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March 2000

Aboriginal Science Fiction -- Issue 63, Spring 2000, $5.95, 66pp.
Fiction by Dennis Fisher, Mark Huntley Parsons, Gary M. Gibson, Stephen Woodworth, Stefano Donati, Joseph Flanagan, Geoffrey A. Landis (a poem). Marvin Kaye previews 2000 SF films; science column by Robert A. Metzger; book reviews by Darrell Schweitzer, Mark L. Olson. Cover by Chris Moore. (website) (Tue 14 Mar 2000)

Altair -- Issue V, February 2000, 160pp.
Australian Journal of Speculative Fiction, edited by Robert N. Stephenson, Jim Deed, Andrew Collings. This issue has fiction by Stephen Dedman, Sten Westgard, Fred Saberhagen (reprint from 1962), Lyn Nichols & Ron Collins, etc.; humour by Arthur C. Clarke and Andrew Collings; poetry by Mike Allen, Kate Humphrey. Nonfiction pieces by Robert J. Sawyer on Heinlein's rules for writing, by Roberto de Sousa Causo on Brazilian SF, and by Liz Martin about the George Turner Prize. Plus short book reviews. Cover by Carol McLean-Carr. (website) (Mon 6 Mar 2000)

Amazing Stories -- Vol. 72 No. 1 (whole #601) , Spring 2000, $4.95, 96pp.
Ficton by Robert Reed, Douglas Lain, G. Scott Huggins, Charnes Harness, Christian L. Campbell, Kent Robinson, Ray Bradbury, and tie-in fiction by Greg Cox (Star Trek the Next Generation) and Micky Neilson (StarCraft). Departments include Ben Bova nonfiction on Mars, book reviews by John C. Bunnell, and a preview of the film Battlefield Earth. (website) (Fri 31 Mar 2000)

Analog Science Fiction and Fact -- Vol. 120 No. 5, May 2000, $3.50, 144pp.
Novelettes by Bud Sparhawk, Kij Johnson, Allen Steele [reprinted from the Elizabeth Engstrom/Alan M. Clark anthology Imagination Fully Dilated Vol. 2]; short stories by Dave Creek, Stephen Baxter, Pauline Ashwell, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff; poem by Keith Allen Daniels. Science fact article by M. Todd Washington is about genome projects in the 21st century. Plus, book reviews by Tom Easton, Jeffery D. Kooistra's The Alternate View column, etc. Cover by Bob Eggleton. (website) (Fri 31 Mar 2000)

Interzone -- Issue 153, March 2000, £3.00, 66pp.
Fiction by Stephen Baxter, Paul Di Filippo, Chris Beckett, Darrell Schweitzer, Susan Beetlestone, George Jenner, Don Webb. Nonfiction includes Gary Westfahl on the affinity between SF and rock music; David Langford's ''Ansible Link''; Nick Lowe's film reviews; numerous book reviews. Cover by Dominic Harman. (website) (Mon 6 Mar 2000)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction -- Vol. 98 No. 5 (whole #584) , May 2000, $3.50, 162pp.
Features a reprint of Daniel Keyes' famous SF story ''Flowers for Algernon'' and an excerpt from Keyes' autobiography Algernon, Charlie and I (see Nonfiction Books listings). Also, new fiction by Ron Goulart, R. Garcia y Robertson, Robin Wilson, Jennifer C. Vanderbes. Departments include book reviews by Charles de Lint and Elizabeth Hand (who discusses some films as well); science column by Paul Doherty and Pat Murphy; Paul Di Filippo's ''Plumage from Pegasus''; and a ''Curiosities'' page from Mike Ashley. Cover by Maurizio Manzieri. (website) (Sun 26 Mar 2000)

The New York Review of Science Fiction -- Issue 139, Vol. 12 No. 7, March 2000, $3.50, 24pp.
Editor David G. Hartwell surveys the state of SF now, and editorializes about A.E. van Vogt. Walter Minkel examines reasons for the popularity of the Harry Potter books, and Michael Levy offers suggestions of what to read next (or while waiting for installment four). Henry Wessells writes about Don Webb. Richard Cohen offers detailed advice on how to match tracks from the Alex North (unused) score for 2001 to scenes in the completed film. Plus, reviews of books by Paul Levinson, Zoran Zivkovic, Poul Anderson, John Varley, Paul J. McAuley, etc. (website) (Fri 17 Mar 2000)

