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Science, Fiction, and points in between

Wednesday 27 November 2002

§ In the wake of the huge bequest by Ruth Lilly to Poetry magazine a couple weeks ago, Los Angeles Times columnist Tim Rutten wonders why so many people want to write poetry when so few want to read it (a problem not unique to poetry).

Buried deep in the avalanche of stories about the magazine's good fortune, however, was a set of numbers that ought to arch the eyebrows of anybody who cares about culture generally and poetry in particular:

According to [Poetry editor Joseph] Parisi, Poetry receives 90,000 submissions from 45 countries each year.

Its total circulation per issue?

Just 10,000 copies.

In fact, despite all the international publicity generated by Lilly's bequest, the magazine reported that it had signed up only 165 new subscribers this past week.

Sunday 10 November 2002

§ Slate: NASA's research into don't-call-it-antigravity...

§ Nick Mamatas in the Village Voice: TransOrbital Incorporated's plans for exploring the Moon.

§ Salon: Did H.G. Wells plagiarize The Outline of History?

§ New York Times: Edgar Allan Poe anticipated modern cosmology.

§ Recommended blog: Chris Lawson's Frankenstein Journal, with entries like his 31 October description of the evolution of creationists...

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