hc, March 2000, cover by Matt Stawicki)
Fantasy novel, first in the 'War of Souls' trilogy. Amazon has a review by Paul Hughes. The book is already on a couple bestseller lists. (Mon 3 Apr 2000)

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