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This page lists all science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazines seen this month (mostly received for review). For a comprehensive listing of magazines published each month, see Locus Magazine.

New Issues Seen: 22 - 31 August

Indigenous Fiction -- Issue 3, August 1999, $6.00, 76pp. Small press fiction magazine with fiction by Stepan Chapman, A. Del Vento, Jeffrey Thomas, Mark Rich, etc.; poetry by Steve Dimeo, Douglas M. Stokes, etc. Cover by Sherry Decker. (No website) (Mon 23 Aug 1999)

Interzone -- Issue 147, Sep 1999, £3.00, 67pp. Fiction by Tanith Lee, Richard A. Lupoff, Garry Kilworth, Francis Amery, Christopher Kenworthy. Simon Ings is interviewed by Anne Gay. Gary Westfahl's essay contrasts his approach to evaluating This Island Earth with that of a young SF scholar. Film critic Nick Lowe reviews The Matrix and others. Plus David Langford's Ansible Link, book reviews by Chris Gilmore, Tom Arden, David Mathew, Pete Crowther. Cover by Dominic Harman. (website) (Tue 31 Aug 1999)

The New York Review of Science Fiction -- Issue 132, Vol. 11 No. 12, August 1999, $3.50, 24pp. Michael Andre-Driussi and Alice Turner contribute long essays, with tables and timelines, about John Crowley's first three novels. Reviews by James Morrow and others of books by R.E. Klein, Vonda McIntyre, Denise Vitola, and C.J. Cherryh. Michael Swanwick's sequence of alphabetical vignettes reaches V. (website) (Sat 28 Aug 1999)

Science Fiction Chronicle -- Issue 203, Vol. 20 No. 6, August-September 1999, $3.95, 54pp. Interview with Michael Kandel by Darrell Schweitzer, Jeff Rovin's cinema report, Stephen Jones and Jo Fletcher's British Report, a cartoon by the late, Hugo-winner Ian Gunn; plus the usual news, listings, etc.; and numerous short book reviews by Don D'Ammassa. Cover by Ed Emshwiller. (Mon 23 Aug 1999)

Tales of the Unanticipated -- Issue 20, August 1999-April 2000, $6.00, 104pp. Now bound as a trade-paperback, the long-running small press fiction magazine edited by Eric M. Heideman (with poetry editor Laurel Winter) celebrates its longevity, having outlasted Pulphouse, Century, and Crank!. Fiction is by Martha A. Hood, Mark Rich, Stephen Dedman, Mary Soon Lee, Neil Gaiman, Don Webb, etc.; poetry is by Ruth Berman, Ann K. Schwader, Tippi N. Blevins, Mike Allen, etc. Plus nonfiction by Maureen F. McHugh about ''the anti-SF novel'' and Sandra J. Lindow on Joan Slonczewski's The Children's Star. Cover by David Roszelle. (No website) (Mon 23 Aug 1999)

New Issues Seen: 1 - 21 August

Altair -- Issue 4, 1999, $A9.95, 152pp. An ''Aussiecon III edition'' of this Australian small-press magazine, with fiction by Joe Haldeman (a reprint of ''None So Blind''), Mary Soon Lee, Devon Monk, Robert N. Stephenson, others; humor by Arthur C. Clarke (''Droolings from My Second Childhood: 2'', a squib) and David Brin (an excerpt from a forthcoming self-parody). Articles by Jean-Claude Dunyach (a guide to French SF), Robert J. Sawyer, Jack McDevitt, Chuck McKenzie. And poetry, books reviews, etc. Cover by Dominic Emile Harman. (website) (Mon 16 Aug 1999)

Analog Science Fiction and Fact -- Vol. 119 No. 10, Oct 1999, $3.50, 144pp. Fiction by Paul Levinson (a second sequel to his Hugo/Nebula nominated ''Loose Ends''), Sarah Zettel, Jerry Oltion, Ramona Louise Wheeler, Laurence M. Janifer, Ron Collins, and Christopher McKitterick (subject of Jay Kay Klein's Biolog feature); science article by William Walling; departments and features by John G. Cramer, Tom Easton, Rebecca Lickiss. Cover by Randy Asplund. (website) (Tue 17 Aug 1999)

