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The 2nd Locus Online poll and survey is now delinked; complete results to follow.

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In the short fiction categories, a short story is up to 7500 words (about 20 pages in a book); a novelette from there up to 17,500 words (about 45 pages); and a novella then up to 40,000 words (about 100 pages).

Best of '98, continued:

(Note -- We already asked about best novel of last year in our 1st poll; the following 3 categories are for short fiction.)

Best (SF, fantasy, or horror) novella of 1998?

Best novelette of 1998?

Best short story of 1998?

Best anthology of 1998?

Best single-author collection of 1998?

Who's your favorite SF, fantasy, or horror short fiction writer of the 1990s?
[Here are some ideas]

All-time short fiction

Please vote for up to 5 all-time favorite Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror authors, books, or stories in each category. These votes will be ranked as in the magazine's annual poll, with 1st place worth 8 points, 2nd place 7 points, etc. You can vote for anything, but we've prepared lists of prominent authors and stories, including Hugo and Nebula winners, to help jog your memory. Please do not vote for any work more than once, and please include author's name with books and stories, especially for titles not on our lists.

All-time SF/F/H short fiction writer [Here are some ideas]

All-time SF/F/H anthology

All-time SF/F/H single-author collection

All-time Novella (before 1990) (suggestions)

All-time Novelette (before 1990) (suggestions)

All-time Short Story (before 1990) (suggestions)

All-time Survey

Have you ever read, whether or not you liked them, the following books? (For series items, click yes even if you've read just one book.)

Yes No Last year's Hugo winner, Joe Haldeman's Forever Peace
Yes No Last year's Nebula winner, Vonda N. McIntyre's The Moon and the Sun
Yes No Last year's World Fantasy winner, Jeffrey Ford's The Physiognomy
Yes No Frank Herbert's Dune
Yes No Isaac Asimov's Foundation (any book)
Yes No H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds
Yes No Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man
Yes No Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451
Yes No J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit (or) The Lord of the Rings
Yes No John Crowley's Little, Big
Yes No Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon
Yes No Mervyn Peake's ''Gormanghast'' series -- Titus Groan, etc.
Yes No Robert Bloch's Psycho
Yes No Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Yes No Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars
Yes No Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Plan B
Yes No Olaf Stapledon's Last and First Men OR Star Maker
Yes No Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers
Yes No Arthur C. Clarke's The City and the Stars (OR Against the Fall of Night)
Yes No Gregory Benford's Timescape
Yes No Ken Grimwood's Replay
Yes No Samuel R. Delany's Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand

How about the following works of short fiction?

Yes No Last year's Hugo winner, Allen Steele's ''...Where Angels Fear to Tread''
Yes No Last year's Nebula winner, Jane Yolen's ''Sister Emily's Lightship''
Yes No Last year's World Fantasy winner, P.D. Cacek's ''Dust Motes''
Yes No Isaac Asimov's ''Nightfall''
Yes No Shirley Jackson's ''The Lottery''
Yes No Henry Kuttner / C. L. Moore's ''Vintage Season''
Yes No Arthur C. Clarke's ''The Star''
Yes No H.G. Wells' ''The Star''
Yes No Tom Godwin's ''The Cold Equations''
Yes No James Blish's ''Common Time''
Yes No C.M. Kornbluth's ''The Marching Morons''
Yes No Ray Bradbury's ''A Sound of Thunder''
Yes No Harlan Ellison's ''I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream''
Yes No Bob Shaw's ''Light of Other Days'' [the 'slow glass' story]
Yes No W.W. Jacobs' ''The Monkey's Paw''
Yes No Terry Bisson's ''Bears Discover Fire''
Yes No Stanley G. Weinbaum's ''A Martian Odyssey''
Yes No Robert A. Heinlein's ''By His Bootstraps''
Yes No James Tiptree Jr.'s ''The Women Men Don't See''
Yes No Theodore Sturgeon's ''It''

Current Survey, continued

Which of the following SF websites/webzines do you visit regularly?
Event Horizon Sci-Fi Wire tomorrow sf Ansible SF Site SFWA
Other SF websites you visit regularly (besides Locus Online)? (list)

How do you usually acquire or read current books?
Buy the hardcover Buy the book club edition
Borrow from friend or library Wait for the paperback
Only read paperback originals Don't keep up with 'current' books as such Depends on the author: some in hardcover, will wait for others
Other: let me explain:

Please rate each of the following SF/F/H activities according to your interest and attention: 10 = most interested to 1 = least interested. Set item to 0 for no interest at all.

SF/F/H books, magazines
SF/F/H movies
SF/F/H fan activities
SF/F/H computer/video games
SF/F/H filksinging
SF/F/H comics, graphic novels
SF/F/H websites/online services

How did you first hear of Locus Online?
Locus Magazine other magazine Link from another website friend/word-of-mouth other:

Please answer these questions even if you answered them in the first poll.

Age Sex

Do you read Locus magazine?
Yes (subscribe) Yes (don't subscribe) No

How often do you visit Locus Online?
Daily Weekly Monthly Rarely

Any other comments? (e.g. Suggested questions for *next* online poll...)

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