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Send us your letters! Locus Online has more room than the magazine for letters. They can be about Locus or the SF field in general.

June 1999

Letters on this page:

  • Susan Shelton is looking for Christopher Hyde
  • Eric Holweck is looking for Christopher Hinz
  • Steve Murray is looking to unload classic SF paperbacks

    Dear Locus,
         I am trying to locate the writer Christopher Hyde regarding rights to intellectual property which we believe he holds. It's urgent we contact him as soon as possible. Please contact me.

    Suzanne Shelton
    323.469.3783 (phone)
    323.464.0824 (fax)
    21 Jun 1999
    (posted Tue 22 Jun 1999)

    Dear Locus,
         I work for a French publisher and we would love to tranlate the Paratwa trilogy, but Mr. Christopher Hinz doesn't seem to be represented in France and I just can't find his American (or English) agent. I've tried to contact his various publishers but got no answer from them. It would be wonderful if you could help me, or at least tell me where I may have a chance of finding the name and address of Mr. Hinz's agent. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Eric Holweck
    Oriflam Publishing, France
    11 Jun 1999
    (posted Tue 22 Jun 1999)

    Dear Locus,
         I've been wondering where to unload my classic SF paperbacks for top dollar. Are there any good web sites for this?

    Any tips would be appreciated!

    Steve Murray
    Fjord Press
    21 May 1999
    (posted Tue 22 Jun 1999)

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