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  • Future History

    • Conventions

      Chronological listing of upcoming science fiction, fantasy, and horror conventions, conferences, and symposia, including dates, location, principal guests, and a link to the event website. These listings are limited to events with significant literary interest. (Conventions listings are no longer published in Locus Magazine.) Send updates for this page to Locus Online.

    • Author Events

      Author signings and readings, listed on three separate pages sorted by date, by host location, and by author. (Author event listings are no longer published in Locus Magazine.) Send updates for these pages to Locus Online.

    • Forthcoming Books

      Chronological by month listing of selected forthcoming titles, reproduced from Locus Magazine. Titles on this page are limited to those selected by Locus Magazine editors.

  • The Locus Index to Science Fiction

    Compiled by William Contento, this is a semi-independent site on that indexes books and magazines seen by Locus Magazine, sorted and cross-linked by title, author, and contents. Annual updates are posted free online; the combined index, including everything since 1984, is available for purchase on CD ROM.

  • Science Fiction Awards Database

    Compiled by Mark R. Kelly, this independent site supersedes the earlier Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards on, listing results of over 100 science fiction, fantasy, and horror awards from 1949 to present, with indexes by nominee and title, statistics, and summary tables. The entire index is available free online.

  • Indexes on CD ROM

    Cumulative indexes for science fiction, magazines, crime fiction, mystery fiction, etc., compiled by William Contento and others, available for purchase.


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