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This page lists new SFFH magazine issues seen by Locus Online.

Date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

Issues seen October 2006
posted 28 October 2006

Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest

• Issue 7, Vol. 1 No. 7, Fall 2006, $6.00/C$7.00, 108pp, cover art by Castelli
• Quarterly magazine of SF and horror, edited by Jason Sizemore; published since 2005
• Website:

• This issue of the quarterly "science fiction and horror" magazine has fiction by Michael Laimo, Joshua Steiner, Deb Taber, Marlissa Campbell, James Reilly, Neil Ayres, Douglas F. Warrick, Brandy Schwan (a poem), Brandon Alspaugh, Steven Savile (3rd of a 4-part novella), and Beth Wodzinski.
• Nonfiction includes an interview with Michael Laimo by Mari Adkins, essays by Alethea Kontis and Lavie Tidhar, and an interview with Tim Powers by Steven Savile.
• The magazine's website has the table of contents.

(Thu 19 Oct 2006)


City Slab

• Issue 9, 2006, $6/C$8, 70pp, cover art by James Reilly
• Quarterly horror magazine, published since 2002; editor/publisher Dave Lindschmidt
• Website:

• This issue's featured fiction is by Sonya Taaffe, "Nights with Belilah". Other fiction is by Michael West, Robert Lebling, Brandon Alspaugh, and A.H. Jennings.
• Nonfiction includes an interview with horror film actor Bill Moseley by Scott Sandridge, an article by James Reilly about Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike, an article by Lisa Agnew about demons of Japanese culture, an interview with erotic-horror actress Syn DeVil by Scott Standridge, an article by Jason Sizemore about Silent Hill horror games, and an interview with writer Ray Garton by Scott Standridge.
• The magazine's website has a table of contents, purchasing information, and a list of stores that sell it.

(Thu 26 Oct 2006)


H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror

• Issue 3, Fall 2006, $5.95/C$7.50, 88pp, cover art by Bob Eggleton
• Quarterly magazine of horror fiction and reviews, published by Wildside Press, edited by Marvin Kaye
• Website:

• Third issue of this quarterly horror magazine -- now available at Barnes & Noble -- has a spotlight on Brian Lumley, with an interview by Darrell Schweitzer, a bibliographical history by Stephen Jones, and two stories, "The Man Who Killed Kew Gardens" and "The Hymn".
• Other fiction in this issue is by Mike Allen & Charles M. Saplak, Earl Godwin, Jonathan L. Howard, Lynne Jamneck, Andrew J. Wilson, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbrow.
• Nonfiction includes an editorial, "The Outsider", by Marvin Kaye; book reviews by Craig Shaw Gardner; an essay on "Lovecraft in culture" by Peter Cannon, celebrating new editions of HPL; a film comment by Ian McDowell about Japanese cinema

(Wed 25 Oct 2006)



• Issue 206, October 2006, £3.50/$7, 64pp, cover art by Fahrija Velic
• SF magazine, currently bimontly, published since 1982, co-founded by David Pringle; edited since 2004 by Andy Cox
• Website:

• This issue has fiction by Jamie Barras, Tim Akers, Will McIntosh, Chris Beckett, Robert Davies, and Jae Brim.
• There are interviews with actors David Naughton & Camden Toy ("Life Under Latex") and with author James Patterson. "Interface" departments include an editorial and David Langford's "Ansible Link" column. Features include film reviews by Nick Lowe (about Superman Returns and others), John Clute's "Scores" column, covering books by Scott Westerfeld and Keith Donohue; Sarah Ash on manga; and Maureen Kincaid Speller on radio.
Tangent Online has this review of the stories. The magazine's website currently serves "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded".
• Nick Gevers reviews this issue in the upcoming December issue of Locus Magazine, calling "possibly the best issue so far under TTA Press management" and especially recommending the story by Chris Beckett.

(Tue 10 Oct 2006)


The New York Review of Science Fiction

• Issue 218, Vol. 19 No. 2, October 2006, $4.00, 24pp
• Monthly review and criticism magazine, published since 1988; edited by David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, et al.
• Website:

• This special "Editor's Surprise" issue features on the cover an interview with Thomas Ligotti by Matt Cardin and a review by Niall Harrison of Simon Ings' The Weight of Numbers.
• Inside are an interview with Peter Straub by Michael Lohr, and Part III of David G. Hartwell's "Nine Ways of Looking at Space Operas".
• Other reviews by Robert Bee, Michael Levy, Ursula Pflug, Candas Jane Dorsey, Jenny Blackford, Alice K. Turner, and Greg L. Johnson cover books by Gordon Van Gelder, John L. Flynn, Maureen McHugh, Chris Moriarty, Andrea Hairston, Cherie Priest, Diana Wynne Jones, and Terry Bisson.
• Additional items include Robert Friedman's "Time Traveling: A Quick Reference Guide", letters, and an editorial celebrating David G. Hartwell's Hugo Award win as Best Editor.

(Sat 14 Oct 2006)



• Issue 8, Autumn 2006, £6/$10, 144pp, cover art by Sir Joseph Noel Paton
• Quarterly SF magazine, edited and published by Peter Crowther; published since 2004
• Website:

• This issue has fiction by Michael Swanwick ("The Bordello in Faerie"), Robert Edric, Robert T. Jeschonek, Gene Wolfe ("The On-Deck Circle", with a note that a special Gene Wolfe issue of F&SF is forthcoming), Matthew Hughes, Brian A. Hopkins, Darrell Schweitzer, Tony Richards, Scott William Carter, K.W. Jeter, and Terry Bisson ("Billy and the Talking Plant").
• Terry Bisson provides an editorial, "The Singularity".
• The magazine's website has this page listing the contents with ordering information. It's also available in a limited hardcover edition.

(Tue 24 Oct 2006)


Realms of Fantasy

• Vol. 13 No. 2, December 2006, $3.99/C$5.99, 102pp, cover art by Joseph Corsentino
• Bimonthly fantasy magazine, published since 1994; edited by Shawna McCarthy
• Website:

• This issue has fiction by Leah Bobet, Jon Hansen, Michelle Thuma, Carrie Vaughn, Sandra McDonald, Thomas Seay, and M.K. Hobson.
• Departments include Resa Nelson's Movies column, about The Prestige and The Fountain; a Folkroots column by Terri Windling, about death personified; book reviews by Gahan Wilson and Paul Witcover, covering Scott Smith, Barbara Hambly, Jeff VanderMeer, Gene Wolfe, and Keith Donohue; an interview with Laurell K. Hamilton by Paul Witcover; a Gallery feature by Christine Colby about fantasy photographer Joseph Corsentino; and Games reviews by Eric T. Baker.
• The magazine's website still lists August as the current issue. Newsstand copies of this issue, wrapped in plastic, include a paperback sampler of three books from Silhouette Nocturne.
• Collectors note -- this issue is incorrectly indicated on the contents page as volume 13 number 1; it is actually number 2.

(Wed 25 Oct 2006)


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