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SF/F/H Specialty Bookstores

Adventures in Crime and Space
  - Austin, TX
Andromeda Bookshop
  - Birmingham, UK
  - Toronto, Ontario
Borderlands Bookstore
  - San Francisco CA
Cobblestone Books
  - Sacramento, CA
Dark Carnival
  - Berkeley, CA
Dark Delicacies
  - Burbank, CA
  - Minneapolis, MN
Fantastic Planet
  - Seattle, WA
Flights of Fantasy
  - Albany, NY
Forbidden Planet
  - London
Infinitas Bookshop
  - Sydney
Midtown Comics
  - New York City
Mysterious Galaxy
  - San Diego CA
Mystery and Imagination
  - Glendale CA
The Other Change of Hobbit
  - Berkeley CA
Pandemonium Books & Games
  - Cambridge MA
Renaissance Bookshop
  - Riverside CA
The Science fiction, Fantasy and Horror Bookstore
  - Stockholm, Sweden
Science Fiction, Mysteries, & More
  - New York City
Slow Glass Books
  - Melbourne
The Space-Crime Continuum
  - Northampton, MA
The Stars Our Destination
  - Chicago IL
Uncle Hugo's
  - Minneapolis MN
White Dwarf Books
  - Vancouver BC

SF/F/H Online Booksellers

Bad Moon Books
Barry R. Levin
BBR Catalogue
Bud's Art Books
Charles McKee Books
Clarkesworld Books
Cold Tonnage
Dangerous Visions
DMK Books
Fantastic Literature
The Fine Books Company
Horror Books - etc
A Horror Corner Book Store
Lame Excuse Books
L.W. Currey
Mark V. Ziesing
Pandora's Books
Porcupine Books
Project Pulp
RedDot Books
SFF Books
Solaris Books (UK)
Tolkien Library Store
The Vintage Library
Twin Earth Books
Withywindle Books
Wrigley-Cross Books

Online Booksellers,
Out of Print (OOP) & Rare

Bromer Booksellers
Conchar Books (UK)
Magic Carpet Books
Parigi Books (Schenectady)
Sean Fagan
20th Century First Editions
Used Books Search (UK)

General Bookstores:

Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop
  - Boston, MA
The Booksmith
  - San Francisco, CA
A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books
  - San Francisco, CA
Cody's Books
  - Berkeley, CA
Dutton's Brentwood Bookstore
  - Los Angeles, CA
Elliott Bay Book Company
  - Seattle, WA
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
  - Lexington KY and Cincinnati OH
Page One Bookstore
  - Albuquerque, NM
Pages for All Ages
  - Savoy, IL
Powell's Books
  - Portland, OR
Saint Mark's Bookshop
  - New York City
  - San Francisco, CA
Tattered Cover
  - Denver, CO
Toadstool Bookshop
  - Keene & Milford, NH
University Book Store
  - Seattle, WA

General Booksellers:
Chains & Online

Amazon Canada
Amazon UK
Angus & Robertson (Australia)
Barnes & Noble
   -stores (including B. Dalton)
Blackwell's Online (UK)
Chapters (Canada)
Cokahama Books (Australia)
A Common Reader
Dymocks (Australia)
McNally Robinson (Canada)
Waterstone's (UK)
W.H. Smith (UK)

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