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SFFH on Bestseller Lists: 27 May 2001

Terry Pratchett’s Thief of Time (HarperCollins US; Doubleday UK) returns to one US list this week, and debuts on another, #11 at LAT. It remains #1 on both UK hardcover fiction lists in the chart below.

New this week: Eric Van Lustbader's The Ring of Five Dragons places #16 on Amazon's fiction hardcover list.

Tolkien's The Hobbit places #10 this week on BookSense's mass-market paperback list, perhaps a sign of advancing publicity for The Lord of the Rings film coming later this year.

This cell color indicates ineligible titles, e.g. YA titles excluded from fiction lists, or no paperback lists This cell color indicates stale data; e.g., children's bestseller lists updated only monthly
Title NYT
3 Jun
27 May
27 May
25 May
27 May
25 May
27 May
28 May
28 May
(23 May)
Amz UK
[27 May]
Items compiled/total on list 30 15 15 50 10 10 10 15 15 hc, 5 pb 25 10
Fiction hardcovers
Bradley/Paxson, The Priestess of Avalon 29 +1                    
Colfer, Artemis Fowl 3 +4 ch hc             5 ++ ch fic      
Jacques, Castaways of the Flying Dutchman xxx.. ch hc         xxx..   6 -2 ch fic xxx..    
King, Dreamcatcher 3 +2 xx xxx 33 -15 xxx 15 -9 7 -1 5 +2 xx 10 -3 6 =
LaHaye/Jenkins, The Mark 26 +1 xxx..   xxx.. xxx.. xxx..   xxx.. xxx.. xx  
McCaffrey, The Skies of Pern 27 -2   xxx.. xxx..   xxx   xxx xxx.. 17 -4  
Pratchett, Thief of Time xxx 11 ++ 10 +       1 =     x 1 =
Pullman, The Amber Spyglass xxx.. ch hc   xxx.. xxx..   xxx..   10 -2 ch fic xxx.. ch    
Rowling, Harry Potter.. Azkaban 2 -1 ch hc xxx ch 14 + 41 +   8 +6 3 ch hc 1 = ch series xxx ch    
Rowling, Harry Potter.. Goblet of Fire 1 +1 ch hc xxx ch x 48 +   10 +5 1 = ch hc 1 = ch series xxx.. ch    
Rowling, Harry Potter.. Secrets 8 -2 ch hc xx ch xxx.. xxx..   xxx.. 4 ch hc 1 = ch series xxx.. ch    
Rowling, Harry Potter.. Stone 6 -1 ch hc   xxx..     xxx.. 2 ch hc 1 = ch series xxx.. ch    
Van Lustbader, The Ring of Five Dragons x                 16 ++  
Weber/Ringo, March Upcountry xx                    
Weis/Hickman, Dragons of a Lost Star xx         xxx..   xxx..   x  
Williams, Otherland: Sea of Silver Light xxx                 x  
Fiction paperbacks
Jacques, The Legend of Luke xxx.. ch pb             x ch fic      
Keyes (Greg), SW New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory 1: Conquest xxx     xxx..       xxx..   xx  
Pullman, The Golden Compass               x ch fic      
Pullman, The Subtle Knife               xx ch fic   xxx..  
Rowling, Fantastic Beasts... 4 -3 ch pb 1 +2 ch xxx.. xxx       1 = ch fic 3 -1 ch    
Rowling, Harry Potter.. Secrets 2 +3 ch pb 4 -2 ch xxx.. 29 +11       1 = ch series 7 = ch    
Rowling, Harry Potter.. Stone 3 = ch pb 3 +1 ch x 24 +8       1 = ch series 6 -1 ch    
Rowling, Quidditch through the Ages 5 -3 ch pb 2 +4 ch xxx.. xxx       2 = ch fic 5 -4 ch    
Sachar, Holes 6 +2 ch pb     xxx..       4 -1 ch fic xxx ch    
Tolkien, The Hobbit                 10 ++    
Tolkien, Hobbit/LOTR   x ch               14 =  
  NYT LAT SFC USAT WP WSJ London PW BookSense Amz Amz UK

The table compiles SFFH books placing 15th or higher on general bestseller lists (30th or higher on the combined USA Today list). The current rank of each book and the change since last week are shown, where:
   = same as last week
   + or - with number: difference since last week
   + back on list
   ++ new on list
   x no longer on list (number of x's: weeks off list)

Columns show ranks on lists from, respectively, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, London Times, Publishers Weekly, BookSense, (fiction lists), and Amazon UK (fiction lists). All lists rank hardcovers and paperbacks separately, except for the USA Today list, which is a single list combining fiction and nonfiction in all formats. Some books are on separate general [nonfiction] lists (gen), children's lists (ch), trade paperback lists (tpb), or mass market paperback lists (mm), as indicated.  

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