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Saturday 30 June 2001


§ The Spook, a new online horror magazine, debuted in mid-June in downloadable Adobe Reader format. The first issue includes fiction by Poppy Z. Brite and Ramsey Campbell and interviews with Neil Gaiman, Linda Blair and Jonathan Carroll.

§ Strange Horizons for June 25 has an article by Lady Laura Jayne Hawke about the reality of 2001 and fiction by James Allison; also recently, an introduction to H.P. Lovecraft by Mack Knopf and an interview with Jeanne Cavelos.

§ Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City Issue 70 includes reviews of Neil Gaiman, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Kathleen Ann Goonan, and others.

News, Book Reviews, Interviews

§ E-mail newsletter Hellnotes (subscribe here) for June 22 and June 29 has a two-part interview with Peter Cannon, SFFH Forecasts Editor for Publishers Weekly, who describes PW's review practices...

...[I]n recent months PW has been instituting a new policy emphasizing the commercial potential in its reviews. Reviewers are supposed not only to assess quality but to give some idea how well a given book will sell, more in line with film reviews in Variety. For example, if a book is getting a big publicity and promotion campaign, this is something to mention in the review, often in a brief "Forecast" that runs after the main text.

§ Science Fiction Weekly has recently posted:

Delany: Well, I like teaching. Watching ignorance self-destruct is a joy. And when I can see ignorance being displaced by some kind of knowledge and to suspect that I had a slight hand in it, showing them how to nudge some of the incorrect notions out of the places they've gotten mired in so better notions can come in and sit there, that's always a very rewarding thing to be involved in.

§ SF Site also has an interview with Samuel R. Delany, with Jayme Lynn Blaschke, about Dhalgren, mid-list problems, race and sexuality, the episode of Deep Space Nine he never saw, what he knows now that he didn't 30 years ago; and oh yes, what about that sequel to Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand?

I have real hopes of getting back to it someday -- though, no, currently it's not on the front burner.
Also, the latest Dislocated Fictions column -- "dedicated to exposing the risk-takers working in SF and fantasy" -- by Gabriel Chouinard.

§ UK publisher Orbit offers a free e-mail newsletter containing new releases, news, features, competitions and an exclusive interview in each issue.

Short Fiction Reviews

§ Tangent Online has come back up to full speed lately. The recently redesigned site requests a modest $2 annual subscription (payable via, which gives you access to the latest reviews. Recently posted: reviews of The Spook, August issues of F&SF and Realms of Fantasy. (The item that prompted Scott Edelman's editorial above is this review of Tangent Online by Paul Di Filippo.)

§ Also keeping up-to-date, with fannish enthusiasm, is Mark Watson's Best SF (which also has a directory of links of fiction available online), with recent reviews of the April, May, and June issues of F&SF, and of the July/August Analog.

§ SF Site's short fiction coverage is spottier, but notable recent installments by notable reviewer Nick Gevers are of F&SF May and of Asimov's April.


§ Ellen Datlow's Sci Fiction has recently posted

§ has released several Isaac Asimov stories in e-book format: "Robot Dreams", "Cleon the Emperor", and "Potential".

§ Infinity Plus has an original story by Adam Roberts (author of On), called Balancing; a new Punktown story by Jeffrey Thomas, The Hate Machine; and an excerpt from Alastair Reynolds's new novel Chasm City.

§ Paul McAuley's website has the first English-language publication of Searching for Van Gogh at the End of the World, first published in the French anthology Destination 3001.

§ AntipodeanSF, the Australian "flash" SF magazine of short-shorts, has released its 40th anniversary issue, including one in mp3 format.

§ The Gambeson Media Network is an online publication "offering writers the ability to get their stories/articles published for free complete with photo or graphic within minutes of joining the network, which is also free".

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