Nova Science Fiction -- Issue 2, $6, 57pp.
Amateur fiction magazine published and edited by Wesley Kawato. Fiction is by Ellen Straw, Kurt Sidaway, Wesley Kawato. Nonfiction articles by the editor are about wargaming and extra-solar planets. Editorial states the magazine was started as a reaction against ''the way science fiction magazine editors discriminate against those of a conservative persuation [sic]''. Subscription $24/year to Nova SF, 17983 Paseo Del Sol, Chino Hills CA 91709-3947. (No website) (Sat 25 Mar 2000)

Science Fiction Age -- Vol. 8 No. 4, May 2000, $3.99, 82pp.
Final issue of SF magazine, edited by Scott Edelman, that debuted in 1992. Fiction is by Tom Gerencer, Stephen Dedman, David Ira Cleary, Paul Di Filippo, Patrick Weekes, Eric Brown, and Bruce Boston. Karen Haber's Gallery profiles cover artist Rick Berry; Michael Morano talks with John Travolta about Battlefield Earth; Geoffrey A. Landis talks with Robert Metzger and Charles Sheffield about how weird the future might be; book reviews by Paul Di Filippo and D. Douglas Fratz; game reviews by Eric T. Baker; Internet reviews by Cory Doctorow. Cover by Rick Berry. (No website) (Fri 17 Mar 2000)

Science Fiction Chronicle -- Issue 205, Vol. 21 No. 2, February-March 2000, $3.95, 50pp.
SF and fantasy newsmagazine, edited by Andrew I. Porter. Nalo Hopkinson is interviewed by Lyda Morehouse; book reviewer Don D'Ammassa summarizes the best SF, fantasy, and horror novels of 1999; plus news, obituaries, convention reports, market reports, etc. Editor Porter reports he's dropping the SFC Reader Awards poll, to due poor response this year. Cover by Don Maitz. (website) (Thu 30 Mar 2000)

Science Fiction Studies -- Issue 80, Vol. 27 No. 1, March 2000, $10, 192pp.
Academic journal with articles, review-essays, and reviews. This is second issue with focus on global SF, with articles involving Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Australia. Reviews are of nonfiction books by Gary Westfahl, Gregory Benford, etc. Subscription is free with membership in the Science Fiction Research Assocation. (website) (Tue 14 Mar 2000)

Star*Line -- Issue 23.2, Mar./Apr. 2000, 20pp.
Journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, with SF, fantasy, and horror poetry, edited by David C. Kopaska-Merkel. This issue has poetry by Bruce Boston, David Clink, Steve Sneyd, Marge Simon, Denise Dumars, etc.; an article on Romanian Cosmopoets by Steve Sneyd; small-press reviews; market news. Cover by Morgan Kopaska-Merkel. (website) (Wed 1 Mar 2000)

Talebones -- Issue 18, Winter 2000, $5, 84pp.
Quarterly magazine of science fiction and dark fantasy, published and edited by Patrick and Honna Swenson. Fiction by Eric Del Carlo, James Van Pelt, Ralph Gamelli, etc.; poetry by Keith Allen Daniels, Mark McLaughlin, Roger Dutcher, etc. Departments include interview with Eric Nylund, book and music reviews. Cover by Jeff Sturgeon. (website) (Thu 23 Mar 2000)

True Review -- Vol. 12 No. 2 (whole #44) , April 2000, $2, 8pp.
Quarterly review magazine covering SF, fantasy, horror, and mystery books, published and edited by Andrew M. Andrews. Subscriptions $8/year to Gallifrey Press, 110 Buchland Rd., Ephrata PA 17522. (No website) (Wed 22 Mar 2000)

Winedark Sea -- Issue 1, 2000, A$15.95, 170pp.
New Australian quarterly journal of ''the surreal, the fantastic and the magically real'', edited by Adrian Tan. Comprises many, mostly very short, works of fiction, by Vincent W. Sakowski, John R. Platt, Cheryl Baker, Thomas Wiloch, etc.; plus reviews by René Macquart, Fiona Belvar; and a long interview with writer and academic David Brooks. See website for subscription information. (website) (Thu 30 Mar 2000)

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