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New and Updated Electronic Publications seen this month []
Alexandria Digital Literature, featuring e-fiction and a recommendation service, adds stories by Joe Murphy, Amy Sterling Casil, and others. Still available is a package of this year's Hugo nominated stories, including winners by Connie Willis and Michael Swanwick.

DarkEcho Newsletter -- 09.21.00
Weekly e-mail newsletter about the horror field, published by Paula Guran. This issue has news about Ed Kramer, Scott Edelman, Neil Gaiman, etc.; a long quote from Stephen King about being pigeonholed as a horror writer; John Shirley reviews Tim Powers; etc.
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E-publisher selling short fiction e-books in formats for Palm, Rocket, and Computers, with typically 6-8 new stories each week. New recently, stories by Geoffrey A. Landis, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Ian Watson, Damien Broderick, and Kate Wilhelm, whose story "Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is Your Crisis" prefigured the Survivor phenomenon.

Hellnotes Newsletter -- Vol. 4, Issue 38 -- September 22, 2000
Weekly e-mail newsletter about the horror field, edited by David B. Silva and Paul F. Olson. This edition includes an interview with Mick Sims and Len Maynard (writers, and publishers of Enigmatic Press); author news and signings; movie and TV news; reviews; market report; and an editorial about humor and horror.
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Infinity Plus []
Recent additions include fiction by Jeff VanderMeer, Richard Paul Russo, and M. John Harrison, as well as a long interview with Richard Paul Russo.

Science Fiction Weekly []
Weekly e-zine of news and reviews. Highlights in recent weeks include (Issue 175, August 28) an interview with Pat Murphy and a Lab Notes column by Wil McCarthy (and the results of the e-zine's Hugo Poll, which got six of thirteen categories right, counting the Campbell New Writer Award); (Issue 176, Sept. 4) Michael Cassutt's column The Cassutt Files and reviews of books by Robert Charles Wilson and Robert Reed; (Issue 177, Sept. 11) an interview with Gardner Dozois and John Clute's Excessive Candour column on Le Guin's The Telling; (Issue 178, Sept. 18) an interview with Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda producer; and a preview of Fall TV.

Sci Fiction []
New recently, original stories The Real World by Steven Utley; From the Files of the Time Rangers by Richard Bowes; and Birdy Girl by Robert Reed. Plus classic reprints of To Bell the Cat by Joan D. Vinge and Descending by Thomas M. Disch.

This page will attempt to list notable updates to science fiction, fantasy, and horror electronic publications seen each week, as an electronic counterpart to the weekly-updated Magazines page.

These are listings, not reviews -- except occasionally as [indicated in brackets].

This page does not include e-books (novels); for now, book-length e-publications will be listed in Locus or on Locus Online, as books, only if hardcopy editions are sent to us.

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