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17 - 19 August 2001

New E-zines

§ Infinite Matrix
This ambitious webzine, "a journal for people who love science fiction as a literature of ideas", edited by Eileen Gunn and scheduled to debut in late 2000, lost its funding and never appeared as scheduled. Its first (and only) issue has now been posted, with an impressive line-up:

This is not an open market, but if some investor is interested in funding it, Eileen Gunn would be happy to discuss the possibility.

§ RevolutionSF
This is "an online daily magazine and community dedicated to celebrating the best in science fiction, fantasy, comics, anime, and gaming", founded by producer Shane Ivey (formerly of with a passel of contributing editors and columnists, including Paul T. Riddell, Amy H. Sturgis, Rick Klaw, and Peggy Hailey. They'll be running fiction, too, starting in October.

There are sections on news, humor, books, comics, movies, TV, gaming, anime, etc., with book reviews by Michael Moorcock (such as this review of Perdido Street Station), Rick Klaw, and others. News coverage includes lots of media rumors, but there are occasional literary items, too, often given irreverent spins, like the item about the World Fantasy Awards nominations. There doesn't seem to be a links section, but then we already have's (see below).

§ The second issue of The Spook, a downloadable PDF publication, has fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, Jack Ketchum, Norman Partridge, and Dominick Cancilla; interview with Poppy Z. Brite; etc.

The Usual E-zines

§ Recent highlights at Science Fiction Weekly:

§ Highlights at SF Site...

  • Nick Gevers debuts a new short fiction review column, Short Fiction Focus, with brief reviews of highlights from each month's worth of current SF magazines
  • Gevers also reviews Gardner Dozois's latest Year's Best SF anthology
  • The early August issue has a column on audio SF by Scott Danielson; an interview with Paul Kearney; a lengthy Dislocated Fictions column by Gabriel Chouinard about Jonathan Carroll and much else; and reviews of books by Reynolds, Carey, Bujold, etc.

§ Recent original fiction at Sci Fiction:

§ Highlights at Strange Horizons:

  • An interview with Andy Duncan
  • An interview with Thomas M. Disch
  • Other Thomas M. Disch features include a set of Sermonettes from his weekly radio commentaries on WNYC in New York City from 1999-2000; reprint short story Understanding Human Behavior and a couple poems; and a review of two of his novels
  • Recent original fiction is by M.L. Konett, Connie Wilkins, and Beth Bernobich; and poems by Michael Chant, Margaret B. Simon
  • An editorial about horror and why the editors aren't interested in it

§ Short fiction review-zine Tangent Online is doing a commendable job lately of keeping up with current magazines: recent posts include reviews of the October Analog, the September Asimov's, Spectrum SF #6, Black Gate #2, and the Konett and Wilkins stories from Strange Horizons.

§ Speaking of short fiction reviews, Mark Watson's Best SF is almost as up-to-date, though he can't cover quite as much as Tangent Online does all by himself -- yet he also reviews occasional reprint anthologies and collections. He also has an ambitious Gateway, an index of short works online, in places such as Sci Fiction, Infinity Plus, and

§ David Langford's Ansible for August includes Diana Wynne Jones insights into the World Fantasy Award judging process; Michael Swanwick's claiming of the title "The Eye of Argon"; more Brian Aldiss rehashing of his A.I. involvement; the usual Random Fandom, Outraged Letters, and Thog's Masterclass sections; and much else.

§ Fantastica Daily's extensive daily postings include recently a review of new writer Stephen Chamber's novel Hope's End; a pan review of Paul J. McAuley's The Secret of Life, plus comments on current movies, movie reviews, comments on others' books reviews, comments on bestseller lists, etc.

§ Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City for July includes a lengthy report from the recent 2001: A Celebration of British SF conference in Liverpool.

§ Regular columnists at The Alien Online (formerly At the World's End, as says the title bar of the News section) include Justina Robson, Tom Arden, Adam Roberts, and Jeff VanderMeer with the latest incarnation of his column Adventures in the Ink Trade. VanderMeer's first installment is an intereview with four students from the recently completed Clarion West.

§ August fiction at The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fiction Web Site includes works by Brian A. Hopkins and Bradley H. Sinor, and sample chapters by James Musgrave and Tom E. Sechrist Jr.

§ The Sci-Fi Issue of EOTU Ezine has poetry by Bruce Boston and Margaret B. Simon; fiction by James S. Dorr, Paula Light, and others.

§ Electric Wine has posted its August/September issue, with a novella by Joel Best, other fiction and poetry by Gerald W. Page, James Rasmussen, Bruce Boston, and others.

§ Chiaroscuro has posted its July/September issue, with fiction by Elizabeth Massie, Scott Nicholson, and Ursula Pflug; poetry by David Niall Wilson, Keith Allen Daniels, and others; and an article by Wilson, "Mourning the Death of Poetry, Long Live Poetry!"

§ Quantum Muse for August has an interview with Elizabeth Moon, fiction by Don B Bentley, Alissa Grosso, Gary Allen, and others.

§ Strange Words Issue 36, July 2001, is subtitled "New Wave", with reviews of iconic '60s works by Aldiss, Ballard, and Moorcock, and a reading list.

The Not-So-Usual E-zines

§ The 16th issue of Romanian e-zine Lumi Virtuale has the theme "deuSEXmachina" (with a provocative cover photograph) and includes, in the English-language section, works by Costi Gurgu, Michael Haulica, Adriana Mosoiu, and Florin Pitea -- the last, an article called "Representations of Cyberspace in Postmodern Literature".

§ The TTA website (associated with The Third Alternative magazine) has launched 35 message boards, including boards for individual luminataries from Marion Arnott and Gabe Chouinard to Ellen Datlow and Peter Straub.


§ Time Warner Audiobooks has published audiobook editions of two novels by Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash and The Diamond Age, in both abridged and unabridged audiobook casette editions. They're available from the usual sources -- Amazon,,, etc.; TW even provides a Where to Buy SF & Fantasy page for other sources.

§ In July Electric Story published a new edition of Suzy McKee Charnas's 1980 novel The Vampire Tapestry (incorporating 1981 Nebula novella winner "Unicorn Tapestry").

§ has acquired electronic rights to several works by Ursula K. Le Guin. The first story, already released, is “The Poacher”; on August 20th “The New Atlantis” (Locus Poll Award Winner, Hugo Award Nominee, Nebula Award® Nominee) and “The Day Before the Revolution” (Nebula Award® Winner, Locus Poll Award Winner, Hugo Award Nominee) will be released. Additional information:

Earlier in the month Fictionwise released Robert A. Heinlein's 1956 Hugo-winning novel Double Star as an e-book.


§ Bram Stoker Award winner Michael Arnzen has launched an experimental dark poetry server named GORELETS; Gorelets are short horror poems designed for reading on PDAs. You can synch up your Palm Pilot, or read the archive on the website, for a user-determined donation.

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