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This page lists new SFFH magazine issues seen by Locus Online.

Date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

Issues seen November-December 2006
posted 5 December 2006

The Bulletin of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

• Issue 171, Vol. 40 No. 2, Fall 2006, $4.95, 40pp, cover art by Matt Taggart
• Website:

• Featured in this issue are articles by Susan Urbanek Linville about female characters in SF/F short fiction, Ron Vitale on collaboration tips, and Joe Green about a 5 day visit with John W. Campbell in 1970.
• Columns include Mike Resnick & Barry Malzberg latest Dialogue, debating "cutting edge" stories; Robert Metzger's "State of the Art" column, "Everything Is Real", Steve Carper's "Writers' Bloc" column, about sales numbers; Bud Webster's "Anthopology 101" column, about two Judith Merril anthologies; and Cynthia Ward's Market Report.
• Departments include a President's Message by Robin Bailey, and editor's message by Mark Kreighbaum, notes about new members, etc.

(Wed 22 Nov 2006)



• Issue 207, December 2006, £3.75/$7, 64pp, cover art by Richard Marchand
• SF magazine, currently bimontly, published since 1982, co-founded by David Pringle; edited since 2004 by Andy Cox
• Website:

• This issue bears a slight format change -- it's slightly smaller, it's stitched, and it's printed on matte paper rather than gloss -- though the editorial assures that if anything the content has increased, not decreased.
• Fiction in this issue is by Dave Hoing, Suzanne Palmer, Daniel Kaysen, and Wendy Waring.
• There are interviews with Christopher Priest, Terry Pratchett (along with sidebar interviews with Neil Gaiman and others), and Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson. "Interface" departments include the editorial and David Langford's "Ansible Link" column. "Interlocutions" features include film reviews by Nick Lowe (covering Children of Men and others); John Clute's "Scores" column, covering books by Eric Brown, Charles Stross, Tim Powers, and Don Webb; and other book reviews by Paul Kincaid, Maureen Kincaid Speller, et al.
• The magazine's current issue page has a detailed table of contents.

(Fri 1 Dec 2006)


The Magazine of Speculative Poetry

• Vol. 7 No. 4 (whole #28), Spring 2006, $5, 30pp, cover art by Mark Rich
• Occasional small-press poetry magazine, edited by Roger Dutcher; published since 1985
• Website:

• This issue has poetry by John Grey, Jennifer Crow, Tina Connolly, Sandra Lindow, Robert Frazier, Duane Ackerson, Sonya Taaffe, Neal Wilgus, James S. Dorr, Tom Galusha, and Deborah Kolodji.
• Robert Dutcher's editorial speculates about the number of active SF poets in the world, and why there are so few subscribers to SF poetry magazines. He also compiles "Points of Interest" news items, and a list of publications received.
• Drew Morse offers a short essay, " 'Speculative Poetry': Distinctions (not Definitions)".

(Fri 24 Nov 2006)


Mythic Delirium

• Issue 15, Summer/Fall 2006, $5.00, 28pp, cover art by Tim Mullins
• Bi-annual poetry magazine since 1998; published and edited by Mike Allen
• Website:

• Poetry in this issue is by C.S. MacGath, Theodora Goss, Constance Cooper, Sheree Renee Thomas, Gary Every, Darrell Schweitzer, Lida Broadhurst, Wanda Waterman St. Louis, Jaime Lee Moyer, Julie Shiel, Sonya Taaffe, Danny Adams, K.L. Monahan, Erzebet YellowBoy, Darja Malcolm-Clarke, and JoSelle Vanderhooft.
• The Mythic Delirium site has the wraparound cover image, and complete table of contents.

(Thu 30 Nov 2006)



• Issue 10, 2006, C$6.95/$7.95, 80pp, cover art by Dan O'Driscoll
• Quarterly SF magazine published from Vancouver, Canada, debuting 2003; edited by Karl Johanson
• Website:

• This issue has fiction by Tamara Sheehan, Roselyn Silverman, Julian Todd, John Southern Blake, Nigel Read, Thomas M. MacKay, and Leslie Lupien.
• Nonfiction includes an editorial by Karl Johanson, letters, editorial column "A Walk Through the Periodic Chart" this time about Hafnium, news of recent awards winners and nominations, science news, reports from conventions Conversion 22 and Worldcon 2006, and a look back at the classic Star Trek series.
• The magazine's website includes subscription info, submission guidelines, and a description of this issue.

(Fri 24 Nov 2006)


The New York Review of Science Fiction

• Issue 219, Vol. 19 No. 3, November 2006, $4.00, 24pp
• Monthly review and criticism magazine, published since 1988; edited by David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, et al.
• Website:

• This special "Elder Gods" issue features an essay by Brian Stableford about rhetoric, science, and SF, "Why There Is (Almost) No Such Thing as Science Fiction", and a review by Darrell Schweitzer of a collection of stories by Francis Stevens.
• Inside are essays by John D. Squires about M.P. Shiel's The Purple Cloud and Thomas F. Bertonneau about symbolism in works by Leigh Brackett.
• Other reviews by Michael Levy, Russell Blackford, Henry Wessells, Farah Mendlesohn, Niall Harrison, and Eugene Reynolds cover books by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel, Bruce Sterling, Scott Lynch, Sonya Taaffe, Robert A. Heinlein & Spider Robinson, and others.
• Additional items include "Read This" by Michael Lohr, Lou Anders' Three Laws of Editing, and an editorial about the passing of New York Review of Books founder Barbara Epstein.

(Thu 30 Nov 2006)



• Issue 10, Winter 2006-2007, $6.00/C$7.00, 49pp, cover art by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
• The Magazine of Historical and Speculative Fiction; published twice per year; edited and published by Christopher M. Cevasco
• Website:

• This issue has fiction by Sarah Monette, Danny Adams, C. Kevin Barrett (winner of the Flash alternate history contest), Bruce Durham, Anne Sheldon, Brian K. Crawford, and Stephanie Dray. There's also poetry by Jeremy L. Goldberg, Darrell Schweitzer, Eileen Kernaghan, and M. Frost.
• Nonfiction includes an editorial, book reviews, film reviews (of Bobby and Marie Antoinette), and contributor biographies.
• Previews and excerpts of this issue are provided here.

(Sat 2 Dec 2006)



• Vol. 2 No. 1, Autumn 2006, $5, 80pp, cover art by David Ho
• Quarterly small-press magazine, debuting 2005, editor-in-chief Beth Wodzinski
• Website:

• This small press magazine from Salt Lake City focusing on contemporary fantasy kicks off its second year with fiction by John Parke Davis, Kathy Watts, Bryan Lindsey, Angela Slatter, Joseph Remy, Aliette de Bodard, Nir Yaniv (translated by Lavie Tidhar), Monica Eiland, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
• Featured is an interview with John Scalzi. There are also pages about the contributors, artists and illustrators, and staff.
• The magazine's site has this page for the issue, with opening lines from the stories and links to page scans for several of them.

(Fri 24 Nov 2006)


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