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This page lists all new SFFH magazines seen by Locus Online, either subscribed to or received for review.

Date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

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New SF, Fantasy, and Horror magazines seen in November

Analog Science Fiction and Fact -- Vol. 122 No. 1, January 2002, $3.50/C$4.95, 144pp, cover art by Vincent DiFate, cover design by Victoria Green.
SF magazine, published 11 times per year, edited by Stanley Schmidt. This issue begins a 4-part serial by Robert J. Sawyer, "Hominids". Other fiction consists of novelettes by James Van Pelt and Melissa Lee Shaw; short stories by Brenda Cooper & Larry Niven and Rosemary Claire Smith; and a Probability Zero vignette by Alan L. Lickiss. The science fact article, about programmable matter, is by Wil McCarthy. Jeffery D. Kooistra's "The Alternate View" column gives background to his novel Dykstra's War. Features include books reviews, an editorial, an obituary of Poul Anderson, letters, a 2001 index, and a ballot for the next AnLab. (website) (Tue 13 Nov 2001)

Asimov's Science Fiction -- Vol. 26 No. 1 (whole #312) , January 2002, $3.50/C$4.95, 144pp, cover art by Mark Garlick.
SF magazine published 11 times per year, edited by Gardner Dozois. This issue is half given over to the conclusion of Robert Silverberg's serial "The Longest Way Home" (to be published in hardcover next July by Eos). There are also novelettes by Robert Reed and Esther M. Friesner; short stories by Daniel Abraham, James Van Pelt, and Steven Utley; poems by Keith Allen Daniels, Laurel Winter, and G.O. Clark. Departments include Robert Silverberg's Reflections on the death of Poul Anderson (an essay excerpted in Locus), book reviews by Peter Heck, and a 2001 index. (website) (Fri 9 Nov 2001)

Cemetery Dance -- Issue 35, ©2001, $4.00, 92pp, cover art by Alan M. Clark.
Bimonthly, semiprofessional magazine of dark mystery, suspense, and horror, published and edited by Richard Chizmar. This issue has fiction by Simon Clark, Al Sarrantonio, Judi Rohrig, Darrell Schweitzer, Julie R. Good, and David B. Silva. Features include interviews with Simon Clark and Peter Straub; nonfiction and departments include an article on TTA Press by Wayne Edwards, a Writer's Forum (with responses to various questions from Peter Straub, Douglas Clegg, and others) by Hank Wagner, film reviews by Michael Marano, book reviews by Paula Guran, CD reviews by various, a column by Charles L. Grant, and a Stephen King news column by Bev Vincent. (Late listing; appeared in August.) (website) (Thu 1 Nov 2001)

The Fix -- Issue 2, ©2001, £2.50/$5, 31pp, cover art by Nigel Potter.
Second issue, first seen, of a new short fiction review 'zine. There are reviews of 23 different magazines, including Interzone, F&SF, Realms of Fantasy, and Weird Tales (though not Analog or Asimov's), but mostly of small-press 'zines from Absolute Magnitude and The Affectionate Punch to Peep Show and Psychotrope. Reviewers include Antony Mann, Peter Tennant, Todd Mason. Features include an interview with Ellen Datlow, and a list of Tim Lebbon's Top Ten stories of all time. Edited by Andy Cox and published in association with The Third Alternative (see below). (website) (Fri 9 Nov 2001)

Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts -- Vol. 12 No. 1 (whole #45) , ©2001, $6.50, 143pp.
Quarterly academic journal, edited by W.A. Senior. This issue includes an essay on Arthur Schnitzler's novella that inspired Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut by Edith Borchartdt; another essay with a film tie-in, to Neil Jordan's The Company of Wolves, by Sara Martin; a long piece on the "monomyth" by Donald Palumbo; and other essays by Dean Swinford and Jeffrey Weinstock. Plus, reviews by John Clute, Neal Gerlach, Virginia Harger-Grinling, etc. And an index to Volume 11. (website) (Mon 26 Nov 2001)

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet -- Issue 9, November 2001, $4.00, 40pp.
Twice-year small press magazine of fiction and poetry, published and edited by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link. This issue has fiction by Eliot Fintushel, Locus editorial assistant Tim Pratt, Mark Rich, Beth Adele Long, Gay Partington Terry, Leslie What, Amy Beth Forbes, and Barbara Gilly; poetry by Christopher Rowe, Mark Rudolph, Darrell Schweitzer, and Theodora Goss. Nonfictions include an essay by L. Timmel Duchamp on two early stories of Carol Emshwiller; 'zine, and film reviews. (website) (Tue 13 Nov 2001)

