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Tuesday 20 April 2004

Analog/Asimov's Readers' Awards Winners

Gardner Dozois, Robert Silverberg, Sheila Williams, Catherine H. Shaffer, Catherine Asaro, Richard A. Lovett, Stanley Schmidt

Winners of Analog Science Fiction and Factís AnLab Awards and Asimovís Science Fictionís Readersí Awards were announced April 17, 2004, at a breakfast celebration held during the 2004 Nebula Awards weekend in Seattle.

AnLab Winners

NOVELLA : "Walk in Silence", Catherine Asaro (Analog Apr 2003)
NOVELETTE : "Tiny Berries", Richard A. Lovett (Analog Sep 2003)
SHORT STORY : "Lavender in Love", Brian Plante (Analog Feb 2003)
FACT ARTICLE : "If a Tree Falls... or, The Secret History of Global Environmental Catastrophe", Catherine H. Shaffer (Analog Dec 2003)
COVER : December, David A. Hardy

Asimov's Readers' Award Winners
NOVELLA : "Ariel", Lucius Shepard (Asimov's Oct/Nov 2003)
NOVELETTE : "The Bellman", John Varley (Asimov's Jun 2003)
SHORT STORY : "Coyote at the End of History", Michael Swanwick (Asimov's Oct/Nov 2003)
POEM : "Alternate History", Maureen McHugh (Asimov's Aug 2003)

Results are determined by a poll of each magazine's readers. At the breakfast ceremony in Seattle, Stanley Schmidt presented AnLab winners Catherine Asaro, Richard A. Lovett, and Catherine H. Shaffer with their winning certificates and checks. None of the Asimov's winners were in attendance.

Complete results of each magazine's poll will be published in forthcoming issues.


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