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31 July 2002




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Table of Contents

August 2002   Issue 499   Vol. 49 No. 2
35th Year of Publication   23-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and Interviews Design: Arnie Fenner

Main Stories
2002 Locus Awards Winners/9   Campbell/Sturgeon Awards/10
Liang to Lead New Diamond Book Division/10   Jarrold to Leave Earthlight/10
Paizo Acquires WotC Mags/10   Cash-Crunched Conglomerates/11

The Data File
Gaiman Launches Coraline/11   Amazon Adds .ca/11
New Galaxy for Hubbard/11   Card Celebrates Ender's 25th/11
Dracula Park Nixed/11   Tolkien Tidbits/72   King Korner/72
Potter Fake/72   Announcements/72   Awards News/73   Publishing News/73   Small-Press Publishing News/73   UK Bookstores Move/73   Jordan e-Promo/73

Art & (Kinuko Y.) Craft/4   Ted Chiang: Science, Language, and Magic/6

Locus Poll Results/40   Birthday Dinner & Party/48

Cons Down Under/46

Laurence M. Janifer/70   Contemplating My Own Knave by Spider Robinson/70
William A.S. Sarjeant/70   Roberto Drummond/70   Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch/70   Robert Randolph Medcalf, Jr./71   Rod Steiger/71

Magazines Received: June/50   Books Received: June/51   British Books: May/65   Bestsellers/68   Photo Listing/74   Index to Ads/74

Columns & Departments
People & Publishing/12   Editorial Matters/71

Locus Looks at Books

Short Fiction Reviews by Nick Gevers / 16
Sci Fiction 7/02; F&SF 8/02; Asimov's 7/02; Interzone 5/02; Realms of Fantasy 6/02; The Third Alternative Spring 02; The Infinite Matrix 6/02.

Short Fiction Reviews by Richard Horton / 17
Asimov's 8/02; Interzone 4/02; Realms of Fantasy 8/02; F&SF 8/02; Sci Fiction 7/10/02, 7/24/02; The Infinite Matrix 7/3/02; Future Orbits 6-7/02; Talebones Spring 02; Analog 9/02; 30th Anniversary DAW: Science Fiction, Elizabeth R. Wollheim & Sheila E. Gilbert, eds.; this a cat? ; Turbocharged Fortune Cookie #1; Rabid Transit.

Locus Looks at Books
Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 19
Year's Best Fantasy 2, David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer, eds.; The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifteenth Annual Collection, Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds.; Fantasy: The Best of 2001, Robert Silverberg & Karen Haber, eds.

British Future Fiction: Review by Gary K. Wolfe / 21

Reviews by Faren Miller / 23
The Retrieval Artist and Other Stories, Kristine Kathryn Rusch; Black Projects, White Knights: The Company Dossiers, Kage Baker; Lies and Ugliness, Brian Hodge; City of Saints and Madmen, Jeff VanderMeer; Report to the Men's Club and Other Stories, Carol Emshwiller; The Mount, Carol Emshwiller.
Reviews by Russell Letson/ 25
The Skinner, Neal Asher; The Sky So Big and Black, John Barnes; Dark as Day, Charles Sheffield.

Reviews by Edward Bryant / 27
Smoke Ghost and Other Apparitions, Fritz Leiber; The Red Church, Scott Nicholson; SHORT TAKES: In the Spirit, P.D. Cacek; A Donald Wandrei Miscellany, D.H. Olson, ed.; Cast in Dark Waters, Ed Gorman & Tom Piccirilli; Darkness, Darkness – Book One: Forever Twilight, Peter Crowther; Where the Southern Cross the Dog, Trey R. Barker.

Reviews by Nick Gevers / 29
The Scar, China Miéville; The Atrocity Archive, Charles Stross; Worlds That Weren't, Laura Anne Gilman, ed.

Reviews by Bill Sheehan / 33
From a Buick 8, Stephen King; Speaks the Nightbird, Robert McCammon; Coraline, Neil Gaiman; The Haunted Air, F. Paul Wilson.

Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman / 35
You've Got Murder, Donna Andrews; The Duke of Uranium, John Barnes; Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident, Eoin Colfer; Spirit of the Stone, Maggie Furey; Trapped, James Alan Gardner; Aphrodite's Passion, Julie Kenner; Never After, Rebecca Lickiss; Face the Fire, Nora Roberts; Between, Jean Thesman; Eternity Row, S.L. Viehl.

Divers Hands: Reviews by Alyx Dellamonica and Tim Pratt / 37
Trapped, James Alan Gardner; Ruled Britannia, Harry Turtledove; Alternate Generals II, Harry Turtledove, ed.; Wetware, Craig Nova; Dead Ground, Chris Amies.


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