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Monday 19 December 2005

•   Feature Review:

Howard Waldrop & Lawrence Person review King Kong

There are scenes of wonder and beauty scattered all through this thing like nuts in a praline. Jackson's intelligence shows through all the time; he never lets you forget how big Kong is; he's breathing all the time, and it's like the steam from a laundry, or a locomotive idling.

Monday 12 December 2005

•   Feature Review:

Cynthia Ward reviews The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Despite my convulsive kneejerk reactions to every change, the LWW movie is, overall, a faithful adaptation. I don't love the movie adaptation of LWW. But I like it well, and I recommend it to viewers who can get past its iffy symbology of evil...

Monday 5 December 2005

•   Feature Review:

Myths and Misses — and One Hit
Claude Lalumière reviews three short books in a new series by contemporary writers on classic myths.

Karen Armstrong's essay A Short History of Myth is the series' de facto mission statement, contextualizing these new literary retellings within millennia of human history. ... Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad is great — easily one of the year's best books ...

Monday 21 November 2005

•   Feature Article:

Gary Westfahl on 2928 Ways to Define Science Fiction

How does someone define science fiction? Science Fiction Quotations: From the Inner Mind to the Outer Limits represents, I believe, the first example of a fourth method of defining science fiction — not with a representative collection of complete works of science fiction, but with a representative collection of brief excerpts from various texts.

Tuesday 18 October 2005

•   Feature Article:

Rich Horton asks, Who Were the Best Editors in SF?

There are many ways to answer that question, and many different answers. Here's one approach. "Which editors have won the most awards for their stories?" In a very rough way, it might be regarded as a barometer of editorial success.

Wednesday 12 October 2005

•   Special Feature: George R.R. Martin excerpt

Excerpt from George R.R. Martin's long-awaited novel A Feast for Crows, to be published November 8 by Bantam Spectra

Thursday 6 October 2005

•   Feature Review:

Cynthia Ward reviews the DVD of Battlestar Galactica: Season One


The show's biggest questions — about God, faith, the soul, and the nature of humanity — are asked by relatively few novels, and no other TV show. And as it incisively explores our most vital questions and concerns, Battlestar Galactica becomes not only the best SF TV show ever, but the best show on TV.

Monday 3 October 2005

•   Feature Reviews:

Gary Westfahl reviews Serenity


Manifestly, Joss Whedon loves Serenity — loves its universe, loves its people, loves its ambience. Manifestly, this movie emerged from an individual's love for the material, and not the calculations of a team of accountants regarding what elements were needed to generate the maximum amount of profit from an investment in filmmaking. And this raw, naked love, oozing out of the pores of every scene, simply overpowers the would-be critic.

Howard Waldrop and Lawrence Person review MirrorMask


The question of whether you should see MirrorMask is pretty easy to answer: How much do you want to spend an hour and 41 minutes inside Dave McKean's head? The film occurs in such a sumptuous, astonishing, jaw-dropping landscape, that quibbles about the plot (of which there are few) are almost besides the point.

Monday 26 September 2005

•   Feature Review:

Howard Waldrop & Lawrence Person review Corpse Bride

corpse bride

Wowee! The more you know about stop-motion animation, the more wonderful this film is. At the same time, someone knowing absolutely nothing about the form (and who probably thinks this was done with computers or something) will marvel at it anyway, and be taken in by the story.

Thursday 8 September 2005

•   Special Feature: Comments from the Polls

Voters in this year's Locus Poll and Survey and the special All-time Fantasy Story Poll were invited to add comments to their ballots. Here's what some of them said about the poll, about Locus, and about SF and fantasy in 2004.

Monday 29 August 2005

•   Feature Review:

Howard Waldrop & Lawrence Person review The Brothers Grimm


Terry Gilliam is a brilliant director, responsible for several excellent films. This is not one of them. It's not bad at all; it's just too long, too diffuse, and the great stuff makes you want it all to be great.

Monday 25 July 2005

•   Feature Review:

Howard Waldrop & Lawrence Person review Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Slightly split decision here. Howard thinks it's swell. Lawrence thinks it's swell unless you think about it...

