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These are the ''Selected Books by Author'' from the March 2002 issue of Locus Magazine, plus a few others, resorted by month. See Locus for complete lists sorted by publisher. (Subscribe!) Abbreviations indicate

tpb=trade paperback;
otherwise mass-market pb, or we're not sure

otherwise novel

a=associational [non-sffh];
otherwise sf/fantasy

1st US editions (+) are books previously published in the UK or other countries; otherwise US and UK books listed as originals are 1st English language editions. Schedules are tentative and subject to change -- particularly in later months.

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Forthcoming Books: May 2002

US books | UK books | + 1st US editions

  • Adams, Douglas • The Salmon of Doubt(Macmillan UK, cln, hc)
  • Adams, Douglas • The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time(Random House/Harmony, cln, hc)
  • Aldiss, Brian • Super-State(Little Brown/Orbit, hc)
  • Anderson, Poul • Going for Infinity(Tor, cln, hc)
  • Anthony, Mark • Last Rune: Book Four: Blood of Mystery(Simon & Schuster/Earthlight, tpb)
  • Audley, Anselm • Inquisition(Simon & Schuster/Earthlight, tpb)
  • Aylett, Steve • The Velocity Gospel(Orion/Gollancz, tpb)
  • Barclay, James • Light Stealer(PS Publishing, hc/tpb)
  • Bray, Patricia • Devlin's Luck(Bantam Spectra)
  • Bujold, Lois McMaster • Diplomatic Immunity(Baen, hc)
  • + Calder, Richard • Frenzetta(Four Walls Eight Windows, tpb)
  • Crowther, Peter, ed. • Infinities(Orion/Gollancz, anth, hc)
  • Datlow, Ellen, & Terri Windling, eds. • The Green Man(Viking, anth, hc)
  • Douglass, Sara • The Crippled Angel(HarperCollins/Voyager, tpb)
  • + Douglass, Sara • Starman(Tor, hc)
  • + Egan, Greg • Schild's Ladder(HarperCollins/Eos, hc)
  • Gotlieb, Phyllis • Mindworlds(Tor, hc)
  • Jael • Perceptualistics(Paper Tiger, hc)
  • Lisle, Holly • The Memory of Fire(HarperCollins/Eos)
  • + McArthur, Maxine • Time Past(Warner Aspect)
  • + McAuley, Paul • Whole Wide World(Tor, hc)
  • Morehouse, Lyda • Fallen Host(Penguin/Roc)
  • Noon, Jeff • Falling out of Cars(Transworld/Doubleday UK, tpb)
  • Pelan, John, ed. • The Darker Side: Generations of Horror(Penguin/Roc, anth)
  • Pinto, Ricardo • The Standing Dead(Transworld/Bantam Press UK, hc)
  • Roberts, John Maddox • Hannibal's Children(Ace, hc)
  • Robinson, Kim Stanley • Vinland the Dream and Other Stories(HarperCollins/Voyager, cln)
  • Sawyer, Robert J. • Hominids(Tor, hc)
  • Schroeder, Karl • Permanence(Tor, hc)
  • Sturgeon, Theodore • Bright Segment: The Complete Short Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, Volume VIII(North Atlantic, cln, hc)
  • Vallejo, Boris, & Julie Bell • Twin Visions(Paper Tiger, hc)
  • Watson, Ian • The Great Escape(Golden Gryphon Press, cln, hc)
  • Weis, Margaret, ed. • A Quest-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic(Warner Aspect, anth, tpb)
  • Wollheim, Elizabeth R., & Sheila E. Gilbert, eds. • DAW 30th Anniversary Fantasy Anthology(DAW, anth, hc)
  • Wollheim, Elizabeth R., & Sheila E. Gilbert, eds. • DAW 30th Anniversary Science Fiction Anthology(DAW, anth, hc)

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