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This page lists all science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazines seen this month (mostly received for review). For a comprehensive listing of magazines published each month, see Locus Magazine.

New This Week: 24 - 30 April

Dreams and Nightmares -- Issue 56, May 2000, 24pp.
Small press fantastic poetry magazine, with work by Nancy Bennett, Rick Taylor, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Ann K. Schwader, D.F. Lewis, etc. Cover by Eric York. (website) (Mon 24 Apr 2000)

Fantastic Stories of the Imagination -- Issue 19, Spring 2000, $4.95, 56pp.
Formerly known as Pirate Writings, edited by Edward J. McFaddon, with fiction by Chris Bunch, Ralph Gamelli, Allen Steele, David Bischoff, etc., plus a set of eight 'short-shorts'. Poetry by Louise Webster and others. Departments include book reviews by Steve Sawicki, and a nonfiction column ''Surreal World'' by Kevin M. Carr about the Betty and Barney Hill star map. There's no relation between this magazine and Fantastic, the companion mag to Amazing Stories that ran from 1952 - 1980 and was edited during the 1970s by Ted White; editor McFadden just liked the name. McFadden's editorial implicates Y2K in the demise of PW. Cover by Monette. (website) (Tue 25 Apr 2000)

Previously in April:

Absolute Magnitude -- Issue 13, Spring 2000, $4.95, 72pp.
Fiction by Susan Warner, Kevin Rogers, Cecilia Tan, Lauren P. Burka; poetry by Mike Allen. Nonfiction by Harlan Ellison: three essays on writing reprinted from Unearth magazine, 1977 and 1978. Features include column by Allen Steele, small press reviews by Steven Sawicki. Cover by Joseph Bellofatto Jr. (website) (Mon 17 Apr 2000)

Asimov's Science Fiction -- Vol. 24 No. 5 (whole #292) , May 2000, $3.50, 144pp.
Novelettes by Susan Palwick, Jane Yolen & Robert J. Harris, Alastair Reynolds, Tom Purdom; short stories by Mike Resnick, John Alfred Taylor, Robert Reed; poetry by Laurel Winter, Ace G. Pilkington, Timons Esaias. Robert Silverberg uses news of a recent physics experiment to reflect about one of the most famous SF stories to have never won an award, Bob Shaw's ''Light of Other Days''. Book reviews by Paul Di Filippo. Cover by Mark Garlick. (website) (Tue 4 Apr 2000)

Interzone -- Issue 154, April 2000, £3.00, 66pp.
Fiction by Richard Calder, Robert Reed, Tanith Lee, Chris Beckett, Liz Williams. Guy Gavriel Kay is interviewed by Elizabeth Hand. Nick Lowe reviews films, while Kim Newman reassesses Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, recently re-released in Britain. Plus, David Langford's Ansible Link, letters, and book reviews by Paul J. McAuley, Chris Gilmore, and David Mathew. Cover by Jim Burns. (website) (Sat 8 Apr 2000)

Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts -- Vol. 10 No. 4 (whole #40) , $6.50, 130pp.
Academic journal, with articles by John Clute (on fantasy), Fiona Kelleghan (on felines), Dale Knickerbocker (on Gonzalo Torrente Ballester), Thomas J. Morrissey (on Mars novels), Donald E. Morse (on Vonnegut), and Roger C. Schlobin (a bibliography of fantasy resources), and book reviews. (website) (Mon 17 Apr 2000)

The Leading Edge -- Issue 39, March 2000, $3.95, 136pp.
Magazine of SF and fantasy published by Brigham Young University. Fiction by Rebecca Carlson, James Lowder, Andrew Chapman, Ken Wharton; poetry by Erock L. Sokn, R.T. St. Claire, Karen Stay; essay by Jeffrey Creer. Plus three editorials, short book reviews, letters. The lead story, ''The Singular Habits of Wasps'' credited to Phillip S. Barcia, is plagiarized from Geoffrey A. Landis's 1994 Analog story (see News). Cover by Justin Kunz. (website) (Fri 14 Apr 2000)

The New York Review of Science Fiction -- Vol. 12 No. 8 (whole #140) , April 2000, $3.50, 24pp.
Lead essays are by Sylvia Kelso, examining Steven Brust and Emma Bull's Freedom and Necessity, and L. Timmel Duchamp, examining Karen Joy Fowler's short story ''Game Night at the Fox and Goose''. The many reviews are of books by China Miéville, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, George Zebrowski, Hal Clement, Graham Joyce, etc. (website) (Mon 3 Apr 2000)

On Spec -- Vol. 12 No. 1 (whole #40) , Spring 2000, $5.95, 112pp.
A 'future crime' issue with fiction by Steve Mohn, Keith Scott, Rebecca M. Senese, J.S. Lyster, etc., and a short essay by Marianne O. Neilsen about the theme. Cover by James Beveridge. (website) (Mon 3 Apr 2000)

Realms of Fantasy -- Vol. 6 No. 5, June 2000, $3.99, 82pp.
Fiction by Kate Riedel, M. Shayne Bell, David Sandner, Nicola Griffith, Jane Yolen. Karen Haber, whose interview with them appears in the April Locus, profiles artists Leo and Diane Dillon. The Folkroots column, by Heinz Insu Fenkl, is about the Binary Serpent. Plus, movie reviews by Resa Nelson, book reviews by Gahan Wilson, game reviews by Eric T. Baker. Cover by Gary Ruddell. (No website) (Fri 21 Apr 2000)

SFWA Bulletin -- Issue 145, Vol. 33 No. 4, Spring 2000, $4.99, 48pp.
A.E. van Vogt is remembered by James Gunn, with an amended introduction to the 1995 Easton Press edition of The World of Null-A; a short appreciation by Jack Williamson; and with a color gallery of book covers on the inside back cover. Columns by Michael Cassutt on Hollywood, Robert Metzger on science, Glenn Hauman on e-publishing, etc.; features by Dave Smeds, Bruce Holland Rogers, Harry Turtledove, Geoffrey A. Landis (a review of a book by Charles Sheffield); market reports; and a humor piece by Paul Di Filippo. Cover by Thea Hardy. (website) (Sat 8 Apr 2000)

Spectrum SF -- Issue 2, April 2000, £3.99, 160pp.
Second issue of new UK magazine edited by Paul Fraser, with serial by Keith Roberts (''Drek Yarman''), novella by Eric Brown, and short stories by Jack Deighton, Stephen Baxter & Eric Brown, Keith Brooke, Stephen Palmer, and Barrington J. Bayley. There's an editorial by Fraser, plus ''The Archives'', brief reviews of current books, films, and magazines. (website) (Sat 15 Apr 2000)

Weird Tales -- Issue 319, Vol. 56 No. 3 (whole #319) , Spring 2000, $4.95, 66pp.
Fiction by William F. Nolan, Frank Tuttle, Sarah Hoyt, Stephen Dedman, Ian Watson; poetry by Bruce Boston, Darrell Schweitzer, etc. Plus book reviews by Douglas E. Winter, and ''The Eyrie'' editorial/letters column. Cover by Dominic Harman. (website) (Mon 17 Apr 2000)

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