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New in Paperback (Mass Market)

Recent Releases

  • Futures (Warner Aspect, $6.99)
    Anthology of four SF novellas, by Stephen Baxter, Peter F. Hamilton, Paul J. McAuley, and Ian McDonald, all first published as chapbooks in the UK. All were well-received by Locus reviewers, with the highlight being perhaps the McDonald novella, "Tendeléo's Story", which won the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award as best short fiction of 2000.

  • Karl Schroeder, Ventus (Tor, $6.99)
    Epic SF novel by Aurora Award-winning Canadian author. Russell Letson in the January 2001 Locus called it "ambitious and very readable".
    First published by Tor, December 2000
    Placed 18th in Locus's poll of best SF novels of 2000.

  • Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Hegemon (Tor, $6.99)
    SF novel, the latest in Card's Ender series, and sequel to last year's Ender's Shadow. Gary K. Wolfe (February 2001) said it's a "fast-moving, well-plotted capture-and-rescue adventure ... [N]ot only a solid entertainment, but a far more substantial one than Ender's Shadow..."
    First published by Tor, January 2001

  • Stephen King, Dreamcatcher (Pocket, $7.99)
    SF/horror novel set in Kings's town of Derry Maine (Scribner 2001) about alien bodysnatchers; Ed Bryant (Locus, April 2001) called it "perfectly straight-forward SF... [I'm] tempted to cite the sainted shades of Robert A. Heinlein and Eric Frank Russell."

  • David Herter, Ceres Storm (Tor, $6.99)
    SF adventure novel, a first novel; it received mixed reviews last year but placed 3rd in Locus's poll of best first novels of 2000, and was ranked by among the top 10 SF books of that year.
    First published by Tor, November 2000

    Also recently:

  • Ramsey Campbell, Silent Children (Tor, $6.99)
    Associational horror novel (Forge 2000).

  • Terry Goodkind, Faith of the Fallen (Tor, $7.99)
    Fantasy novel, 6th in "The Sword of Truth" (Tor 2000).

  • Robin Hobb, Ship of Destiny (Bantam Spectra, $6.99)
    Fantasy novel, third in ''The Liveship Traders'' trilogy (Voyager 2000).
    Placed 17th in Locus's poll of best fantasy novels of 2000.

  • Dean Koontz, From the Corner of His Eye (Bantam, $7.99)
    Quasi-SF horror novel involving quantum mechanics and human relationships (Bantam 2000).

  • Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill Beyond World's End (Baen, $7.99)
    Fantasy novel, sequel to Bedlam's Bard.

  • L.E. Modesitt, Jr. Scion of Cyador (Tor, $7.99)
    Fantasy novel in the ''Recluce'' series, second in the ''Saga of Recluce'' sub-series (Tor 2000).

  • Harry Turtledove, Sentry Peak (Baen, $7.99)
    Fantasy novel of a civil war between a kingdom's northern and southern provinces (Baen 2000)

  • Paula Volsky, The Grand Ellipse (Bantam Spectra, $6.99)
    Fantasy novel of an alternate world round-the-world race (Bantam Spectram 2000).
    Placed 26th in Locus's poll of best fantasy novels of 2000.

• This page compiles books newly available in mass-market paperback editions, previously available only in hardcover or trade paperback. Listings are compiled from bookstore sightings and Locus Magazine's comprehensive monthly Books Received listing.

Earlier Releases

  • Mark Anthony, The Last Rune, Book Three: The Dark Remains (Bantam Spectra, $6.99)
    Book three in the ''Last Rune'' series.

  • Deborah Christian, The Truthsayer's Apprentice (Tor, $7.99)
    Fantasy novel, first book in the Loregiver series.

  • David & Leigh Eddings, The Redemption of Althalus (Del Rey, $7.99)
    Stand-alone fantasy novel, a bestseller in hardcover.

  • Joe Haldeman, The Coming (Ace, $6.99)
    Portrait of a repressive near-future society (set in Florida) reacting to a mysterious message--"We're coming"--that may be from aliens. "One of the most compelling and provocative of all of Haldeman's recent novels, and one of his most humanly convincing" wrote Gary K. Wolfe (Locus, Jan. 2001)
    Placed #4 in Locus's poll of best SF novels of 2000.
    First published by Ace, December 2000

  • Harry Harrison, Stars & Stripes in Peril (Ballantine Del Rey, $6.99)
    SF alternate-history novel, second in the ''Stars and Stripes'' series.

  • Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, Dune: House Harkonnen (Bantam Spectra, $6.99)
    SF novel, second prequel to Frank Herbert's ''Dune'' series.

  • James P. Hogan, The Legend that was Earth (Baen, $7.99)
    SF novel of too-helpful aliens.

  • Brian Jacques, Lord Brocktree (Ace, $6.99)
    Young-adult talking animal fantasy in the ''Redwall'' series.

  • Peg Kerr, The Wild Swans (Warner Aspect, $6.99)
    A "moving novel [that] addresses issues of love and intolerance through a retelling of the classic fairy tale reset in Puritan New England, with alternating sections set in 1980s New York, depicting the intrusion of AIDS in the gay community." (Locus New & Notable, June 1999)

  • Geoffrey A. Landis, Mars Crossing (Tor, $7.99)
    SF novel, the author's first, about the first manned landing on Mars. The author is a NASA scientist who's won a Hugo and a Nebula for works of short fiction.
    This book won the 2001 Locus Award for Best First Novel of 2000.

  • Louise Marley, The Glass Harmonica (Ace, $6.99)
    Fantasy novel of two musicians bound across time by their unusual instrument. Co-winner of the 2001 Endeavour Award.

  • Paul J. McAuley, Shrine of Stars (Eos, $6.99)
    Concluding volume in far-future, visionary SF trilogy that began with Child of the River and Ancients of Days.

  • Pat Murphy, Wild Angel (Tor, $6.99)
    Fantasy/SF novel of a female ''Tarzan'', supposedly by Mary Maxwell, second in a series of novels written by ''Max Merriwell'' under various pen-names. (The third, Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell, has just appeared in hardcover.)

  • Terry Pratchett, The Truth (HarperTorch, $6.99)
    Discworld novel #25.

  • Philip Pullman, The Amber Spyglass (Ballantine Del Rey, $6.99)
    Young-adult fantasy, third in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy, following The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife; not as best-selling as, but better reviewed than, the Harry Potter books.
    Placed #3 in Locus's poll of best fantasy novels of 2000.
    Nominated for the World Fantasy Award
    First published (in the US) by Knopf, October 2000

  • Robert Reed, Marrow (Tor, $7.99)
    SF novel about the discovery of one planet inside another.

  • J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Scholastic, $6.99)
    First mass market paperback edition of a Harry Potter book in the US.
    First published by Bloomsbury (UK), 1997

  • Dan Simmons, Darwin's Blade (Harper, $7.50)
    Contemporary thriller about an accident investigator who specializes in uncovering insurance fraud.

  • Peter Straub, Magic Terror: Seven Tales (Ballantine/Fawcett, $7.99)
    Collection of seven stories. Winner of Bram Stoker Award for Best Collection of 2000.

  • Joan D. Vinge, Tangled up in Blue (Tor, $6.99)
    SF novel set in the world of The Snow Queen.

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