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---- October 1999 Events ----

Oct 3: 11th Annual NYC Collectable Paperback & Pulp Fiction Expo at Holiday Inn (440 West 57th St) New York NY, with George Chesbro, Ron Goulart, Barry Malzberg, and F. Paul Wilson among guests; contact Gary Lovisi at Gryphon Publications, P.O. Box 209, Brooklyn NY 11228 for info.

October Conventions include:
Oct 1-3: Viable Paradise III in Martha's Vineyard MA
Oct 9-10: Octocon X, 10th Irish Nation SF Con, in Dublin, Ireland

---- October 1999 Books ----
  • Barker, Clive • The Essential Clive Barker • (HarperCollins UK, c, hc)
  • Beagle, Peter S. • Tamsin • (Penguin/Roc, hc)
  • Brooks, Terry • Angel Fire East • (Ballantine Del Rey, hc)
  • Brooks, Terry • Angel Fire East • (Little Brown/Orbit, hc)
  • Calder, Richard • The Twist • (Simon & Schuster/Earthlight)
  • Clute, John • The Book of End Times • (HarperPrism, nf, a, hc)
  • Cooper, Susan • King of Shadows • (Simon & Schuster/McElderry, ya, hc)
  • Dorsey, Candas Jane & John Clute, eds. • Tesseracts8 • (Tesseract, tp)
  • Fenner, Cathy & Arnie Fenner, eds. • Spectrum 6: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art • (Underwood Books, hc, tp, art)
  • Ferman, Edward L. & Gordon Van Gelder, eds. • The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction • (Tor, hc)
  • Ford, Jeffrey • Memoranda • (Avon Eos, tp)
  • Gentle, Mary • The Book of Ash #1: A Secret History • (Avon Eos)
  • Gibson, William • All Tomorrow's Parties • (Putnam, hc)
  • Gorey, Edward • The Headless Bust • (Harcourt Brace, hc)
  • Gurney, James • Dinotopia: First Flight • (HarperCollins, ya, hc)
  • Hendrix, Howard V. • Better Angels • (Ace, hc)
  • Herbert, Brian & Kevin J. Anderson • Dune: House Atreides • (Bantam Spectra, hc)
  • Herbert, Brian & Kevin J. Anderson • House Atreides • (Hodder & Stoughton, hc, tp)
  • Hoffman, Nina Kiriki • A Red Heart of Memories • (Ace, hc)
  • Jones, Stephen, ed. • The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 1999 • (Robinson, h, tp)
  • Joshi, S.T. • Arkham House: The First 60 Years • (Arkham House, nf, hc)
  • Koontz, Dean • False Memory • (Hodder Headline, h, hc)
  • Levinson, Paul • The Silk Code • (Tor, hc)
  • Roessner, Michaela • The Stars Compel • (Tor, hc)
  • Rowling, J.K. • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban • (Scholastic/Levine, 1st US, ya, hc)
  • Russell, Eric Frank • Major Ingredients • (NESFA Press, c, hc)
  • Somtow, S.P. • Tagging the Moon • (Night Shade Books, c, hc)
  • Sturgeon, Theodore • Baby is Three: The Complete Short Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, Vol. 6 • (North Atlantic Books, c, hc)
  • Van Vogt, A.E. • Futures Past: The Best Short Fiction of A.E. Van Vogt • (Tachyon Publications, c, tp)
  • Vonarburg, Elisabeth • The Slow Engines of Time and Other Stories • (Tesseract, c, tp)
  • White, James • Double Contact • (Tor, hc)
  • Wolfe, Gene • On Blue's Waters • (Tor, hc)






Oct 1: New Rose Hotel -- d. Abel Ferrara; st. Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe. Completed film that played at the Venice Film Festival in 1998, based on William Gibson's short story; shelved until now, but apparently playing only in New York. (Lions Gate)
Oct 1: Three Kings -- d. David O. Russell; st. George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube. Gulf War soldiers search for a cache of gold. (Warner Bros.) website
Oct 8: The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human -- st. MacKenzie Astin, Carmen Electra. An extraterrestrial study of Earthling reproduction habits. (Independent Artists)
Oct 15: Fight Club -- d. David Fincher; st. Brad Pitt, Edward Norton. (Fox) website
Oct 15: The Omega Code -- About computer discs that can unlock prophesies of the Bible.
Oct 15: The Source -- d./wr. Chuck Workman. Documentary about the Beat Generation, including interviews with Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs.
Oct 15: The Straight Story -- d. David Lynch; st. Richard Farnsworth. G-rated David Lynch film about an old man who rides cross-country on a lawnmower. (Walt Disney)
Oct 22: Bringing Out the Dead -- d. Martin Scorsese; wr. Paul Schrader; st. Nicolas Cage, John Goodman, Patricia Arquette. Based on a Joe Connelly novel about an ambulance medic tormented by visions of victims he couldn't save. website
Oct 29: Being John Malkovich -- d. Spike Jonze; st. John Cusack. Surreal comedy in which a man discovers a portal through which he can enter the mind of John Malkovich for 15 minutes. website
Oct 29: The House on Haunted Hill -- d. William Malone; st. Famke Janssen, Geoffrey Rush. Remake of 1958 William Castle-Vincent Price film.
Oct 29: Princess Mononoke -- d. Hayao Miyazaki. Japanese animation about rural folk battling forest demons, from the creator of Kiki's Delivery Service.

Forthcoming books are selected titles from the comprehensive listings updated every three months in Locus Magazine. This color indicates 1st editions published in the UK; This color indicates 1st US editions of books previously in the UK or elsewhere; others are 1st editions published in the US. Abbreviations indicate hc=hardcover, tp=trade paperback; c=collection, a=associational [non-genre], h=horror, nf=nonfiction. If not indicated hc or tp, the book is mass-market paperback or we're not sure. Schedules are tentative and subject to change -- particularly in later months.

Film listings are drawn from numerous sources, including Coming Attractions and Web Film Release Schedule. Colored dates indicate films of SF/F/H interest; a few other films of associational interest or that are otherwise noteworthy are also listed. Dates themselves are for scheduled first releases in major US cities, and are highly subject to change!.

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