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Friday 20 July 2001


§ SF Site for mid-July has

  • A Gormenghast give-away contest;
  • Nick Gevers review of Asimov's June 2001;
  • Reviews of books by Miéville, Williams, Byrne, Cadigan, Lee & Miller, and others;
  • "Second Looks" reviews of books by Tepper, Heinlein, Engh, and Boyett;
  • Gabriel Chouinard's Dislocated Fictions column, which interviews Del Rey editor Kuo-Yu Liang

§ Sci Fiction:

§ Science Fiction Weekly this week:

  • John Clute's Excessive Candour column about William Tenn's collection short fiction Immodest Proposals
  • A review by Kathie Huddleston of The Mists of Avalon: B.

New E-zine

§ Future Orbits, Short Science Fiction for the Digital World is a new bimonthly digital science fiction magazine published in major electronic book formats and distributed via email, with a premiere issue scheduled for release this Fall (2001). See site for submission guidelines.

Monday 16 July 2001


§ SF Site for early July announces its addition of Michael Swanwick's official site, with news, fiction, a bibliography, links, etc. Also:

§ Science Fiction Weekly has recently posted:

  • Wil McCarthy's Lab Notes column about the state of real artificial intelligence and computer technology.
  • Mark Wilson's reviews Peter Crowther's Futures -- the four-novella volumn that includes Ian McDonald's Sturgeon-winner "Tendeléo's Story" -- and Paul Di Filippo reviews Starlight 3
  • Michael Cassutt follows up on his The Sci in Sci-Fi column and responses to it

§ Sci Fiction:

§ Strange Horizons:

§ Made In Canada Newsletter has a Guest Editorial by Campbell Award finalist Douglas Smith.


(Note: "Mezine" is Slate term for political journalists' personal websites, often containing links or quotations but otherwise entirely written by their publishers.)

§ David Langford's Ansible 168, July 2001 includes

  • A scandalously incorrect Sunday Times article about Douglas Adams
  • Maureen Kincaid Speller's report from "2001: A Celebration of British SF", held last month in Liverpool [Gary K. Wolfe's report will appear in the August issue of Locus Magazine]
  • A "Thog's Masterclass" entry from Locus's own Edward Bryant

§ Mervius's Fantastica Daily has

§ Lisa DuMond's MEviews has been updated with lots of new reviews.

June E-publications

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