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New SF, fantasy, and horror magazines seen: 15 - 30 September

Artemis Magazine -- Issue 3, Autumn 2000, $4.95/C$5.95, 64pp, cover art by Bob Eggleton.
Quarterly magazine, "science and fiction for a space-faring society", published and edited by Ian Randal Strock. This third issue has fiction by Pete D. Manison, Ashok Banker, Ed Muller, Fran Van Cleave, and Phil Goetz. Science includes articles by Gregory Bennett (on spelunking the Moon), Ian Randal Strock & Kit Hawkins (on 'Casino Luna'), and Dale M. Gray (on amateur rocketry); plus a column by Allen M. Steele. Poetry by Marianne Plumridge, Richard Richardson, Jo Walton. Plus editorial, letters, news notes; there are also book reviews on the magazine's website. (website) (Fri 22 Sep 2000)

True Review -- Vol. 12 No. 4 (whole #46) , October 2000, $2, 8pp.
Andrew M. Andrews's quarterly personal review-zine, with reviews of books by Louise Marley, Brian Stableford, Janine Ellen Young, James Stevens-Arce, etc.; plus an editorial, and part II of an interview with Octavia Butler. (No website) (Wed 20 Sep 2000)

Earlier in September:

Adventures of Sword & Sorcery -- Issue 7, ©2000, $4.95/C$5.95, 75pp, cover art by R. Wayt Smith.
Edited by Randy Dannenfelser, this is nominally a quarterly magazine, though the previous issue, 6, was a year and half ago. Issue 7 has fiction by Laura J. Underwood, Dave Coleman, Darrell Schweitzer, Bruce D. Arthurs, etc. (No website) (Mon 11 Sep 2000)

Analog Science Fiction and Fact -- Vol. 120 No. 11, November 2000, $3.50/C$4.95, 144pp, cover art by Kim Poor, cover design by Victoria Green.
Novelettes by Dave Creek, Pete D. Manison, Michael F. Flynn, Edward M. Lerner; short stories by John G. Hemry, Michael Bishop, Mia Molvray, Michael A. Burstein, Grey Rollins. Science fact article, on interstellar navigation, is by John G. Hemry. Departments include John G. Cramer's ''Alternate View'' column, on wormholes; Tom Easton's book reviews; and letters responding to editor Stanley Schmidt's editorial on carry-on luggage. Note that the volume number on the contents page is wrong; this is Vol. CXX (not CXXI), No. 11. (website) (Fri 1 Sep 2000)

Asimov's Science Fiction -- Vol. 24 No. 10 & 11 (whole #297 & 298) , October/November 2000, $5.50/C$6.95, 240pp, cover art by Stephen Hickman, cover design by Victoria Green.
Novellas by Larry Niven (a Kzin story) and (a four-way 'round-robin' story that first appeared online on Event Horizon, here) by Daniel Abraham, Michaela Roessner, Sage Walker, and Walter Jon Williams; plus novelettes by Stephen Baxter, Eleanor Arnason, Steven Utley, Tom Purdom; short stories by Liz Williams and Jim Grimsley; poetry by Timons Esaias and Leslie What. Departments include Robert Silverberg's "Reflections" column, about Worldcon Guests-of-Honor; James Patrick Kelly's "On the Net" column; and Norman Spinrad's occasional "On Books" review/essay, covering books by J.R. Dunn, Jeffrey Ford, Steve Erickson, Peter Lord-Wolff, and Jeff VanderMeer. (website) (Fri 1 Sep 2000)

The Bulletin of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America -- Issue 147, Vol. 34 No. 2, Fall 2000, $4.99, 40pp, cover art by Philippe Coriat.
Edited by Dave Truesdale, this issue has columns by Michael Cassutt (on writers who've worked for Hollywood, including Walter Miller, Jr.!), Steve Carper, Glenn Hauman on e-publishing, Robert Metzger on global warming, Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg on humor, Brenda Clough on contests and vanity presses; plus features by Catherine Asaro, A.C. Crispin, Tom Easton; market reports by Edo van Belkom and Randy Dannenfelser; and a President's Message by Paul Levinson. (website) (Wed 6 Sep 2000)

Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts -- Vol. 11 No. 1 (whole #41) , $6.50, 124pp, cover design by Nara Zitner.
Academic journal edited by W.A. Senior, with essays by Nina Auerbach, Jack Zipes, Irene Eynat-Confino, Joe Nazare, David Sandner, Kelly Searsmith; book reviews. Plus, author and title index for volume 10. (website) (Tue 5 Sep 2000)

The New York Review of Science Fiction -- Issue 145, Vol. 13 No. 1, September 2000, $3.50, 24pp.
Lead essays are by Brian Aldiss, on his involvement with movies, and Samuel R. Delany, ''An Exhortation to SF Scholars''; plus a introduction by Jack Williamson to a new edition of Hugo Gernsback's Ralph 124C41+. Reviews include Russell Blackford on Gregory Benford; Michael Andre-Driussi on Gene Wolfe; David Langford on Clarke & Baxter; Michael Bishop on David Lunde; Brian Stableford on Marcos Donnelly; etc. The magazine is now teenaged; in its 13th year. (website) (Wed 13 Sep 2000)

Science Fiction Chronicle -- Issue 207, August-September 2000, $3.95/C$5.75, 55pp.
SF and fantasy newsmagazine, edited by Andrew I. Porter, now published with this issue by DNA Publications (publisher, Warren Lapine); layout and typography are subtly different, and some niceties, like volume/issue numbering and cover artist credit, seem to be missing. In addition to news, contents include a print-on-demand primer by John Betancourt; an interview with Peg Kerr; an article on self-publicity by Cecilia Tan; small-press short fiction reviews by Steve Sawacki; Jo Fletcher's British Report; and Don D'Ammassa's book reviews. (website) (Tue 5 Sep 2000)

The Ultimate Unknown -- Issue 20, $4.00, 48pp, cover art by Chris Friend.
Quarterly ''magazine for the age of science fiction and horror'', edited by David D. Combs and Ralitsa R. Combs, with a (very short) interview with Larry Niven; fiction by Edward M Turner of Massachusetts, J Alan Erwine of Colorado, chapter 12 of a serial by K A Williams of North Carolina, etc.; plus an ESP column by Douglas M Stokes Ph.D. of Michigan; poetry; reviews. Subscriptions $14 to Combs Press, PO Box 219, Streamwood IL 60107-0219. (No website) (Sat 2 Sep 2000)

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