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This page lists new SFFH magazine issues seen by Locus Online.

Date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

Issues seen November 2006
posted 22 November 2006

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

• Vol. 127 No. 1&2, January/February 2007, $5.99/C$7.99, 240pp, cover art by Bob Eggleton
• Near-monthly (10 times/year) magazine of science fiction and nonfiction; published since 1930 (originally Astounding); edited by Stanley Schmidt
• Website:
• Message Board:

• This double- issue has the conclusion of Robert J. Sawyer's serial "Rollback", plus novellas by Rajnar Vajra and E. Mark Mitchell, novelettes by Grey Rollins and Carl Frederick, and short stories by Stephen L. Burns, David W. Goldman, R. Emrys Gordon, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Richard A. Lovett, and Jerry Oltion.
• There are two science fact articles, "Shielding a Polar Lunar Base" by Franklin Cocks, and "After Gas: Are We Ready for the End of Oil?" by Richard A. Lovett.
• Departments include Stanley Schmidt's editorial, discussing recent odd attitudes toward food; Jeffery D. Kooistra's "The Alternate View" column discussing the correct use of "Imagination"; Tom Easton's book reviews, covering Peter Watts, Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple, Howard V. Hendrix, Scott Smith, and others; and others; "Brass Tacks" letters; and "Upcoming Events" from Anthony Lewis.
• The magazine's website has this page for the issue, with links to departments and an excerpt from Rajnar Vajra's story.

(Sat 4 Nov 2006)


Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

• Issue 26, Vol. 5 No. 3, 2006, A$7.95, 96pp, cover art by Les Petersen
• Bimonthly Australian magazine focusing on humorous and light-hearted SF and fantasy
• Website:

• This issue of the Australian SF and Fantasy magazine, this time edited by Andrew Finch, has fiction by Matthew Kressel, Steve Wylie, John Bowker, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Paul Hosek, Alison Venugoban, Michael Simon, Adam Browne & John Dixon, and Michael Merriam.
• Special features include a book review essay (subtitled "Why Novelty is Overrated") by Elizabeth Bear, discussing Hal Duncan, Scott Lynch, and Sarah Monette, and a review by Tansy Rayner Roberts of Simon Brown's Troy.

(Mon 13 Nov 2006)


Asimov's Science Fiction

• Vol. 31 No. 1 (whole #372), January 2007, $3.99/C$4.99, 144pp, cover art by Michael Whelan
• Near-monthly (10 times/year) SF magazine; published since 1977; edited by Sheila Williams
• Website:
• Message Board:

• This issue has novelettes by Nancy Kress, A.R. Morlan, and Charles Stross, and short stories by Bruce McAllister, Jack Dann, R. Neube, and Jeff Carlson. Poetry is by John Morressy, Greg Beatty, John Garrison, and Tom Disch.
• Departments include Sheila Williams' editorial about the magazine's 30th anniversary year; Robert Silverberg's "Reflections" column, this time about computer games and "farming"; the second of James Patrick Kelly's "Secrets of the Webmasters" columns, this time focusing on Mark Watson and Matthew Cheney; a Science Fiction Sudoku by John Goreham; book reviews by Paul Di Filippo, covering Winsor McKay, Samuel R. Delany, Sherry Decker, and many others; and Erwin S. Strauss' SF Conventional Calendar.
Tangent Online has this review of the issue by Elizabeth A. Allen.

(Mon 13 Nov 2006)


Dreams and Nightmares

• Issue 74/75, May 2006, $5, 40pp, cover art by Allen Koszowski
• Magazine of fantastic poetry, published approximately quarterly since 1986, by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
• Website:

• This double issue, arranged back to back like an old Ace Double, has poems (in the issue 74 side) by Ray Greenblatt, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Greg Beatty, and others, and on the issue 75 side, poems by Bruce Boston, Billy Wolfenbarger, Robert Frazier, Neal Wilgus, and others.
• In the center is a graphic, "Incident and Owl Creek Bridge", by Steve Cooper.
• There are brief editorials, "From the Brainstem", on each side.
• The site's website seems to have expired.

(Thu 16 Nov 2006)


Fantasy Magazine

• Issue 4, Fall 2006, $5.95, 112pp, cover art by Natalie Shau
• Quarterly magazine of fiction, reviews, and interviews, debuting 2005, edited by Sean Wallace
• Website:

• Stories in this issue are by Lisa Ann Figueroa, Marly Youmans, Hal Duncan, Megan Messinger, Matthew Johnson, Amber van Dyk, Alison Campbell-Wise, Afifah Myra Muffaz, Ben Peek, Hannah Wolf Bowen, Stephanie Campisi, Kaaron Warren, Darren Speegle, E. Catherine Tobler, Catherine M. Morrison, and Len Bains.
• Fiction in this issue is by Ekaterina Sedia, Darby Harn, Peter S. Beagle, Hannah Wolf Bowen, Jeannette Westwood, Marly Youmans, M. Thomas, Anna Tambour, Sandra McDonald, Resa Nelson, Leslie Claire Walker, and M.E. Palmer.
• Departments include an interview with Hal Duncan, and unsigned book reviews edited by Paula Guran.
• You can order the issue individually via Clarkesworld Books, whose page has the table of contents and the entire story by Len Bains.

