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September 1999
edited by Charles N. Brown
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    mailing date: 24 August 1999

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The September issue has interviews with Arthur C. Clarke and Patrick O'Leary, and comprehensive lists of Forthcoming Books through June 2000.

Plus the usual news, reviews, and listings.

To be posted online from this issue:

  • Arthur C. Clarke interview excerpts
  • Patrick O'Leary interview excerpts
  • Bestsellers
  • New and Notable Books
  • Updated Convention listings
  • Updated selections of Forthcoming Books

    Reviews in the September issue:

    Distillations: Short Fiction Reviews by Mark R. Kelly
    Artemis Spring '00
    Interzone 7/99
    Interzone 8/99
    F&SF 8/99
    Asimov's 8/99
    Event Horizon 7/99

    Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe
    Ender's Shadow
    , Orson Scott Card
    Teranesia, Greg Egan
    A Good Old-Fashioned Future, Bruce Sterling
    Saucer Wisdom, Rudy Rucker
    Aniara: A Review of Man in Time and Space, Harry Martinson
    Satan is a Mathematician: Poems of the Weird, Surreal, and Fantastic, Keith Allen Daniels
    Sixty Odd: New Poems, Ursula K. Le Guin

    Reviews by Faren Miller
    The Ground Beneath Her Feet
    , Salman Rushdie
    Ender's Shadow, Orson Scott Card
    Lord of the Fire Lands, Dave Duncan
    A Red Heart of Memories, Nina Kiriki Hoffman
    Elementals, A.S. Byatt
    The Plato Papers, Peter Ackroyd
    The Thorn Boy,
    Storm Constantine

    Reviews by Edward Bryant
    Hearts in Atlantis
    , Stephen King

    Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman
    Limbo Lodge
    , Joan Aiken
    Obernewtyn, Isobelle Carmody
    Dragonfly, Frederic S. Durbin
    Phylogenesis, Alan Dean Foster
    Exile, Anne Logston
    I Was a Rat!... or The Scarlet Slippers, Philip Pullman
    The Stone War, Madeleine E. Robins
    Aramaya, Jane Routley
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, J.K. Rowling
    The Fathergod Experiment, L.A. Taylor
    Otherland: Mountain of Black Glass, Tad Williams

    Short Reviews by Jonathan Strahan
    , Eric Brown
    The Engines of Dawn, Paul Cook
    Time Future, Maxine McArthur
    The Borders of Life, G.A. Kathryns
    Liquid Gold: Book 2 of the Mocklore Chronicles, Tansy Rayner Roberts
    The Prodigal Sun, Sean Williams & Shane Dix

    Locus Looks at Art Books: Reviews by Karen Haber
    Francis Bacon A Retrospective
    , Dennis Farr
    Maxfield Parrish 1870-1966, Sylvia Yount
    Soft as Steel, The Art of Julie Bell, Nigel Suckling
    Tibet: Through the Red Box, Peter Sis
    The Book of Sea Monsters, Bob Eggleton & Nigel Suckling

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