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New Issues Seen 15 May - 16 June

Aboriginal Science Fiction -- Issue 61, Vol. 10 No. 1, Spr 1999, $5.95, 66pp. Fiction by Dan Persons, Michael Shea, A. John Wallace, Scott M. Azmus, J. Brooke, Eliot Fintushel; science column by Robert A. Metzger; book reviews by Darrell Schweitzer and Mark L. Olson; film column by Marvin Kaye; Charles C. Ryan editorializes about Hollywood's treatment of real events. Note with this issue the magazine has stopped double-numbering its issues; the Winter '98 issue was Issue Nos. 59 & 60; this issue is Issue No. 61. Cover by Chris Moore. (Sat 29 May 1999)

Absolute Magnitude -- Issue 11, Sum 1999, $4.95, 64pp. Fiction by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller (a new 'Liaden' story), Gene KoKayKo, Jamie Wild, John Deakins, Chuck Rothman, Linda Tiernan Kepner, Richard R. Harris; features include an Allen Steele article about his visit to the Caribbean island of Dominica, magazine reviews by Steve Sawicki, book reviews by Joe Mayhew and John Deakins, and letters. Cover by Eric Ren. (Sat 15 May 1999)

Amazing Stories -- Issue 596, Vol. 71 No. 1, Spr 1999, $4.95, 96pp. Fiction by Pamela Sargent (''Hillary Orbits Venus'', an excellent alternate history tale in which the First Lady becomes an astronaut), Barry N. Malzberg, J. Gregory Keyes, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Mary Soon Lee, James C. Bassett, Douglas Lain, Charlene Brusso, and 'Starcraft' fiction by Chris Chris Metzen and Sam Moore. Departments include Robert Silverberg on 50 years of Amazing Stories, and George Zebrowski on the Planet of the Apes films. Cover by Samwise Didier. (Fri 14 May 1999)

Analog -- Vol. 119 No. 7&8, Jul/Aug 1999, $5.50, 240pp. Double-sized issue (at a new price, though still a bargain compared to paperback books) with the conclusion of a Catherine Asaro serial, plus fiction by Adam-Troy Castro & Jerry Oltion, Joseph Manzione, Amy Bechtel, Shane Tourtellotte, Rajnar Vajra, H.G. Stratmann, Gordon Gross, and Laurence M. Janifer. Science fact article by G. David Nordley; a feature by Joseph H. Delaney about writing law stories; John G. Cramer's ''The Alternate View'' column; Tom Easton's book reviews; Jay Kay Klein's ''Biolog'' feature about Catherine Asaro. Cover by Nicholas Jainschigg. (Sun 6 Jun 1999)

Asimov's -- Vol. 23 No. 7 (whole #282) , Jul 1999, $3.50, 144pp. Novella by Robert Reed (latest in the ''Sister Alice'', ''Brother Perfect'', etc. series), other fiction by Brian Stableford, Alastair Reynolds, Michael Swanwick, W.M. Shockley, Elisabeth Malartre, Geoffrey A. Landis; poem by Michael Bishop. Departments include Robert Silverberg's column, James Patrick Kelly's ''On the Net'' column, Norman Spinrad's book reviews, and coverage of the 1999 Isaac Asimov Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Writing. Cover by Robert Walters. (Sun 6 Jun 1999)

Interzone -- Issue 144, Jun 1999, £3.00, 67pp. Fiction by Richard Calder, Zoran Zivkovic, Tony Ballantyne, Mary Soon Lee, Alexander Glass; essay by Gary Westfahl; interview with Patricia Anthony; Nick Lowe's film reviews; David Langford's ''Ansible Link''; book reviews by Paul J. McAuley and others. Cover by Trevor Scobie. (Tue 1 Jun 1999)

LC-39 -- Issue 1, 1999, $6.00, 106pp. Debut issue of semi-annual fiction magazine edited (and with fiction and cover art) by Matthew Walls. Fiction is by Bruce Boston, Paul Celmer, Tom Hooten, M.F. Korn, John B. Rosenman, Adam Corbin Fusco, and Matthew Walls. Subscriptions $12 (two issues) to Launch Publications, LC-39, P.O. Box 9307, Baltimore MD 21227. Cover by Matthew Walls. (Sat 22 May 1999)

Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction -- Vol. 97 No. 1 (whole #575) , Jul 1999, $3.50, 162pp. Fiction by Lewis Shiner, Robert Reed, Dale Bailey, John Morressy, Steve Rasnic Tem, Richard Paul Russo, Esther M. Friesner, M. John Harrison; plus Paul Di Filippo's ''Plumage from Pegasus'' feature. Departments include Paul Doherty and Pat Murphy's science column, book reviews by Charles de Lint and Douglas E. Winter, and a ''Curiosities'' page by Neil Gaiman about Hope Mirrlees. Cover by Kent Bash. (Fri 28 May 1999)

New York Review of Science Fiction -- Issue 129, Vol. 11 No. 9, May 1999, $3.50, 24pp. Damien Broderick on ''Philip K. Dick and Transrealism''; Ariel Haméon asks ''Has Success Spoiled K.W. Jeter?''; Michael Andre-Driussi surveys the ''Little House on the Prairie'' books in Proustian mythic terms; reviews of books by Nancy Kress, Wil McCarthy, etc. (Sat 15 May 1999)

On Spec -- Vol. 11 No. 1 (whole #36) , Spr 1999, $4.95, 112pp. Theme issue on ''Earth, Air, Fire, Water'' guest-edited by Lyle Weis, with fiction by Melissa Hardy, Helen Rykens, Michael Skeet, David Nickle, Jena Snyder, etc.; poetry by Sandra Kasturi. Cover by Tim Hammell. (Fri 21 May 1999)

SF Age -- Vol. 7 No. 5, Jul 1999, $3.99, 90pp. Fiction by Eliot Fintushel, Wil McCarthy, Karen Haber, Robin Wilson, Don Webb. Departments include a Science Forum about dinosaurs with Geoffrey A. Landis, Brett Davis, and Robert J. Sawyer; Karen Haber profiling artist Bruce Jensen; book reviews. Cover by John Monteleone. (Wed 2 Jun 1999)

Talebones -- Issue 15, Spr 1999, $4.50, 72pp. SF and dark fantasy fiction by Larry Tritten, Hugh Cook, Mary Soon Lee, David Wesley Hill, Mark Rich; poetry by Norman Nathan, Mark McLaughlin, etc.. Interview with Jonathan Lethem; reviews by Janna Silverstein, Ed Bryant, and others. Cover by Paul Swenson. (Sat 15 May 1999)

Weird Tales -- Issue 316, Vol. 55 No. 4, Sum 1999, $4.95, 66pp. Fiction by Keith Taylor, Mike Lange, Thomas Ligotti, Ian Watson, Stephen Dedman, Lord Dunsany, Catherine Mintz, Tanith Lee. Poetry by John Grey, Darrell Schweitzer, etc. Features include S.T. Joshi's ''The Den'' on weird poetry. Cover by Jill Bauman. (Sat 22 May 1999)

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