Thursday 30 June 2005

•   Feature Review:

Gary Westfahl reviews War of the Worlds

war of the worlds

While it can be fittingly denigrated for innumerable flaws, War of the Worlds does not entirely disregard its masterful source material and fitfully offers tidbits for thought amidst its otherwise mindless thrills, traits that rarely distinguish the summer blockbusters lined up to herd each weekend's audience into theatres...

Tuesday 28 June 2005

•   Feature Review:

Rick Klaw Reads Two Books of Essays about SF


Even with minor flaws, Voices of Vision and Projections offer interesting insights into the minds of writers, artists, and editors of science fiction, fantasy, and comics.

Tuesday 14 June 2005

•   Feature Review:

Cynthia Ward reviews Howl's Moving Castle


An apotheosis of both Miyazaki's visionary prowess and steampunk design, Howl's moving castle is like no place in film — or prose fiction, until China Miéville overdoses on Russian fairy-tales and lapses into a fever dream.

Friday 20 May 2005

•   Feature Review:

Lawrence Person reviews Revenge of the Sith


Revenge of the Sith partially redeems having to sit through the first two movies to get here, but only partially. Ultimately, Anakin and Padme's love simply can't carry the gravitas necessary to drive the story of StarJesus turning into SpaceHitler.

Sunday 1 May 2005

•   Feature Review:

Gary Westfahl reviews The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Purists should be wary of overreacting to this film. It is disappointing, but not disastrous. Many of Adams's funniest lines and sequences have been retained and work very well, and some added visual elements are amusing ...

Friday 1 April 2005

•   Feature Report:

Charles Stross Attains Posthuman Status


At exactly 1:07 PM GMT on March 31, 2005, noted science fiction author Charles Stross ceased his existence as a baseline human being and entered an unknowable posthuman condition.

•   Feature Report:

12 Killed in SFWA Flamewar

The flamewar started innocuously enough in a SFWA Lounge thread on the percentage of reserves against returns on an author's royalty statements for media tie-in novels...

•   Feature Report:

Next Wave of Year's Best Anthologies Planned


Jonathan Strahan has the most ambitious expanded schedule. i-books will release 14 year's best anthologies from Strahan in 2006, not including...

•   Feature Report:

Bertelsmann Technology Press Release

Each book will have its own nanotech GPS unit. When the book leaves the territory where rights are held...

•   Feature Report:

Jonathan Lethem to Novelize Three Comics


"My typical protagonist has always been a conflicted youth, or developmentally arrested adult, and these three 'heroes,' if you will, offer me infinite opportunities to re-tread the same literary ground."

•   Feature Review:

DVD Review of The Star Wars Holiday Special (Platinum Edition) by Lawrence Person

The Star Wars Holiday Special is prima facia evidence that drug use in Hollywood had gotten out of hand by the late 1970s. "Bad" doesn't even begin to describe it. Nor "awful."

Tuesday 1 March 2005
Feature Essay:
Surprising Sci-Fi Soul Brothers: Robert A. Heinlein and Philip K. Dick by Gary Westfahl
When one considers the qualities that made those writers great, the qualities that distinguish the wondrous novels and stories written in the first two decades of their careers, one must conclude that they are, in fundamental ways, exactly the same sort of writer.

Feature Essay:
Surprised by Stross by Russell Letson
Charles Stross is no one-trick, post-human, deep-space, nanotech pony, but one of those writers whose fundamental gift seems to be the application of analytical intelligence to a body of story possibilities.

Monday 21 February 2005
Feature: John Joseph Adams Reviews Audiobooks
pratchett audio
From Locus Magazine's December issue, reviews of recorded fiction by Eric Garcia, Terry Pratchett, Orson Scott Card, Isaac Asimov, and others, with links to audio excerpts

Wednesday 2 February 2005
Feature Essay: Best of 2004 by Jeff VanderMeer
Jeff VanderMeer summarizes the year's achievements in SF and fantasy, highlighting books by Clare Dudman, Leena Krohn, China Miéville, David Mitchell, Philip Roth, Gene Wolfe, Brian Evenson, and others

Feature Essay: Best of 2004 by Claude Lalumière
Claude Lalumière summarizes the year's achievements in SF and fantasy, highlighting books by Lucius Shepard, Susanna Clarke, Robert Silverberg, Jan Lars Jensen, Robert Reed, and others

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