The Leading Edge -- Issue 42, October 2001, $4.95, 124pp, cover art by Eric Omvedt.
Semi-annual semi-prozine published at Brigham Young University in Utah, with fiction by Linda Wood, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Chris Turner, Ron Collins, and A.B. Ming (Patricia S. Bowne); poetry by Dan Crawford and Barbara Johnson-Haddad. There's also a nonfiction essay by Jennifer Kelso Farrell about protocols for reading SF; editorials; books reviews; and an interview with Harry Turtledove. (website) (Tue 13 Nov 2001)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction -- Vol. 102 No. 1 (whole #602) , January 2002, $3.50/C$4.99, 162pp, cover art by Kent Bash.
SF/fantasy magazine, published 11 times per year, edited by Gordon Van Gelder. The lead story by Harlan Ellison, "Never Send to Know for Whom the Lettuce Wilts", is an expansion of an early story from 1956; it also just appeared in Ellison's new collection Troublemakers. Other short stories are by Gene Wolfe, James Stoddard, and Paul Park; novelets are by Lawrence C. Connelly and R. Garcia y Robertson. The science column, by Gregory Benford and Elisabeth Malartre, is about cyborgs. Departments include book reviews by Charles de Lint and James Sallis; films reviews by Kathi Maio, a Curiosities feature by Stefan Dziemianowicz, and an editorial about 9/11. (website) (Mon 19 Nov 2001)

The New York Review of Science Fiction -- Issue 159, Vol. 14 No. 3, November 2001, $3.50, 24pp.
This Special Evolutionary Leap issue has essays by Russell Blackford about Arthur C. Clarke, Michael Bishop about Gardner Dozois, and Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz about Mexican SF. Matthew Appleton comments on this year's controversial Hugo results, and there are reviews of books by Dozois, Rucker, Baxter, MacLeod, and others, by Allison, Hameon, Hassler, Smith, etc.

This issue is accompanied by a separate 44-page supplement about 9/11, with reports and essays from Ellen Datlow, Kathryn Cramer, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, , Alice Turner, Zoran Zivkovic, Jack Womack, Marleen Barr, and many others. (It's separately priced at $5 a copy.) (website) (Tue 13 Nov 2001)

Once Upon a World -- Issue 10, 2001, 90pp, cover art by Hans P. Werner.
Amateur, spiral-bound 8.5x11" magazine of fiction, poetry, art, and book reviews, edited and published by Emily Alward (PMB 111, 1631 W. Craig Rd. #9, N. Las Vegas NV 89032). This issue has fiction by C.B. Thatcher, Dana Biscotti Myskowski, Judith Boyer, and others; poetry by Joanne Tolson, Mark Scott Bagula, Craig Szwed, etc. There is an editorial, and book reviews, by the editor. No price indicated. (No website) (Sat 3 Nov 2001)

Realms of Fantasy -- Vol. 8 No. 3, February 2002, $3.99/C$5.99, 98pp.
Bimonthly fantasy magazine, edited by Shawna McCarthy. This issue has fiction by Steven Popkes, Paul Melko, Jane Yolen, Lillian Stewart Carl, Catherine Wells, and Brian Plante. The cover feature, on The Lord of the Rings, is by Resa Nelson. Other departments include a Folkroots column by Heinz Insu Fenkl, book reviews by Gahan Wilson and Paul Di Filippo, game reviews by Eric T. Baker, and Karen Haber's Gallery of art by Donato. (No website) (Wed 21 Nov 2001)

Space and Time -- Issue 94, Fall 2001, $5.00/C$6.50, 48pp, cover art by Colleen Crary.
Semi-annual small-press "magazine of fantasy, horror, and science-fiction", edited by Gordon Linzner. This issue has an interview with James Morrow; fiction by Scott D. Pomfret, Pamela Troy, Marshall Moore, etc.; poetry by Ann K. Schwader, Bruce Boston, Joseph R. Quinlan, etc. Late listing: received by Locus in June; available at Borders. (website) (Fri 9 Nov 2001)

Spectrum SF -- Issue 7, November 2001, £3.99, 192pp, cover art by Fred Gambino.
Quarterly SF magazine published in the UK, edited by Paul Fraser. This issue expands in size (1/5 more pages) and distribution, via Central Books Ltd. Fiction consists of the first half of a serial by Charles Stross, "The Atrocity Archive" (an 80-page chunk); a novelette by Eric Brown; and short stories by Mary Soon Lee, Josh Lacey, and David Redd. Nonfiction includes an editorial by Fraser, Letters, and The Archive, brief descriptions/reviews by Fraser of current books, magazines, and online fiction (much like David Pringle's Books Received column in Interzone, and Locus Online's New-in-Print book and magazine listings. (website) (Sat 24 Nov 2001)

Star*Line -- Issue 24.5, September/October 2001, $3.00, 22pp, cover art by Tippi Blevins.
Bimonthly journal of the SF Poetry Association, edited by David C. Kopaska-Merkel. This issue has poetry by Ruth Berman, G.O. Clark, Ann K. Schwader, Denise Dumars, Sandra Lindow, and others; plus small press reviews, market news, etc. (website) (Mon 5 Nov 2001)

The Third Alternative -- Issue 28, Autumn 2001, £3.75/$6, 66pp, cover art by Shannon Hourigan.
UK semiprozine of "extraordinary fiction, film, and art", edited by Andy Cox, now with issue dating. This issue has stories by Tim Lees, Martin Simpson, the prolific James Van Pelt, Pras Stillman, Ryan Van Cleave, the prolific Alexander Glass, and Douglas Smith. There's also an interview with Graham Joyce, a film column by Christopher Fowler, an article on the films of Tim Burton, a commentary by Allen Ashley, and numerous book reviews by Peter Tennant, Sarah Singleton, Andrew Hook, Ceri Jordan, and others. (website) (Fri 9 Nov 2001)

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