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Main Stories

  • SFWA President Sawyer Resigns
  • 1999 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees
  • 1998 Preliminary Nebula Ballot
  • 1999 Nebula Fiction Judges

    The Data File

  • Hugo nomination ballot available
  • Starlight 3 open
  • Bookstores protest B&N sales advantages
  • Announcements, readings and signings, awards news, etc.


  • Norman Spinrad: The Transformation Crisis

    1998: The Year in Review

  • Recommended Reading by -- Charles N. Brown
  • -- Gary K. Wolfe
  • -- Faren Miller
  • -- Russell Letson
  • -- Edward Bryant
  • -- Carolyn Cushman
  • -- Karen Haber
  • -- Gardner Dozois
  • -- Michael Swanwick
  • -- Mark R. Kelly
  • 1998 Recommended Reading List
  • 1998 Book Summary
  • 1998 Magazine Summary


  • Naomi Mitchison
  • Brian Moore
  • Robert Marasco
  • Jean-Claude Forest
  • Ron Turner
  • Richard Wright


  • New Books of Interest
  • Bestsellers
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  • Books Received: December
  • British Books: November

    Reviews -- Locus Looks at Books

    Distillations: Short Fiction Reviews by Mark R. Kelly

    The New Yorker Oct 26/Nov 2 '98; North American Review Nov/Dec '98; Event Horizon 10/98; Event Horizon 11/98; Event Horizon 12/98; Crank! Number 8; Analog 12/98; Interzone 12/98; L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XIV, Dave Wolverton, ed.; Tesseracts6, Robert J. Sawyer & Carol Clink, eds.; Starlight 2, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, ed.

    Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe

    The Extremes, Christopher Priest; Finity, John Barnes; Nanotech, Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, eds.; Writer at Large, Richard A. Lupoff; SHORT TAKE: The Far North and Beyond: An Index to Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy in Genre Magazines and Other Selected Periodicals of the Pulp Era, 1896-1955, John Bell.

    Reviews by Faren Miller

    A Clash of Kings, George R.R. Martin; Tower of the King's Daughter, Chaz Brenchley; A Cavern of Black Ice, J.V. Jones.

    Reviews by Russell Letson

    Luminous, Greg Egan; Apostrophes and Apocalypses, John Barnes.

    Reviews by Edward Bryant

    Dark Terrors 4, Stephen Jones & David Sutton, eds.; Waiting, Frank M. Robinson; The Crow: Clash by Night, Chet Williamson; Black Oak #2: The Hush of Dark Wings, Charles Grant; Santa Steps Out, Robert Devereaux; SHORT TAKE: Link, Walt Becker.

    Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman

    Traitor's Sun, Marion Zimmer Bradley; The Dragonslayer's Apprentice, David Calder; Fortress of Owls, C.J. Cherryh; The Fabulous Fantoras, Book 1: Family Files, Adele Geras; Marlfox, Brian Jacques; Changer, Jane Lindskold; Nimisha's Ship, Anne McCaffrey; The First Casualty, Mike Moscoe; The Blood Jaguar, Michael H. Payne; Godshome, Robert Sheckley.

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