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2007 Monitor Archive


This page compiles selected classic and otherwise-notable SFFH works newly available in any edition, hardcover or paperback.

For recent books just reprinted in paperback, see New in Paperback.

These lists are compiled independently of Locus Magazine's Books Received listings; publishers may send review copies to the Locus Online address on this page.

Date with publisher info is official publication month;
Date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.


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Books seen September 2007 - January 2008
posted 4 February 2008

* Adams, John Joseph, ed. : Wastelands
(Night Shade Books 978-1-59780-105-8, $15.95, 333pp, trade paperback, February 2008, cover art Daniel Kvasznicza)

Anthology of 22 "stories of the apocalypse", all but one reprints; the original story is by Jerry Oltion.
• Older stories include Stephen King's "The End of the Whole Mess" (1986), Octavia E. Butler's "Speech Sounds" (1983, a Hugo Award winner), Orson Scott Card's "Salvage" (1986), George R.R. Martin's "Dark, Dark Were the Tunnels" (1973), and Neal Barrett, Jr.'s "Ginny Sweethips' Flying Circus" (1988). More recent stories are by Paolo Bacigalupi, M. Rickert, Cory Doctorow, Gene Wolfe, Carl Emshwiller, and Dale Bailey.
• The publisher's page for the book has a description and the complete table of contents.
• The Amazon page has posts from editor Adams linking to several reviews of the book. Adams provides a "further reading" bibliography of post-apocalyptic book titles, and his website provides all the story introductions and excerpts from several of the stories.
• The Publishers Weekly review calls it a "harrowing reprint anthology" of stories that "All depict unsettling societal, physical and psychological adaptations their authors postulate as necessary for survival after the end of the world."

(Wed 23 Jan 2008) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Aldiss, Brian, ed. : A Science Fiction Omnibus
(UK: Penguin Modern Classics 978-0-141-18892-8, £9.99, 12+578pp, trade paperback, November 2007)

New edition of Aldiss' 1973 anthology The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus (previously published as Penguin Science Fiction, 1961, More Penguin Science Fiction, 1963, and Yet More Penguin Science Fiction, 1964), replacing roughly half the original contents with newer stories.
• Retained are classics by Isaac Asimov ("Nightfall"), James Blish ("Common Time"), Aldiss himself ("Poor Little Warrior!"), Fredric Brown ("Answer"), etc. Additions include stories by Bruce Sterling ("Swarm"), Greg Bear ("Blood Music"), Ted Chiang ("Story of Your Life"), and John Crowley ("Great Work of Time")
• Aldiss provides a new introduction.
• Penguin's site has this description. The Amazon UK page for the book has its "search inside" function that includes the complete table of contents.

(Tue 20 Nov 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon • (Directory Entry)


Asimov, Isaac : Pebble in the Sky
(Tor 978-0-765-31912-8, $24.95, 255pp, hardcover, January 2008)

New hardcover edition of Asimov's first published novel, about a Chicago tailor transported to the far future, when Earth is a forgotten backwater of the Galactic Empire.
• Tor's site has this page for the book.
• Wikipedia has an extensive summary of the book.

(Wed 2 Jan 2008) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


* Brackett, Leigh : Lorelei of the Red Mist: Planetary Romances
(Haffner Press 978-1893887244, $40, 16+471pp, hardcover, January 2008, cover art Frank Kelly Freas)

Collection of 12 SF adventure stories, including the title story co-written with Ray Bradbury. It's a follow-up to the publisher's earlier Brackett collection Martian Quest: The Early Brackett.
• The book has a 1998 introduction by Ray Bradbury and a new introduction by Harry Turtledove, and concludes with an article by Brackett on "The Science-Fiction Field" from Writer's Digest in 1944.
• The publisher's site features the book with a description and complete list of stories.
Locus Magazine includes it among their February New and Notable Book: "Twelve classic SF adventure stories by the 'Queen of Space Opera' are collected here, along with an article on writing SF by Brackett. Includes an introduction and poem by Ray Bradbury, her collaborator on the title story."

(Tue 8 Jan 2008) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Cook, Glen : Chronicles of the Black Company
(Tor 978-0-765-31923-4, $15.95, 704pp, trade paperback, November 2007, cover art Raymond Swanland)

Omnibus of the first three novels in Cook's "Black Company" military fantasy series, first published as The Black Company (1984), Shadows Linger (1984), and The White Rose (1985).
• An omnibus of the same three novels was published by the Science Fiction Book Club as Annals of the Black Company in 1986.
• Tor's website has this page for the book, with a blurb by Steven Erikson.

(Wed 21 Nov 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


de Lint, Charles : The Ivory and the Horn
(Orb 978-0-765-31679-0, $14.95, 318pp, trade paperback, October 2007)

Collection of 15 urban fantasy stories set in the city of Newford, setting of later de Lint novels Someplace to Be Flying, Moonlight and Vines, and The Onion Girl.
• Tor's website has this description.
• The author's website has this page with the complete table of contents.
• The book was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award.

(Fri 12 Oct 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Gygax, Gary : The Anubis Murders
(Paizo/Planet Stories 9781601250421, $12.99, 207pp, trade paperback, October 2007, cover painting Andrew Hou)

Fantasy novel about an Egyptian wizard-priest, Inhetep, investigating a series of murders involving the Master of Jackals, Anubis.
• This was the first novel, published in 1992, by Gygax, co-creator of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.
• This book is the launch of Paizo's line of classic reprints udner the Planet Stories imprint. The publisher's site has this description with reader reviews, and a link to Ian Randal Strock's review at SF

(Fri 12 Oct 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Herbert, Frank : The White Plague
(Tor 978-0-765-31773-5, $14.95, 445pp, trade paperback, October 2007, cover art Stephen Youll)

Disaster novel about a plague, unleashed by a single person called the Madman, which kills almost all women around the world.
• Tor's website has this description.
• Wikipedia has a plot summary.

