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28 March 2002



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Table of Contents

April 2002   Issue 495   Vol. 48 No. 4
35th Year of Publication   23-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and Interior Color Design: Arnie Fenner

Main Stories
2001 Nebula Awards Final Ballot/9   2002 Williamson Lectureship/9
Asimov’s AIDS Death Revealed/10   2001 Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot/10
British Book Summary 2001/10

The Data File
Fahrenheit 451 in L.A./11   Specialty Bookstores in Trouble/11
2001 Phobos Awards/11   Worldcons Updates/11   SF/F 76 Top Ten/11
Time Tunnel Confusion/11   Announcements/11   Legal News/69
Awards News/69   Publishing News/69   Small-Press Publishing News/69
Online News/69   Financial News/69   International Rights/70   Other Rights/70
Other Media Received/70   Publications Received/70   Catalogs Received/71

Stephen Baxter: Alone in the Future/4   Barry Malzberg: Dismantling SF/6

International Reports
SF in Brazil/42   SF in the Czech Republic/43   SF in Cuba/44

Cherry Wilder/66   Cherry Wilder: An Appreciation by James Frenkel/66
Virginia Hamilton/66   Cassandra Rios/66   Dan Brennan/67
Mati Klarwein/67   Chuck Jones/67   Spike Milligan/67
Harry Nadler/67   Drew Christian Staffanson/67

Magazines Received: February/46   Books Received: February/47
British Books: January/62   Bestsellers/64   Photo Listing/78   Index to Ads/78

Columns & Departments
People & Publishing/12   Locus Letters/68   Editorial Matters/68

Locus Looks at Books

Short Fiction Reviews by Nick Gevers / 14
Asimov’s 3/02; Sci Fiction 3/02; F&SF 4/02; Interzone 1/02; The Third Alternative Winter ’02; Black Gate Winter ’02.

Short Fiction Reviews by Richard Horton / 15
The New Yorker 1/28/02; Interzone 12/01; Realms of Fantasy 4/02; Strange Horizons 2/04/02; Strange Horizons 2/11/02; F&SF 4/02; Redsine 1/02; Artemis Spring ’02; Sci Fiction 2/20/02; Sci Fiction 2/27/02; Weird Tales Spring ’02.

Locus Looks at Books
Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 17
The Birthday of the World and Other Stories, Ursula K. Le Guin; Orbis, Scott Mackay; The Consciousness Plague, Paul Levinson; One More for the Road, Ray Bradbury; The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fforde; Science Fiction, Canonization, Marginalization, and the Academy, Gary Westfahl & George Slusser, eds.

Reviews by Faren Miller / 21
The Birthday of the World and Other Stories, Ursula K. Le Guin; Ombria in Shadow, Patricia A. McKillip; The Visitor, Sheri S. Tepper; Jenna Starborn, Sharon Shinn; Just Like Beauty, Lisa Lerner.

Reviews by Edward Bryant / 23
Fearful Rock and Other Precarious Locales, Manly Wade Wellman; Dead Roses for a Blue Lady, Nancy A. Collins; SHORT TAKES: In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers, Caitlín R. Kiernan; Pansu, Poppy Z. Brite; Pie and Coffee in Hollywood, Ray Garton.
Reviews by Jonathan Strahan/ 27
Mars Probes, Peter Crowther, ed.; J.K. Potter’s Embrace the Mutation, William Schafer & Bill Sheehan, eds.; Science Fiction: The Best of 2001, Robert Silverberg & Karen Haber, eds.; SHORT TAKES: A Year in the Linear City, Paul Di Fillipo; Blood Follows, Steven Erikson.

Reviews by Nick Gevers / 31
Dark Ararat, Brian Stableford; Schild’s Ladder, Greg Egan; Bones of the World: Tales from Time’s End, Bruce Holland Rogers, ed.; The Longest Way Home, Robert Silverberg.

Reviews by Bill Sheehan/ 33
Everything’s Eventual, Stephen King; Valentine, Lucius Shepard; The Darkest Part of the Woods, Ramsey Campbell; Abu and the Seven Marvels, Richard Matheson.

Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman / 37
The Last Rune, Book Four: Blood of Mystery, Mark Anthony; Pandora’s Legions, Christopher Anvil; Water, Book One: Ascension, Kara Dalkey; The Lady of the Sorrows, Cecilia Dart-Thornton; The Skull of the World, Kate Forsyth; Drinking Midnight Wine, Simon R. Green; Living Dead in Dallas, Charlaine Harris; Technogenesis, Syne Mitchell; Fallen Host, Lyda Morehouse.

Divers Hands: Reviews by Alyx Dellamonica, Tim Pratt, and Jennifer A. Hall / 39
The Spirit of Thunder, Kurt R.A. Giambastiani; ...And the Angel with Television Eyes, John Shirley; Martyrs, Edo Van Belkom; The Rock Rats, Ben Bova.


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