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April 1998
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Interviews with Tanith Lee and Robert Reed lead off the April issue.

Other news:

  • Bram Stoker Awards preliminary ballot; 1997 Tiptree Awards; judges for this year's Philip K. Dick Awards; 1997 Aurealis Awards.
  • International reports: SF in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the Czech Republic, Russia, Canada, Japan, Poland, and Sweden.
  • Isaac Asimov's son David arrested on pornography charges.
  • People and Publishing news: Stephen Baxter sells three new books; John Varley finishes The Golden Globe and sells Irontown Blues; Robert Reed marries; Philip Jose Farmer celebrates 80th birthday; Sam J. Lundwall hospitalized.
  • New and recommended books.
  • Bestsellers from specialty stores.


  • Of Sean A. Moore, Peter Nilson, Ernst Jünger, Archie Goodwin, and Marie-Louise von Franz.

    Reviews -- Locus Looks at Books

    Distillations: Short Fiction Reviews by Mark R. Kelly
    Asimov's 5/98; SF Age 3/98; Interzone 2/98; Interzone 3/98; F&SF 3/98; Analog 5/98

    Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe
    Nebula Awards 32
    , Jack Dann, ed.; Slippage, Harlan Ellison; 253, Geoff Ryman; Secret Realms, Tom Cool; Helm, Steven Gould

    Reviews by Faren Miller
    The Night We Buried Road Dog
    , Jack Cady; Black Glass, Karen Joy Fowler; Nebula Awards 32, Jack Dann, ed.; Days, James Lovegrove; One of Us, Michael Marshall Smith; Homebody, Orson Scott Card; SHORT TAKE: The Alleluia Files, Sharon Shinn

    Reviews by Edward Bryant
    Dark Terrors 3
    , Stephen Jones & David Sutton, eds.; Hitler's Angel, Kris Rusch; Painted in Blood, Lucy Taylor; SHORT TAKES: Red Right Hand, Norman Partridge; Fugue on a G-String, Peter Crowther; Nice Guys Finish Last, Gary Jonas

    Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman

    Zones, Damien Broderick & Rory Barnes, Juniper, Gentian, & Rosemary, Pamela Dean; Godheads, Emily Devenport; Met By Moonlight, Rosemary Edghill; Summon the Keeper, Tanya Huff; Freedom's Challenge, Anne McCaffrey; Fire Angels, Jane Routley; Warrior Princesses, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough & Martin H. Greenberg, eds.; Manjinn Moon, Denise Vitola

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