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Saturday 19 May 2001


§ The opening of Jonathan Lethem's new novella-length This Shape We're In (McSweeney's) is posted on the McSweeney's website.

§ Strange Horizons this week has conclusion of a novella by K. Mark Hoover; plus an interview with Tad Williams. Also posted recently, Carol Emshwiller's 1987 story The Circular Library of Stones, a reprinted review by Ursula K. Le Guin of an Emshwiller novel, and Real World Linguistics 101 by Suzette Haden Elgin.

§ Sci Fiction's classic story posts include Fredric Brown's The Hat Trick this week, and Harry Harrison's By the Falls last week.

§ Swedish writer A.R. Yngve has been publishing novels as weekly online serials since 1999; his website also includes this comic strip adaptation of a short story by Norman Spinrad.


§ The Mid-May issue of SF Site has an interview with John Clute and a review of his new novel Appleseed; an interview with Tom Arden; acerbic short fiction reviews by Nick Gevers of the April Asimov's and the May F&SF; and lots of book reviews, including reviews of small press works by Stepan Chapman and Bruce Boston.

§ This week's Science Fiction Weekly has reviews of new books by Pamela Sargent and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Adam-Troy Castro's look at a classic by Harry Harrison.

§ Fans of Gene Wolfe and John Crowley should check out Sirius Fiction, publisher of several recent chapbooks [see June issue Locus Magazine Books Received listings] about those writers, some of which content is available on the web, like this Cave Canem Entrance, Robert Borski's website dedicated to Wolfe's The Fifth Head of Cerberus, with concordance, essays, maps, etc.

§ Subscribers to the Del Rey Internet Newsletter recently received a special DRIN 100A, with exclusive comments from Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Terry Brooks, Stephen Baxter, and others about current and future technology.

Wednesday 9 May 2001

§ 13th is hosting a collaborative fiction round robin, from April 25 through June 8, with Poppy Z. Brite, who started the story; users can contribute succeeding chapters or rate the existing contributions.

§ Science Fiction Weekly this week has a Wil McCarthy column about space tourism; a review of Connie Willis's new novel (by Tasha Robinson, who also did a review for The Onion A.V. Club); an interview with Willis by Dorman T. Shindler (who also interviewed her for the Denver Post); and more. Also recently, editor Scott Edelman's report on Nebula Awards weekend:

There was much talk over the weekend about the current state and future prospects of science fiction. Consider the weekend to be a sort of state of the union address, except rather than being given in a single voice by a lone president, it was made up of hundreds of voices--publishers, editors, agents and writers--all blending in what to an outsider might appear to be a cacophony, but which to those of us on the inside was clearly perceived as harmony, however ragged. We honored our legends, Sheckley and Farmer, and rewarded the staggering individual achievement of newer writers. Science fiction is still strong, and will endure.
Earlier: Jeff Berkwits's interview with Algis Budrys.

§ Sci Fiction has posted the first of a four-part novella by Ian R. MacLeod, New Light on the Drake Equation; and classic story By the Falls by Harry Harrison.

§ Ansible 166, May 2001 includes some pointed criticism of SFWA's award of "Author Emeritus" to Robert Sheckley:

Lawrence Watt-Evans (not officially speaking for SFWA) clarified: `It isn't an award. Or at least it wasn't meant to be. The idea was to find someone who had been prominent in the field once but is no longer, and let him know that he isn't forgotten. It wasn't meant to be a second-string award for people not good enough to be Grand Masters; I think most of us would consider that tacky, to say the least. Robert Sheckley is absolutely and unquestionably a completely inappropriate choice. Many of us in SFWA know this and are severely unhappy at his selection.'
--as well as Thog's Masterclass entries from, among others, a certain recent Nebula Award winner. And oh by the way, David Langford's Hugo-nominated "Different Kinds of Darkness" is available online here.

§ "Bookseller's Nightmare" is an essay by Lawrence Schimel about the difficulties of shelving genre books...

§ The Spring 2001 issue of Phantastes: The Online Journal of Fantasy Criticism includes an interview with Sharon Green, and essays by K.V. Johansen, Aaron Emmel, Marissa K. Lingen, and Kurt Henry.

§ Here's a "hyper modern deformation of a conventional cyberpunk story for visible-humans" by Kenji Siratori, called "Aidos", available in Acrobat/eBook reader PDF for $1:

§ GateWay S-F Magazine is a new publication, both in print and online, of hard SF with Christian/religion themes.

§ Ursula K. Le Guin's March radio interview on Los Angeles station KCRW can be heard here.

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