Asimov's Science Fiction -- Vol. 23 No. 9 (whole #284) , Sep 1999, $3.50, 144pp. Fiction by Eleanor Arnason, Robert Reed, Kage Baker, Brian Stableford, Lois Tilton, G. David Nordley. Poetry by Bruce Boston, Danny Daniels. In Departments, Robert Silverberg takes to the web, James Patrick Kelly surrenders to ''sci-fi'', and Peter Heck reviews prequels and sequels. Plus: complete results of the Annual Readers' Awards. Cover by Dr. Mark A. Garlick. (website) (Tue 17 Aug 1999)

Interzone -- Issue 146, Aug 1999, £3.00, 67pp. Special Australian Worldcon issue, guest-edited by Paul Brazier. Fiction by Sean McMullen, Terry Dowling, Kate Orman, Anthony Morris, Peter Friend, Catherine S. McMullen, Robert N. Stephenson, and S. Ivan Jurisevic. Terry Dowling is interviewed, and an article by Sean McMullen is about how Britain has been instrumental in the development of Australian SF. Cover by Nick Stathopoulos. (website) (Sat 7 Aug 1999)

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction -- Vol. 97 No. 3 (whole #577) , Sep 1999, $3.50, 162pp. Fiction includes a long novella by Jonathan Lethem, James Patrick Kelly, and John Kessel about disgusting aliens, with other stories by Michael Meddor, Lucy Sussex, and Mary A. Turzillo. Kathi Maio contrasts The Matrix with Dark City. Gregory Benford discusses why this has been ''The Science Fiction Century'', revealing in passing some new background to the famous story about the government investigation of Cleve Cartmill's ''Deadline'' in Astounding. The Curiosities column is by David Langford. Cover by Vincent Di Fate. (website) (Mon 2 Aug 1999)

Pirate Writings -- Issue 18, Vol. 6 No. 2 (whole #18) , 1999, $4.95, 64pp. ''Tales of Fantasy, Mystery & Science Fiction'' by Ed Gorman, Randy Michael Signor, J. Michael Major, Frank O. Dodge, etc.; an interview with Joe Lansdale; an article about Star Wars by Kevin M. Carr; poetry, books reviews, etc. (website) (Wed 18 Aug 1999)

Realms of Fantasy -- Vol. 6 No. 1, Oct 1999, $3.99, 82pp. Fiction by Jessica Wynne Reisman, E.A. Johnson, Kij Johnson, Christopher Rowe, Devon Monk, Derryl Murphy. Midori Snyder's Folkroots column is on Sleeping Beauty; Jane Frank's Gallery department features the art of Daniel Horne. The Movies department by Resa Nelson is on The 13th Warrior. Plus, book reviews by Gahan Wilson, games reviews by Eric Baker. Cover by Boris Vallejo. (No website) (Fri 20 Aug 1999)

Talebones -- Issue 16, Summer 1999, $4.50, 76pp. Fiction ''on the dark edge'' by Hugh Cook, Leah R. Cutter, etc.; poetry by Keith Allen Daniels, Bruce Boston, William John Watkins, Ann K. Schader. Locus and Talebones reviewer Ed Bryant is interviewed. Cover by Longjun Zhao. (website) (Sat 14 Aug 1999)

Weird Tales -- Issue 317, Vol. 56 No. 1, Fall 1999, $4.95, 66pp. Fiction by Darrell Schweitzer, Hugh B. Cave, Andy Duncan, James Van Pelt, Kelly David McCullough, Brian Stableford; poetry by Ruth Berman, Bruce Boston, Catherine Mintz, Daniel Paul Medici. Features: the editorial Eyrie, Douglas E. Winter's Shadowings (book reviews), and Allen Koszowski's illustration of H.P. Lovecraft. Cover by Rick Berry. (website) (Tue 17 Aug 1999)

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