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From the May 2001 Locus

Terry Bisson, The Pickup Artist (Tor 4/01) Bisson has his usual manic satirical good time with a disturbing central idea, painting a hilarious and provocative picture of a future where old works of art (movies, literature, etc.) are carefully ‘‘deleted’’ to make room for the new.

Fredric Brown, From These Ashes: The Complete Short SF of Fredric Brown (NESFA 2/01) This collects over 100 works, many never before reprinted, from one of SF’s master storytellers, with a penchant for satire, and a special knack with vignettes and short stories with a memorable twist.

Tony Daniel, Metaplanetary (Eos 4/01) The solar system - and the human race - are spectacularly transformed in this convoluted tale of impending war in a complex system of virtual personalities, nanotech artificial intelligences, and high-tech weaponry.

Dennis Etchison, Talking in the Dark (Stealth 3/01) The author picked his personal favorites from 40 years as a professional writer for this collection of 24 stories, including three award-winning stories, and one previously unpublished.

Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel, eds., Bending the Landscape: Horror (Overlook 4/01) The third volume (the second from Overlook) in the ground-breaking anthology series of original stories with gay or lesbian characters, this one focuses on horror, with authors including Barbara Hambly, Gary Bowen, and L. Timmel Duchamp.

Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Past the Size of Dreaming (Ace 3/01) Hoffman’s popular character Matt Black returns in this contemporary dark fantasy sequel to A Red Heart of Memories, set in a small Oregon town with a helpful haunted house. The everyday and the supernatural make a fascinating mix as Matt continues the search for the remaining scattered members of a magically talented group that as kids once frequented the house.

Brian Jacques, Castaways of the Flying Dutchman (Philomel 3/01) Jacques gets takes a new tack with his first novel not set in the world of ‘‘Redwall’’. Instead, this YA fantasy novel follows a boy and a dog trapped aboard the doomed ship, destined to travel the earth across the centuries, seeking those in need.

Stephen King, Dreamcatcher (Scribner 3/01) King is back in top form - and horror is back in its old haunts of Derry, Maine - in this new SF/horror novel of four lifelong friends who encounter aliens while on a hunting trip.

George R.R. Martin, Quartet (NESFA 2/01) Martin’s diverse talents are magnificently displayed in this collection of three novellas - one original, and one the Hugo winning ‘‘Blood of the Dragon’’, set in the world of ‘‘A Song of Fire and Ice’’ - plus an unpublished television screenplay. Published in conjunction with Martin’s appearance as Guest of Honor at Boskone.

Anne McCaffrey, The Skies of Pern (Del Rey 4/01) The ongoing chronicles of Pern take a new turn as the Dragonriders consider new career options now that the threat of Thread is almost over - but anti-technology terrorists and a meteor strike provide new threats to keep them hopping.

Michael Moorcock, The Dreamthief’s Daughter (American Fantasy 3/01; Warner Aspect 4/01) Moorcock returns to his most famous character, Elric of Melniboné, in this sweeping fantasy that spans the Multiverse to bring the soul of Elric to join Ulric von Bek in Nazi Germany. The American Fantasy limited edition is illustrated in b&w by artists including Donato Giancola, Robert Gould, Michael Kaluta, and Michael Whelan.

James H. Schmitz, The Hub: Dangerous Territory (Baen 4/01) The fourth and final volume in ‘‘The Complete Federation of the Hub’’ presents two items featuring Dr. Nile Etlund, the novel The Demon Breed and a previously uncollected story, plus eight additional stories of intrigue, ecology, and alien invasion, set in Schmitz’s Hub universe.

John Shirley, Darkness Divided (Stealth 3/01) A new collection of 22 dark stories - supernatural, noir, and SF - by one of the most distinctive voices in short fiction. Four stories appear here for the first time.

Robert Silverberg, ed., Nebula Awards Showcase 2001 (Harcourt 4/01) The 35th Nebula anthology combines winning stories, select nominees, Rhysling Award-winning poems, and works by and about Grand Master Brian W. Aldiss and Author Emeritus Daniel Keyes. Editor Silverberg provides a personal look back at the origins of the Nebulas.

William Tenn, Immodest Proposals (NESFA 2/01) This first volume in ‘‘The Complete Science Fiction of William Tenn’’ gathers the bulk of the short fiction by an author known for his unique voice, clever wit, biting satire, and often hilarious SF.

Sean Williams & Shane Dix, Evergence: A Dark Imbalance (Ace 2/01) The third volume in this far-future SF trilogy, an extravagant space opera set in a universe where Earth has been destroyed, and genetically modified super-soldiers seek to destroy all mankind.

Tad Williams, Otherland: Sea of Silver Light (DAW 4/01) Virtual worlds collide in a mad mix of SF and fantasy as the fourth and final volume brings a triumphant conclusion to this powerful series.


Damon Knight, ed., Nebula Award Stories (Stealth 3/01) The first volume in the classic anthology series returns to print, with the stories that won the first Nebulas in 1965, plus four notable nominees, by authors including Roger Zelazny, Harlan Ellison, Brian W. Aldiss, and J.G. Ballard.

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