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30 September 2004




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New and Notable Books October 2004


Kage Baker, Mother Aegypt and Other Stories (Night Shade Books Jun 2004)

Baker’s lively style infuses this collection of 13 stories, including one new SF tale of The Company, and three fantasy stories set in the world of The Anvil of the World.

Jeffrey E. Barlough, Strange Cargo (Ace Aug 2004)

Victorian eccentrics, mammoths, lawyers, ghosts, and more mix in this magical alternate-world fantasy, the third in the ‘‘Western Lights’’ series set in a world where the Ice Age never ended.

Algis Budrys, ed., L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XX (Bridge/Galaxy Aug 2004)

The noted contest for new writers and artists celebrates its 20th anniversary with the latest annual anthology of winning stories illustrated by winning artists, plus commentary by noted names including Robert Silverberg, Vincent Di Fate, and Kevin J. Anderson.

Peter Crowther, Songs of Leaving (Subterranean Press Sep 2004)

Crowther, an author and editor best known for his work in dark fantasy and horror, shows off his SF side in this collection of 12 stories.

Charles de Lint, Medicine Road (Subterranean Press Jul 2004)

Charles de Lint (text) and Charles Vess (illustrations) team up again in this sequel to Seven Wild Sisters, as two of the Dillard sisters, twin musicians Laurel and Bess, encounter Native American spirits in the Southwest.

Gardner Dozois, Morning Child and Other Stories (ibooks Aug 2004)

Noted editor Dozois displays his own talents as a writer in this collection of ten stories (six previously collected in Geodesic Dreams).

Joe Haldeman, Camouflage (Ace Aug 2004)

An immortal creature learns what it means to be human in this evocative portrayal of the South Seas and the discovery of a mysterious underwater artifact, providing ‘‘a renewal and deepening of the classic invading monster tale.’’ [Damien Broderick]

M. John Harrison, The Course of the Heart (Night Shade Books Oct 2004)

Three college students perform a ritual none of them can remember, but which haunts their later lives in this powerful literary fantasy, a ‘‘dense, enigmatic, and astonishingly elegant novel...a seminal work of the last few decades of fantastic literature.’’ [Gary K. Wolfe] Originally published by Gollancz in 1992, now getting its long overdue first US edition.

M. John Harrison, Light (Bantam Spectra Aug 2004)

A powerful, demanding space opera that stretches the boundaries of SF. Just out in the US, this tied for the 2003 Tiptree award and remains eligible for the Hugo next year despite its 2002 UK publication.

Richard Hescox, The Deceiving Eye: The Art of Richard Hescox (Paper Tiger Jul 2004)

The latest sumptuous art book from Paper Tiger showcases Hescox’s Romantic/Neoclassic-influenced works, focusing primarily on cover illustrations and fine art paintings. Text by Randy M. Dannenfelser.

Rosemary Kirstein, The Language of Power (Ballantine Del Rey Sep 2004)

The steerswoman Rowan continues to seek answers about the wizards and their deadly magic – coming ever closer to the science-fictional truth in this involving fourth novel in an intriguing SF series.

Ursula K. Le Guin, Gifts (Harcourt Sep 2004)

Two youngsters decide not to use their families’ psychic gifts in a community where fear of such powers rules. A moving fantasy novel about power, humanity, and storytelling, packaged for young adults but worthwhile for all ages.

Lucius Shepard, Liar's House (Subterranean Press Aug 2004)

Shepard, one of the modern masters of the short form, returns to his popular world of the dragon Griaule for a new fantasy novella.

Robert Silverberg, Phases of the Moon: Stories from Six Decades (Subterranean Press Aug 2004)

Silverberg’s stellar SF career is surveyed in this collection of 23 stories – including two Hugo and four Nebula award winners – arranged chronologically with autobiographical introductions and story notes.

John C. Wright, The Last Guardian of Everness (Tor Aug 2004)

Wright won acclaim with his SF trilogy, ‘‘The Golden Age’’; now he turns to contemporary high fantasy – with a revisionist flair and touches of pastiche in this first book of ‘‘The War of the Dreaming’’. When Darkness and Light battle, humanity is threatened regardless who wins.

George Zebrowski, ed., Synergy SF: New Science Fiction (Five Star Sep 2004)

The noted SF anthology series of the late 1980s, dedicated to exploring what SF can aspire to, returns with this fifth volume of original works: two poems, two essays, an interview with Ray Bradbury, and eight stories by authors including Charles L. Harness, Eleanor Arnason, Damien Broderick, and Janeen Webb.


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