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Tuesday 24 October 2000

Nonfiction E-zines

§ Science Fiction Weekly [] Issue 182 has Scott Edelman's first editorial as this 'zine's new editor, Learning to Live a Science Fictional Life. Issue 183, posted today, has an interview with Blair Witch 2 director Joe Berlinger, a Wil McCarthy "Lab Notes" column, and reviews of new books by Jerry Oltion and Diana Wynne Jones.


§ The Infinite Matrix [] isn't online yet -- but here's a Wired article by Craig Engler about its ambitions.

§ Stephen King's Official Website [] has posted 18,000 word Part IV of The Plant.

§ Chiaroscuro [] Issue 6, Oct-December 2000, has fiction by Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple, Louise Maistros, Maria Alexander, and Steve Eller; a column by David Niall Wilson; editorial, etc.

§ Strange Horizons [] posted, 10/23, an interview with Cecilia Tan and fiction by Jo Walton.

§ Antipodean SF [] posts 'flash' (short-short) fiction from Australia. Issue 32 has 6 stories by Brent Lillie, Brendan Carson, Peter Cook, and others.

§ Electric Wine [] is "a magazine of science fiction, fantasy, and horror" edited by Diana L. Sharples and James E.M. Rasmussen. Vol. 1 No. 6, October/November 2000, has fiction by Chuck Rothman, Christopher Stires; poetry; reviews; etc.

§ ElectricStory [] is an e-publisher with, among others, a Howard Waldrop e-book collection coming later this year. There's also some free content on their site, including stories by Lucius Shepard, Tony Daniel, and Terry Bisson, and film reviews by Lucius Shepard (who will be writing such reviews for F&SF soon).

§ Ticonderoga Publications Online [] is a quarterly 'zine from Australia, edited by Russell B. Farr. Issue 3, September 2000, [Vol. 2 No. 3] has a column by Chris Lawson, Counter-Intuitive; book reviews by Marianne de Courtenay and by Jonathan Strahan; an an archive of fiction by Alinta Thornton, Stephen Dedman, and others.

Interviews and Reviews

§ Best SF [] has more reviews by Mark Watson, of issues of Spectrum SF and Interzone.

§ Horror Online [] has an interview by Paula Guran of Tim Powers, and unsigned reviews of books by Powers, Jeffrey Thomas, etc.

Thursday 19 October 2000


§ Sci Fiction [] has posted these original stories in recent weeks:

Also: notable reprints The Man Who Loved the Faoli by Roger Zelazny, and Corona by Samuel R. Delany.

§ Redsine [] Issue 2, October 2000, has fiction by D.F. Lewis (4 stories plus an interview), Brian Stableford, Robert Stephenson, Joel Arnold, Rich Logsdon, and others; plus reviews and an article on vampires.

§ [] released the first of its recently acquired Harlan Ellison stories [see October News Log], "'Repent, Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman" on October 17.

§ The Position [] posted Kathe Koja's A Drink at Pandora's, an original sex fantasy, 8/7/2000.

§ Stephen King's Official Website [] has the first three parts of serial novel The Plant now available. Part III is 10,000 words, up from 5,000 each for the first 2 segments.

§ EOTU Ezine [] for October is a special Horror issue: "Content of stories and art in this issue contain gore, sex & violence and should not be viewed by minors, prudes or those weak of heart. If you are the sort who might be offended or harmed, TURN BACK NOW!!!"

§ Strange Horizons [], launched September 1, posts a new story, article and review weekly on Mondays, with poetry, an art gallery, and an editorial updated once a month. Posted so far: stories by D.K. Latta, K. Bird Lincoln, Chuck Rothman, and Mark Heath; poetry by Bruce Boston and Wendy Rathbone; an interview with Catherine Asaro; a gallery of art by Duncan Long.

§ Vestral Review [] is a quarterly e-zine of "flash fiction" (short-shorts), with eight stories per issue covering "all genres except children's stories and hard science fiction".

Short Fiction Reviews

§ Best SF [] is a website by Mark Watson devoted to short fiction, including links to short SF online (an index by author) and a reviews section, with reviews by Watson of the October/November Asimov's, the October/November F&SF, and the November Analog.

§ Black Gate []. This website for the forthcoming fantasy magazine, set to debut November 1, has a short fiction survey by David Soyka, reviewing stories from recent issues of The Third Alternative, Asimov's, F&SF, and Century.


§'s Science Fiction and Fantasy page has an interview with Louise Marley, an interview with Elizabeth Haydon, and an interview with Ursula K. Le Guin.

§ Infinity Plus [] has an interview with Joe R. Lansdale plus a Lansdale story; an interview with Michael Bishop and two fiction extracts, including one from the original title novella, Blue Kansas Sky, of his upcoming Golden Gryphon collection; and an interview with Keith Brooke and Eric Brown and a Brown story.

Nonfiction E-zines

§ Ansible 159, October 2000 [], describes John Clute's sixtieth birthday party; extracts a Harry Harrison Chicon report; and offers numerous news bits, comments, and quotes.

§ The Paper Snarl [] Issue #16 has an article by Vincent Di Fate on Richard Powers, an interview with Ron Walotsky, a short story by Vera Nazarian; plus news, reviews of books and cons, etc.

§ Science Fiction Weekly [] Issue 181 has an interview with Dan Simmons, John Clute's Excessive Candour column on James P. Blaylock's new collection, and a Site of the Week review of Book-A-Minute SF/F.

§ SFRevu [] for October has TV, movie, video, book, and e-book reviews and lists.

E-Mail Newsletters

DarkEcho Newsletter Issue 10.12.00 -- Publisher Paula Guran announces the newsletter will change from weekly to monthly, its focus directed towards readers and writers (rather than writers and others). She'll drop markets news and will run more reviews. This week's newsletter has a review by Mike Marano of the movie Lost Souls, news, events, etc. (To subscribe, e-mail with "subscribe" as the subject.)

Hellnotes Newsletter -- Vol. 4, Issue 41 -- October 13, 2000
This issue has an editorial about e-publishing and copyright law; reviews by Garrett Peck and William P. Simmons; news; author events; a conversation with Steve Rasnic Tem; etc.
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