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July 1999

Alison Spedding Imprisoned

Writer Alison Spedding, arrested last year in Bolivia on drug charges, has been found guilty and sentenced to a ten-year term, according to publisher HarperCollins' website.

Spedding was working as a lecturer at the University of San Andres in La Paz in March 1998 when anti-narcotics police found 2 kg of marijuana in her flat. Spedding denied being a drug dealer.

Alison Spedding's novels include the Walk in the Dark trilogy: The Road and the Hills, A Cloud Over Water, and The Streets of the City, all currently in print from HarperCollins Voyager in the UK.


George ''Lan'' Laskowski, 1948 - 1999

Longtime SF fan George J. Laskowski, Jr., known as ''Lan'' Laskowski, died Monday July 19, 1999, following a long illness, according to this SFWA news page.

Laskowski, who wore a trademark coonskin cap at conventions, edited the fanzine Lan's Lantern, which was nominated for the Hugo Award every year from 1986 through 1996 and won twice, in 1986 and 1991.


Stephen King Recovering

Stephen King was released from the Central Main Medical Center on July 9th after nearly three weeks in the hospital. A statement from King was posted July 12th on his official website, along with contact information for donations, cards, and letters.


Odyssey Folds

British SF magazine Odyssey, edited by Liz Holliday, has folded after seven issues, according to DarkEcho and Liz Holliday's newsgroup.


Alan Dean Foster Survives Motorcycle Scrape

Foster reports the incident:

On July 3rd my motorcycle and I engaged in a serious argument with a large pile of granite boulders...and lost.  Other than suffering a three-quarters full body sprain, a couple of bruised ribs, and the loss of enough skin to reupholster a healthy two-year old, everything but my ego is fine.  The bike is in intensive care.  The boulders got off with a few scratches and some bloodstains.

Time really does slow down when you're airborne.


Ellen Datlow Address Change

US Postal Service regulations have required a change to editor Ellen Datlow's mailing address, from:

48 Eighth Avenue, Suite 405
New York, NY 10014
48 Eighth Avenue, PMB 405
New York, NY 10014
''PMB'' stands for ''Private Mail Box''; the change is a ''truth in advertising'' measure intended to make the distinction between postal boxes and street addresses clear.


SF University Degree

The University of Glamorgan will offer a degree in Science and Science Fiction, beginning this September, according to this BBC Online article. The degree syllabus will cover books, television, cinema, computer games and merchandising with an emphasis on the link between science fiction and 'real' science.

(Thu 22 July 1999)

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