(Fri 3 Nov 2006)



• Issue 6, November 2006, $4, 44pp, cover art by Heather Shaw
• Semiannual small press zine, published and edited by Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw
• Website:

• Fifth issue of small press "little zine with teeth", edited and published by Heather Shaw and [Locus Magazine senior editor] Tim Pratt.
• Fictions are by Michael Canfield, Steve Rasnic Tem, Jennifer Schwabach, Elise Moser, Jan Wildt, M.K. Hobson, David J. Schwartz, and Lavie Tidhar, with Jon Hansen contributing four poems.
• 'Not-fictions' are an editorial about the editors' recent trips; a column by Nick Mamatas, "Life Among the Obliterati", about enrolling in a low-residency MFA writing program; a column by Jed Hartman, "Words & Stuff", about stress patterns and reading aloud; brief reviews by the editors; and contributors notes.
• The complete Table of Contents is posted at the zine's website.

(Mon 20 Nov 2006)


Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet

• Issue 19, November 2006, $5/C$7, 56pp, cover art by Eric Schaller
• Semi-annual small-press magazine subtitled 'an occasional outburst'; published/edited by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link
• Website:

• This 10th anniversary issue has fiction by Ray Vukcevich, Daniel A. Rabuzzi, Dennis Nau, Nancy Jane Moore, Cara Spindler & David Erik Nelson, Kara Kellar Bell, Andrew Fort, Anna Tambour, and Carol Emshwiller.
• There's also poetry by K.E. Duffin, Laura L. Washburn, Katharine Beutner, and D.M. Gordon.
• Nonfiction consists of an editorial, and Gwenda Bond's column "Dear Aunt Gwenda".
• The magazine's website has the table of contents with contributor notes and links to advertisers.

(Tue 21 Nov 2006)


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

• Vol. 112 No. 1 (whole #657), January 2007, $4.50/C$6.50, 162pp, cover art by David Hardy
• Near-monthly (11 times/year) magazine of fiction, reviews, and features; published since 1949; edited by Gordon Van Gelder
• Website:
• Message Board:

• This issue features a novella, "Kiosk", by Bruce Sterling, a novelette by Jeremy Minton, and short stories by David Gerrold ("The Strange Disappearance of David Gerrold"), Marta Randall, Neil Gaiman ("How to Talk to Girls at Parties", reprinted from his collection Fragile Things), and Robert Reed.
• Nonfiction includes Charles de Lint's "Books to Look For", discussing Stephen King, Ellen Klages, and Diana Wynne Jones; a "Books" essay by John Kessel, reviewing various books of "slipstream" short stories; Lucius Shepard's film review column, covering "The Wicker Man"; and a Curiosities page by Graham Andrews about a 1970 book by Robert Moore Williams.

(Fri 3 Nov 2006)



• Issue 29/5, Sept./Oct. 2006, $3.50, 24pp, cover art by Dee Rimbaud
• Journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA); edited by Marge Simon
• Website:

• Poetry in this issue is by Gary William Crawford, Samantha Henderson, Bruce Boston, Chris Ambrose, Irving, Jaime Lee Moyer, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, and others.
• Features include an editorial by Marge Simon, a President's Message by Mike Allen, a Worldcon Report by Samantha Henderson, an essay on "Pacing & Spacing" when reading poetry aloud by Scott Virtes, an installment of "Romanian Astronautic Poetry" by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe, letters, and a review by M. Frost of a new poetry collection by Ursula K. Le Guin.

(Tue 21 Nov 2006)



• Issue 5, 2006, $6, 110pp
• Quarterly fiction magazine published by Subterranean Press, edited by William Schafer
• Website:

• Fiction in this issue includes Orson Scott Card's "Mazer in Prison" (first published online at Intergalactic Medicine Show), and a screen treatment by Philip Jose Farmer of "Doc Savage and the Cult of the Blue God" (from his recent collection Pearls from Peoria). Other stories are by Stephen Gallagher, Neal Barrett Jr., Elizabeth Bear, Tad Williams, Jim Grimsley, and Norman Partridge.
• Features include an editorial by William Schafer, an interview with Alan Moore by Dorman T. Shindler, and book reviews by Dorman T. Shindler, covering Scott Smith, Laurell K. Hamilton, Dean Koontz, Jeb Rubenfeld, and others.
• The magazine's website has this order page for the issue, with the complete table of contents.

(Thu 2 Nov 2006)


Weird Tales

• Issue 342, Vol. 61 No. 6, Oct/Nov 2006, $5.95/C$7.50, 80pp, cover art by Kirsty Pargeter
• Dark fantasy magazine, published since 1923; currently published quarterly, edited by George H. Scithers, Darrell Schweitzer, & John Betancourt
• Website:

• This issue features a new cover layout, the first phase of a redesign. The new title logo is previewed on page 3, and on the magazine's website.
• A special section of John Shirley features two stories, "The Claw Spurs" and "Buried in the Sky", and an interview by Paula Guran. Other fiction in this issue is by Carrie Vaughn, William F. Nolan, Melissa Yuan-Innes, Lisa Smedman, Kelly McCollough, and Jennifer Savage.
• Columns include "The Eyrie" by "The Editorial Horde", about the Three Stooges and H.P. Lovecraft and letters from readers, and "The Den", book reviews by Scott Connors, covering Leonard Cline, G.G. Pendarves, Eric Frank Russell, and many others.
• The magazine's website has this page about the issue, with links to Shirley's interview, the book reviews, and Carrie Vaughn's story.

(Fri 3 Nov 2006)


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