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5 August 2002

  • Cadigan, Pat, Dervish is Digital (Tor, $12.95, July)
    SF novel about a detective, Konstantine (introduced in previous novel Tea from an Empty Cup), chasing a dangerous stalker through a deceptive Artificial Reality; a nourish, sometimes surreal, near-future SF mystery, according to Locus New & Notable Books (August 2001).
    • Placed 19th among SF novels in the 2002 Locus Poll.

  • Chambers, Stephen, Hope's End (Tor, $6.99, July)
    SF novel, the first by a University of Chicago sophomore, whose sequel Hope's War is about to be published by Tor in August 2002, about political conflict on a colony planet reduced to medieval technology, and invaded by aliens. It's an "angst-ridden tale of a young man's struggle to define his own life" according to the Publishers Weekly review.

  • Modesitt, L.E. Jr., The Octagonal Raven (Tor, $7.99, July)
    SF novel, far future adventure/thriller described by PW as "North by Northwest meets Logan's Run". Gerald Jonas reviewed it back in February 2001.

  • Nagata, Linda, Limit of Vision (Tor, $6.99, July)
    Near-future SF novel of out-of-control biotechnology. Locus's New & Notable Books for April 2001 said "Near-future SF novel of not-quite-nanotech LOVs, tiny mind-enhancing artificial life forms almost too small to see, that are accidentally released in a Vietnam river delta. The dangers and thrills of new scientific possibilities are breathtakingly evoked, along with poignant echoes of the Vietnam war."
    • Placed 21st among SF novels in the 2002 Locus Poll.

  • Resnick, Mike, The Outpost (Tor, $15.95, August)
    SF novel about a watering hole at the edge of the galaxy; "old-fashioned escapist fun" suggests a reader review on Amazon. Gerald Jonas in The New York Times did much like it, back in July 2001.

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