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Notable 8 Apr 98

  • Anne Rice's Pandora is #1 on PW, #4 on Amazon, #4 on USA Today, #2 on WP, #2/#6 on NYT chains/indie's.
  • Mary Doria Russell's Children of God is #21 on Amazon, while The Sparrow pb is #48 -- they're #1 and #2 on the SF list.
  • Raymond Feist Shards of a Broken Crown is #50 on Amazon -- #3 on the SF list.
  • The pb of Carl Sagan's Contact is still #18 on the SF list.
  • Gore Vidal's The Smithsonian Institution is #10 on the NYT Indepedents list.
  • A. C. Crispin's Star Wars: Rebel Dawn is #6 on PW pb.


  • Edward Yourdon's Time Bomb 2000 is #27 on Amazon
  • E. O. Wilson's Consilience is #57 on Amazon -- #1 on the Science list.
  • K. C. Cole's The Universe and the Teacup is #78 on Amazon -- #7 on the science list.
  • Perennials: Edward R. Tufte books at Amazon #59, #93 -- one of them #2 on the science list. Donald A. Norman at Amazon #92 -- #5 on the science list.


  • Penelope Fitzgerald's NBCC winning The Blue Flower is #8 on Amazon; Toni Morrison's Paradise #13.
  • Bernard Werber's Empire of the Ants is #25 on the Amazon lit list (not considered SF, apparently).

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