(Fri 30 Nov 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Kernaghan, Eileen : The Sarsen Witch
(Juno 978-0-8095-7157-4, $12.95, 234pp, trade paperback, December 2007, cover art Timothy Lantz)

Historical fantasy novel, first published by Ace in 1989, about a girl with the power of geomancy who's captured by horse-lords -- and the origin of Stonehenge.
• The book was a finalist for the 1990 Aurora Award; the author has won the award three times.
• The publisher's site has this description and an excerpt.
• Amazon's page has blog posts from the author.

(Fri 21 Dec 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Kurtz, Katherine : High Deryni
(Ace 978-0-441-01526-9, $24.95, 449pp, hardcover, December 2007, jacket illustration Matt Stawicki)

Revised and expanded edition of the third novel in the author's Deryni trilogy, following Deryni Rising and Deryni Checkmate.
• The author's FAQ page has advice on the order in which to read the Deryni novels.
• Wikipedia has a Deryni novels page with details of their publication and internal chronology.
• Amazon's page has its 'search inside' function with an excerpt.
• The Publishers Weekly review of this edition concludes "With a complicated cast and tension-reducing plot twists, this volume doesn't stand alone well, but series completists will be more than satisfied."

(Fri 7 Dec 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Lovecraft, H. P. : The Horror in the Museum
(Ballantine Del Rey 978-0-345-48572-4, $16.95, 21+453pp, trade paperback, September 2007, cover illustration John Jude Palencar)

Collection of 24 stories co-authored or revised by H.P. Lovecraft, including "The Mound", "The Trap", "The Electric Executioner", and "The Ghost-Eater".
• This edition includes, from the Arkham House hardover, S.T. Joshi's "A Note on the Texts" and August Derleth's "Lovecraft's 'Revisions'", and adds a new 2007 introduction by Stephen Jones and a three-page "Biographical Note" about Lovecraft.
• Del Rey's site has this brief description.
• Amazon's page has its "search inside" function with an excerpt.

(Wed 19 Sep 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Matheson, Richard : I Am Legend
(Tor 978-0-7653-5715-1, $7.99, 312pp, mass market paperback, November 2007)

Movie tie-in edition of Matheson's novel about a lone human survivor in a world where a mutant virus has turned most of the population into vampires; basis for the 2007 film starring Will Smith.
• This edition, like Tor's trade paperback edition, includes 10 short stories to supplement the title novel.
• Tor's website has this description with an excerpt.
• Amazon's "search inside" function includes the table of contents.

(Wed 21 Nov 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Moore, C. L. : Black God's Kiss
(Paizo/Planet Stories 978-1601250452, $12.99, 222pp, trade paperback, September 2007, cover painting Arnold Tsang)

Collection of six sword and sorcery stories, including the title story first published in Weird Tales in 1934 that introduced Moore's female s&s protagonist Jirel of Joiry.
• This is similar to the 1969 Paperback Library volume Jirel of Joiry but includes one additional story, "Quest of the Starstone", and an introduction by Suzy McKee Charnas.
• The publisher's site has this description with reader reviews, with a link to this review by Ryan Harvey for Black Gate magazine and an overview of the series by the same writer.

(Wed 21 Nov 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Peake, Mervyn : Gormenghast
(Overlook 9781585679454, $15.95, 14+409pp, trade paperback, October 2007)

Fantasy novel, second in the gothic fantasy "Gormenghast" trilogy following Titus Groan, about the heir to the House of Groan who lives in the gigantic castle called Gormenghast; with an introduction by Tad Williams.
• This edition follows Overlook's edition of Gormenghast published earlier in 2007.
• The official Mervyn Peake website has this page about the books with some of Peake's own illustrations.
• Overlook's website has this order page for this edition of the book; Overlook has previously published editions of all three volumes and of an omnibus of all three.
• The trilogy ranked #6 in a 1998 Locus Poll for all-time fantasy novel.

(Thu 15 Nov 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Powers, Tim : Earthquake Weather
(Orb 978-0-765-31822-0, $15.95, 414pp, trade paperback, November 2007)
(First edition: UK: Legend, July 1997)

Fantasy novel about the death of Scott Crane, Fisher King of the American West. It forms a loose trilogy with Powers' two prior novels, Last Call and Expiration Date.
• The book won the Locus Award for best fantasy novel of the year.
• Tor's site has this descripton.
• The Amazon page has its "search inside" function, including an excerpt.

(Wed 21 Nov 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


Wilson, Robert Charles : Darwinia
(Orb 978-0-765-31905-0, $14.95, 320pp, trade paperback, September 2007)
(First edition: Tor, June 1998)

Alternate world SF novel in which a "Miracle" in 1912 has replaced Europe with a wild continent dubbed Darwinia, concerning an explorer from a religiously fundamentalist America traveling to Darwinia to explore its mysteries.
• The book was a Hugo Award finalist, placed 2nd in that year's Locus Poll for Best SF Novel, and won the Aurora Award for best novel.
• Tor's site has this description and an excerpt.

(Thu 6 Sep 2007) • Purchase this book from Amazon | BookSense • (Directory Entry)


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