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19 October 2001

With the events of September 2001, and for other reasons, Locus Online acknowledges and apologizes for the lapse in coverage of online publications in recent weeks. We'll attempt to resume more substantial coverage shortly. For now...

New E-pubs

  • Fantastic Metropolis: Like No Place Else is Gabe Chouinard's new SF web portal devoted to literary SF, with essays, reviews, fiction, interviews, etc.
  • PDF magazine The Spook has a special New York 911 issue, as well as the scheduled September issue, with short fiction by Damon Knight, John Shirley, and others.
  • has recently published Suzy McKee Charnas's Music of the Night, as well as definite editions of John Crowley's Ægypt and Love & Sleep. And don't miss Lucius Shepard's movie reviews.
  • Future Orbits is a new bimonthly digital science fiction magazine published in various e-book formats, and distributed via email; the premiere issue is available for free.
  • Gothic.Net is a new, subscription-based horror "premium fiction service".
  • The Zone is a new webzine -- "the last word in science fiction magazines online" -- with interviews, reviews, essays, etc.
  • A new short story about prejudice and the afterlife by Thomas M. Disch, After Postville, is on the New York Press website.
  • RevolutionSF is now publishing fiction, by Joe R. Lansdale and Michael Moorcock.
  • Scifi Dimensions has posted a streaming audio interview SFWA President Norman Spinrad, conducted recently in his home in Paris, France.
  • The old LineOne site has been taken over by the Tiscali group; the new SF/Fantasy Zone site is now at this link.
  • offers free weekly email on a range of topics, including science fiction.
  • Cool Beans World is a subscription-based online comics site.
  • Periodicals

    The following sites have recently posted updates:

  • Ansible
  • Best SF
  • Dotty's Dimensions
  • Emerald City
  • EOTU Ezine
  • The Eternal Night
  • Fantastica Daily
  • Lumi Virtuale
  • Quantum Muse
  • SFcrowsnest
  • SFRevu
  • SF Site
  • SF Weekly
  • Strange Horizons
  • Tangent Online

  • August E-publications

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