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These are the ''Selected Books by Author'' from the December 2002 issue of Locus Magazine, resorted by month. See Locus for complete lists sorted by publisher. (Subscribe!) Abbreviations indicate

tpb=trade paperback;
otherwise mass-market pb, or we're not sure

otherwise novel

a=associational [non-sffh];
otherwise sf/fantasy

1st US editions (+) are books previously published in the UK or other countries; otherwise US and UK books listed as originals are 1st English language editions. Schedules are tentative and subject to change -- particularly in later months.

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Forthcoming Books: December 2002

US books | UK books | + 1st US editions

  • Barclay, James • Light Stealer(PS Publishing, hc/tpb)
  • Brackett, Leigh • Martian Quest: The Early Brackett(Haffner Press, cln, hc)
  • Brust, Steven • The Paths of the Dead(Tor, hc)
  • Dann, Jack, & Gardner Dozois, eds. • Beyond Flesh(Ace, anth)
  • Di Filippo, Paul • Little Doors(Four Walls Eight Windows, cln, hc)
  • Erikson, Steven • House of Chains(Transworld/Bantam UK, tpb)
  • Friesner, Esther • Death and the Librarian and Other Stories(Gale Group/Five Star, cln, hc)
  • Frost, Gregory • Fitcher's Brides(Tor, hc)
  • Furey, Maggie • The Eye of Eternity(Time Warner UK/Orbit, hc)
  • Gallagher, Stephen • White Bizango(PS Publishing, hc/tpb)
  • + Gemmell, David • Echoes of the Great Song(Ballantine Del Rey)
  • Gray, Julia • Alyssa's Ring(Time Warner UK/Orbit)
  • Green, Simon R. • Deathstalker Legacy(Orion/Gollancz, hc/tpb)
  • Haldeman, Joe • Guardian(Ace, hc)
  • Jakober, Marie • Only Call Us Faithful(Tor/Forge, hc)
  • Joyce, Graham • The Facts of Life(Orion/Gollancz, hc)
  • Kearney, Paul • Ships from the West(Orion/Gollancz, hc)
  • Lee, Tanith • Wolf Wing(Hodder Silver, tpb)
  • Marcellas, Dianna • The Sea Lark's Song(Tor, hc)
  • Marley, Louise • The Maquisarde(Ace, tpb)
  • McAllister, Angus • The Cyber Puppets(Big Engine, tpb)
  • McMullen, Sean • Voyage of the Shadowmoon(Tor, hc/tpb)
  • Miéville, China • The Tain(PS Publishing, hc/tpb)
  • Stableford, Brian • The Omega Expedition(Tor, hc)
  • Sterling, Bruce • Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years(Random House, hc)
  • Taylor, Lucy • Girl Under Glass(Silver Salamander Press, cln, hc)
  • Turtledove, Harry • Advance and Retreat(Baen, hc)
  • Walton, Jo • The Prize in the Game(Tor, hc)
  • Wurts, Janny • To Ride Hell's Chasm(HarperCollins/Voyager, hc/tpb)

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